How Desperate Is Tim Probst to Lie About His Opponent?

by lewwaters

Tim Probst, Democrat challenger hoping to unseat 4 time Republican Senator from Washington State’s 17th Legislative District is showing signs of realizing his chances of doing so are becoming increasingly dismal. Such realization seems to drive Probst to further violate the very “Clean Campaign Pledge” he boasted of signing and previously used to hammer Senator Benton over the head with.

This blog previously showed that Probst is known for such campaign tactics at Where Did Tim Probst’s Pledge of a “Clean Campaign” go?

What has to be desperation on Probst’s part, he seems to know have doubled down on such dirty campaign tactics.

Probst, violating his previous pledge against mudslinging, after declining to meet Senator Benton for an open debate on issues, unless the venue is in his favor, has opened up a “Fact Checking Don Benton” page on his website.

As we have seen previously, when Democrats decide to “fact Check” their opponents, “facts” are likely to be the last thing you will find. Tim Probst so called “Fact Check” page is no different.

The first claim is still trying to make noise over “missed votes” that has been shown ludicrous in past elections as well as at a Washington State Wire article where we read, “In a District Where Bridge Tolls are the Hot Topic, Argument is About Missed Votes.”

The second of the two claims Probst “fact checks” entail drudging up old articles from biased blogs and media that made allegations against Benton over a decade ago. Probst now lifts those long ago allegations for his “fact check” making such allegations today of, “Benton’s Tenure As State Republican Party Chair Ended Over Fiscal Mismanagement And Internal Discord,” “Party Leaders Were ‘Adamant That Benton had Gone too Far and Misused Funds’,” and “Benton Was Accused Of Making A ‘Secret Deal’ To Purchase A Headquarters For The State GOP And Going Forward Even After Being Informed He Lacked The Authority To Do So.”

Of course, the effort is to demean Senator Benton instead of actually address important issues affecting Southwest Washington and the 17th District and as written, appears to be pretty dire. Makes one wonder just how Senator Benton has been easily reelected 3 times, doesn’t it?

In his haste to sling mud in his “fact checking,” perhaps Probst should have actually asked some of those involved with Benton over a decade ago that he relies on in his baseless attacks.

Senator Benton issued a press release September 26, 2012 titled “Representative Probst is either ignorant, a liar or both.” Benton, unlike Probst, did speak with those he was involved with and in the press release, gave their comments on Probst’s “facts.”

Chris Vance, who succeeded Senator Benton as Party Chair and whose name Probst leans heavily on states,

I succeeded Don Benton as Republican State Party Chairman. I can say without a doubt that Tim Probst’s statement regarding Don Benton’s tenure as State Republican Chairman is false and misleading.

Vance continues,

First, Don Benton did not resign. By a narrow margin, The Republican State Committee elected me instead of Don in January, 2001, at the normal end of his term. Second, while there were disagreements about how Don spent Party funds, there were never any accusations of ‘fiscal mismanagement,’ during his term as Chairman. Under Don’s leadership the Party was never fined or reprimanded by the Public Disclosure Commission or the Federal Elections Commission, they received a clean internal audit, and there was ample cash in the bank when Don left and I took office. Tim Probst should retract his blatantly false accusation.

Much of the allegations Probst relied on come from both the Seattle Times and our own local unofficial daily newsletter for the Democrat Party, the Columbian. Both are known to push the envelope a bit in regards to how they cover Republicans, especially a conservative firebrand like Senator Don Benton who remains one of the most effective obstacles to the liberal agenda, in spite of being in the minority.

Objectivity or fairness will not be seen in either when it comes to Senator Benton, in part due to his hard work on behalf of citizens and taxpayers in regards to the Columbia River Crossing Project.

Taking it one step further, Senator Benton included statements from current Washington State Republican Party Chairman, Kirby Wilbur.

Wilbur said to Senator Benton,

I understand your opponent has been lying about you. Let me set the record straight. You were never forced to resign as party chairman. You lost reelection at our regularly-scheduled reorganization meeting in January, 2001. The issues involved were legitimate policy differences and the state committee saw fit to vote for Chris. No one ever challenged, at least from what I heard, and I was there, your integrity, your ethics, your credentials or your abilities. You left Chris with a fairly healthy party, due to your success at fundraising and your prudent financial practices as Chairman. During your watch, the Party was never fined nor reprimanded by any state agency.”

Wilbur concluded with, “Representative Probst is either ignorant, a liar or both,” as he proceeded to thank Sen. Benton for his “hard work and dedication to his constituents.”

Once again, Tim Probst shows what really lies behind that boyish face of his, dishonesty. The very people Probst relied on to slander Senator Benton publicly have come forward labeling Probst a “Liar.”

We in Southwest Washington have several issues of importance facing us that could likely affect our livelihood, families and standard of living. Senator Benton’s record shows he sides with citizens and taxpayers in maintaining a decent standard for us and raise our families.

Tim Probst shows only desperation and obvious lies in his hopes to climb the political ladder, likely for his own personal gain as some bills he has proposed while a representative, appear they might have benefited a company he owned.

He has shown little interest in addressing those difficult issues facing us while he hopes his prevarication and disinformation will propel him into office.

While Probst should retract his shameful allegations and issue a public apology, it is unlikely he will. He has shown himself not to be a person of such integrity and honesty and must not be rewarded for such underhanded, dishonest tactics by being sent to the State Senate.

13 Comments to “How Desperate Is Tim Probst to Lie About His Opponent?”

  1. Isn’t fiscal mismanagment the same as “there were disagreements about how Don spent Party funds…”? Really, how much more whining are we going to have to endure? Another 6 weeks of this from Benton? Yuck

  2. No. There are always disagreements and that does not translate to mismanagement.

    Unless you are willing to concede the disagreements over Obama’s spending translate to mismanagement on his part.

    The question is not Benton’s “whining,” but more and more revelations of Probst’s dishonesty and mud-slinging while he ignores important issues.

  3. This does it for me. I’ve decided that we can’t afford to have someone of Tim’s poor character in the Senate. I guess I was wrong about him. Don has both my vote and my financial support.

  4. You know, there’s reason that Probst is too much of a coward to stick to the issues.

  5. His Issues page shows the same old tired claims all Democrats make.

    Strengthening Our Economy, Demanding Fiscal Responsibility, Ensuring A Quality Education For Every Child

    Blah blah, blah blah.

    What Democrat in Washington State hasn’t made the same claim? Yet, well over a decade of them holding a strong grip on the majority, where are we?

  6. Don Benton has a history of crass campaigning, Tim Probst does not. Remember the bogus Viagra ad against Patty Murray? ( This is the same old tired political stunt….make a story where there isn’t a story. Benton has missed a lot of votes and Benton lost his chairmanship of the state GOP party…he can keep running away from those facts, but only for so long.

  7. Sorry Mike, but I have shown Probst’s propensity to go negative in both of his campaigns so far.

    And Probst lying, the very people he quotes and relied upon to make his bogus claims coming out and calling him on his misleading claims and lies is a story.

    The only one running away is Tim Probst by relying on false claims, declining debates unless the venue favors him and not addressing issues.

    Probst should try a little honesty on where he stands and stop relying on bogus allegations.

    You really should read the words of those Probst uses in his false claims. They were there. You and Probst weren’t.

  8. The Democrats, each year, parade out the education issue. It is disingenuous. With the exception of this year (27%) our state has had a 30-31% drop out rate for the past 15 years. 55% of our 4th Graders are not proficient in math. 60% of our 8th graders are not proficient in math. This is what Mark Emmert President of University of Wa. Says,
    “We lead the country in science and engineering jobs, but we are one of the states at the bottom in the production of scientists and engineers,” he said, warning that “the sons and daughters of Washington will be washing the cars for the people who come here for the best jobs.” Democrats, in this state have been in power for the better part of twenty years. Why haven’t they fixed our education system, yet? I lay our dismal education failure at their feet. And…it’s not about money. Here is what Gregoire said,” “I came (into office) in here determined to make the system work better. To invest more money. I put a lot more money into K–12. But then you sit there and say, ‘Why have I not been able to get the result I set out to achieve?’” Seattle Times, Jan. 2011. We need to change the “Do nothing” Democrat leadership in Olympia and replace them with Responsible Republicans.

  9. Great article Lew. This is what I call good journalism. You actually went to the source. I have reason to believe that even though Tim Probst is collecting money from national organizations for same-sex marriage, when canvasing the 17th district he is misleading constituents in believing he did not vote yes for the bill. I believe that a candidate who is only receiving donation from outside of his district is not a good bet for the 17th.

  10. Why aren’t you making a similar post about David Madore? Have you seen his latest insert in the Columbian? If you are going to post about candidates telling lies about their opponents, Madore should be tops on your list. But then, he’s your god, so I won’t expect anything like that from you.

  11. Oh Greggie, still with the bovine scatology on David Madore?

    Hate to tell you, but just because you declare something a lie doesn’t make it so, except inside your feeble little mind.

    As many of us have said, until you actually document your claims, by link, pdf, jpg or some other acceptable form of proof, you’re just blowing hot air.

    Oh, and if you haven’t been paying attention, I stopped receiving the Columbian years ago, so no, I don’t have the insert.

    You could be a dear and share it though.

    Or won’t your gods at the Democrat Party let you?

    Support your allegations or shut the hell up!

  12. Such a predictable simpleton you are, Lew. Of course you wouldn’t even consider writing anything that may put your god, David Madore in any bad light. Nice of you to confirm how lazy you really are in addressing issues. Kind of puts all of your commentary at risk, doesn’t it? A political blog that isn’t even aware of well- known issues can’t be trusted on any issue.

  13. And you are even more predictable and laughable, Greggie old boy.

    It should be a simple task for you to support your claims, yet you never do. For some reason, delusions of grandeur maybe, you seem to feel you are the last word on anything and your claim is to be taken as fact, even though unsupported. Then, when challenged, your usual come back is to tell who challenges you to research it and look it up.

    Sorry, it is incumbent upon you to supply backing and support for your allegations, which you never do.

    You have even been personally invited to go to US Digital for a free tour and to meet with Madore and discuss your alleged grievances.

    You declined.

    We all recognize you for the phony operative you are and if the Democrats are paying you, they should be reimbursed as you are so ineffective.

    Blow all of the smoke out your ass you wish, we all know it is just smoke and has no substance.

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