Theme Song For Friday

by lewwaters

5 Comments to “Theme Song For Friday”

  1. Yes, it was. I turned 64 Friday 😉

    My wife turned 56 the same day.


  2. Happy Birthday! It was a good day to have one. My youngest sister was born on September 28th and she spent the day at the hospital with her youngest daughter having the wildest birthday present… her first grandson! A happy birthday to all!


  3. Fantastic, another male born on this day 😉

    I say that because in my lifetime, I have only known one other male to share my birth date and I was told that I was the only male baby born in the hospital that day as well.

    It’s been all females born on this day in my experience 😉

    Congratulations to your sister and her daughter as well as a welcome to life to her son


  4. Thank you I will pass it along!


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