Lies, Deceit and Desperation in the 17th

by lewwaters

Democrats have long been known for their ‘win at any cost’ strategies and tactics. Our National and Gubernatorial elections have been seen rampant with dirty tricks, apparent fraud, deceitful claims and more.

It is also well known that Washington State Democrats have long wanted to take over the seat of State Senator Don Benton in the 17th Legislative District and flip the house seats back to their party. To that end now we see even more underhanded campaign tactics to include attacking Republican Julie Olson running for the open seat and being challenged for the seat by Democrat Monica Stonier, who has shown how desperate she is for public office in the past 2 years.

To that end, a Republican PCO residing in the 17th recently received was alleged to her to be an “Opinion Poll” from the 702 area code in Clark County, Nevada. The “poll” began with a few questions on the presidential race, and then quickly turned into a slam session against both Senator Benton and Julie Olson, as you can hear below.

As you just heard, this was not actually an “opinion poll,” but a campaign tactic for a live person hired and paid to implant deceitful claims about two Republicans into the voters head. They are what you could say is a “do you still beat your wife” loaded questions.

As you could also hear, the paid caller had no idea who she calling on behalf of, not even able to announce the last names properly. She is reading prepared comments given to her by a strategist, presumably paid by some Democrat supporting PAC.

Using such tactics is nothing new for either Tim Probst or Monica Stonier, who couldn’t even gain the endorsement of the local paper, the Columbian in her first effort during the 2010 primary election.

Probst has been shown to rely on negative campaigning in his past elections, in spite of him smiling with that boyish face of his and boasting of how he signs the “Clean Campaign Pledge” every year. Probst was seen going negative as soon as he could against Joseph James in 2008 and again against Brian Peck in 2010.

This blog has covered numerous examples of Probst negativity and deceitful claims against Senator Benton. In response to this latest “Chicago style tactic,” Senator Benton says,

“it is so unfortunate for the citizens of the 17th to be exposed to these deceitful, underhanded tactics by Probst and his supporters when we have real issues to discuss like bridge tolls, light rail, and the 2/3rd requirement to raise taxes….all three issues we have differing positions on. But when you have the wrong position on the issues people really care about, then all Probst wants to talk about is something else, unfortunately that something else is all lies and misinformation. I really expected better from Tim in this campaign. I’m disappointed he thinks those Chicago style politics of personal destruction will work here in Vancouver, WA.”

As noted before, Tim Probst will not take a public stand on the single largest issue facing Southwest Washington. Instead he once again relies on negative campaigning and the use of underhanded, deceitful allegations in his hope of winning ‘at any cost.’

Monica Stonier has also shown her reliability on negative campaigning in her failed 2010 bid as late in the campaign she showed desperation against her opponent, Paul Harris.

Monica also showed how desperate she is for public office after former Representative Jim Jacks resigned amid scandal as she quickly moved into the 49th Legislative District to vie for the nomination to replace him, only to be told she still did not qualify as she explained it away as she really did not have the time to run as she in the process of moving her family into the 49th.

And now, she is magically back in the 17th district and once again desperately trying to get elected to public office.

Amazing in the campaign call is the claim at about the 4:05 mark that

“Julie Olson is a Tea party supporter who has extreme views. She thinks public education has plenty of funding and doesn’t need any more.”

Considering that Julie has been the President of the Ridgefield School District for the past 4 years and Monica Stonier is a Teachers Coach and member of the Teachers Union, with strong ties to the union that cost her the Columbian’s endorsement in the 2010 primary election as they stated she

“sings pitch-perfect the talking point serenades of the Washington Education Association, the teachers’ union. Stonier shows no inclination to force public employees to incur the same pay and benefits sacrifices that private-sector workers have suffered.”

They added

“Her big campaign advantages… are party connections and political clout. She… is the darling of local Democrats.”

And now, we are to somehow believe that Stonier, as a public union advocate has a better idea and understanding of school finances than the President of a School District?

Reacting to the call Julie Olson said,

“It is disappointing. This is exactly the type of thing people are tired of in politics and frankly what I don’t like. These are the types of things that keep qualified people from running for public office.”

“I hope this election will be about which candidate has the background, skills and experience to best represent the constituents in the 17th district. My campaign has been about trying to communicate to the voters that I am the best choice to represent them in Olympia. I understand and accept there are differing views and opinions. I am and will continue to be open to having a respectful and honest discussion about issues. The key is honest and respectful” Olson concluded.

Too bad voters aren’t also seeing that from either Tim Probst or Monica Stonier as deceitful lies and underhanded tactics is the order of the day for both now using Chicago Style Tactics.

Julie Olson is making her first run for legislative office and offers much experience. From her 4 years as President of the Ridgefield School District to her successful 25-year career in scientific sales and management, she has demonstrated the proven skills, experience, and knowledge needed to tackle the crucial issues facing Washington State.

Stonier shows an eagerness to get into public office and represent her union buds and has demonstrated there is little too low for her to use to accomplish that goal. Deceit and underhanded tactics rule since she cannot compare in resume’.

Likewise, Senator Don Benton has faithfully served the 17th District as their Senator for 16 years and in spite of all of the deceitful lies and underhanded dirty tricks being deployed by Tim Probst and the Democrats, remains one of the more effective State Senators in office, considering he has been in the minority party.

If you receive or have received this call, I urge you to disregard the Democrats attempt to poison your vote with such loose claims and falsehoods.

Democrats have been the majority party now for over ten years and our states economy continues to deteriorate under their leadership. They refuse to accept any responsibility or change their agenda, even placing passing homosexual marriage ahead of a $1.5 Billion budget gap and with the support of a Teachers Union and some Democrat elected officials, suing constituents to invalidate our votes on the 2/3 super majority requirement we have passed 4 times now and they have either negated or bypassed.

A vote for either of these underhanded Democrats will go towards Democrats retaining that majority and continuing us headed down the road they have had us on.

If you desire the best representation and strong advocates for us, the taxpayers and not so much the Public Unions, I urge to retain Senator Don Benton and elect Julie Olson as Representative, 17th Legislative District, position 1.

It’s you and your children’s future at stake.

7 Comments to “Lies, Deceit and Desperation in the 17th”

  1. If they suggest impropriety and then ask for you to pick based on the lie then the answer is to screw with their polls by staying honest about the way you would vote if it were indeed an honest statement. However the fact that the subliminal message is out there is in and of itself an issue. Wonder what they are saying about me?

  2. I was at the GOP phone banking office and a lady who works there had a son who got a similar phone call. His call was from a NY area code. Fishy indeed.

  3. I have received several of these same kind of calls. I told them about the same things that this lady did. It is soooo dishonest. But what can you do if they have decided to be deceitful? nothing except to vote them OUT.

  4. I guess I feel so special…. They don’t seem to like calling me! 🙂 Well, I hope you learned from Carolyn’s example. If they are going to lie or play political games, why not play a bit with them and mess with their results that they are hoping to achieve?

  5. Too bad that both parties use the push-poll tactic. I believe it was Republicans who first conceived of this tactic several decades ago. We must stop this thinking that one party is pristine and the other is not pristine. I vote a straight Democrat party ticket myself, based on the historical records of both parties. Individuals change and fluctuate but parties have a historical record. I continue to go with the party that championed unions, job safety, minimum wage increases, a single payer health insurance plan, paid vacations, sick leave, the 40 hour work week, and against the party that continues to try to eliminate elderly and poor Americans from the registered voter lists. A more undemocratic tactic I’ve never in my life seen since the days of Bosses Tweed and Pendergast—specially since there are few documented cases of the poor and elderly actually voting illegally. That alone, is worth voting a straight Democrat ticket. We can’t let our democracy be destroyed by the Republican Party. Sorry, Don, that you belong to such a party.

  6. Given the performance of the Democrats these past years and that you say you vote a straight Democrat Party ticket, apparently you feel they are pristine, George.

    But, I find it remarkable to hear accusation of the GOP being so racist and you say you vote a straight Democrat ticket based on their history, given that racism is one of the stronger aspects of their history.

    And as for illegal voting, documented cases don’t always reflect all votes, do they? Asking someone to show they are who they say they are is not disenfranchisement any more than it is to cash a check, use a credit card, board an airplane or vote in union elections. Besides, the worry is not the “poor and elderly” voting illegally, but those of any age not legally entitled to vote casting ballots.

    Educate yourself too. We are not a Democracy, but a Republic. There is a distinct difference.

  7. I received this same “poll” call and thought it was ridiculous! The statements are so ridiculous and obviously stretched, I don’t even understand how anyone could possibly believe them!!

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