Democrat Group Claims “Nonpartisan,” Turns Down Republican

by lewwaters

Clark County seems to have a new Political Action Committee (PAC) claiming “the need for women to have a strong voice in our community continues to remain critical. H-RoC is an independent, non-partisan PAC committed to the advancement of women’s leadership…”

The group of women desire to accomplish by three steps,

1. Engaging and connecting women at all levels of our community as leaders, activists and informed citizens;
2. Providing support and mentoring for women participating in civic and political life;
3. Coordinating collaborative efforts for change through effective and efficient actions and our unwavering commitment to the return of civil discourse.

H-RoC is an acronym for “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rules the World,” a phrase created by William Ross Wallace meaning, “Mothers are the most powerful people, because they shape their children’s personalities.”

Like many older sayings, they are used to mean other things in modern times, as this new group uses it to describe their group in supporting women’s involvement locally.

However, H-Rocs’ claim of “nonpartisan” seems a bit premature as a review of their chairs seems to be a Who’s Who of local Democrats and CRC supporters. In fact, I see not one well known local Republican female included in their group.

Group chairs include Lisa Schauer, Vice President of Business Development at MacKay & Sposito, Inc.; Carol Curtis, a member of the Executive Board of Columbia River Economic Development Council since 1984; Heidi Johnson Bixby, currently serving as Chair of Columbia Springs where she has been a Board Member since 2005; Betty Sue Morris, well known Democrat who served eight years as a State Representative for the 18th District and 12 years as a Clark County Commissioner.

Other chairs include Renee Nutter and Jada Rupley, neither of whom seems to have had much interaction with Republicans, other than Renee Nutter making a small contribution to Jaime Herrera Beutler once.

This new “nonpartisan” Democrat group recently announced through the Columbian paper over the weekend of their intent to host a discussion over cocktails, presumably in regards to encouraging more women to enter the political discourse or seek some sort of local leadership role.

A worthy notion and something I too would like to see more women stepping out and getting more involved in. Sometimes, the female perspective will see things in a different light and bring about some needed change.

Speakers announced for this “nonpartisan” discussion are, “Addison Jacobs, a lobbyist for the Port of Vancouver; Rhona Sen Hoss, assistant director of development at Washington State University Vancouver; and Lisa Shauer” and not mentioned in the Columbian announcement, it is limited to only 25 people.

Immediately, it appears the speaker list isn’t exactly “nonpartisan” either. And only 25 people? Surely there are more women locally than just 25 believing we need more female presence in political leadership?

A fairly well known and outspoken conservative woman, Lynda Wilson seeing the announcement shot off an email to H-RoC asking to be included. She emailed them at 9:20 PM Sunday evening.

At 7:40 AM Monday morning she received the reply, “Unfortunately, we are full” with additional comment of they will notify her if there is a cancellation, along with words hoping to see her at the next function, “in the end of January.”

Since Lynda is well a known and prominent member of the conservative group, We the People and a PCO for the Republican Party, was there an effort to ensure the event is filled and not open to women like Lynda?

I find it unusual that such an event filled up so quickly considering a weekend announcement when few people pay as much attention to online announcements as they do during the week.

Since the “nonpartisan” group is all about empowering more women, shouldn’t every effort be made to include more women than just Democrat leaning women?

Several women are running for office this election, especially in the 49th Legislative District. I would almost place a bet that not one of the 3 Republican women running in that race will receive any support from this “nonpartisan” group empowering women to make public office bids.

The one Democrat woman likely already has received support from them.

By all appearances of the names associated with leading this group, the claim of “nonpartisan” seems specious at best.

It’s just a shame that Democrats no longer can deal in honesty and try to make themselves appear what they clearly are not.

But it is humorous that they feel we don’t notice, especially considering they apparently now define women by their genitals.

24 Comments to “Democrat Group Claims “Nonpartisan,” Turns Down Republican”

  1. I sent them an e-mail and have not yet recieved a response. I plan on attending. I will just walk in.


  2. Frankly, I think a lot of our problems strted when womenn were granted the priviledge of voting.


  3. Let me know what happens, Carolyn.

    Jack, enjoy your stay in the dog house 😉


  4. Appears they are full, of something other than themselves.


  5. Appears they are full, of something other than themselves.


  6. Just another Tax and spend partisan Democrat group, especially with Betty Sue Morris in the group!!!


  7. These are people who vote based on gender. ‘nough said.


  8. “I will just walk in”

    Good for you Carolyn! You should take Debbie, Julie, Eileen, and Liz with you. Bust up their little coterie of hypocrisy!


  9. my doghouse has cable TV and a fridge full of beer, Lew.


  10. You got a better dog house than I do, Jack 😉


  11. “h-roc” = “H- crock”


  12. yOU DON’T think that there are some really stupid women out there, Lew?Monica Lewinsky comes to mind…


  13. Stupid is found everywhere, Jack.

    But we do have some really fantastic women on our side


  14. Republican women are generally better looking andDemocrat women.tend to look like Dykes and Femi-Nazis..


  15. 🙂 hey Jack. Do us all one better and go review the presidential debate one more time.. rinse, repeat? That you should keep you busy in your dog house with the computer & cable television. I believe I have some more thoughts later on the subject, I just cannot fathom it from the bottom of these depths from what I just read AND the debate from last night…


  16. Hey Jeremy, the debate was an absolute HOOT. Obozo got his miserable ass kicked.


  17. Here’s a video of Obozo smirking whilst he gets his miserable ass kicked: Enjoy, Jeremy


  18. Jack – I already watched the whole dismal performance. I really don’t want to watch a repeat…


  19. whattsamatta Jeremy?you don’t likeseeing Obozo make an ass out of himself?


  20. 🙂 No, Jack. I get get enough from old geezers from the Columbian forums that out compete Greg and Mike. I have enough political traffic on other social media. What I cherish from certain bloggers in Clark County is a local perspective that is 1) Intelligently thought out and backed up with data and 2) They are willing put up with certain factions of questionable intelligence to have to name call to get point across.

    I hear and read enough about Mitt Romney and Barak Obama. And I went back several times last or the day before night to hear the debate and the various points that were made. I even got some friends to private message me funny links and things from that debate.

    What I would rather ask from you is some real discussion on various issues like say the above point Lew was trying to make about a local non-partisan political group from his perspective that has turned into a one sided and dimension political action committee forum. That is what I would rather talk about than one liners and name calling that frequent the old Columbian forum, page after page there, that usually lack any common sense, foundation and decency.


  21. ho could you expect any “decency” from The columbian, Jeremy?That would be an Oxymoron.


  22. make that “how?


  23. Well Lew, I went. I did not have any issue with these women. They did seem to be a pretty strong lot in the alfa- dominate group but I easily slip into that set of shoes too so no fault there. Betty Sue Morris was there and politely asked if we had met. I told her yes and reminded her of my name which kind of appeared to surprise her but she was gracious offering me a seat. Then the two hours were spent sharing leadership techniques and personal stories or trials in the process. I even shared the ability to be “fluid or flexible” in our own choices for ourselves and to re-invent ourselves in the process of an evolving society. Everyone was reminded to be non-partisan and the only person this local chapter has endorsed this year is Julia Anderson for the PUD seat. She was reminded to be non-partisan as well. It was a pleasant event overall. The goal here will be to not allow the liberals in our society shut out the rest of us from the conversation, by being present that did not happen yesterday.


  24. To make this a final point and to not be directed into discussion about this subject, Jack. I won’t be drawn into a discussion about how the columbian is or isn’t. I think you summed up my sentiments well and we both share that belief. What I was commenting on, was your use of one sentence paragraphs to basically to try people in and blast people. It won’t work with me any more. Why don’t you go over to the newspaper and drum up Greg and Mike over there. They seem to like having back and forth discussions with you.

    Now on to Carolyn. Thank you for coming back and giving us a heads up on what it was like over there. Sounds like you had a great time and learning experience without a for shadow of a really bad time. Along with that, you exchanged a lot of great ideas on how to work on various issues on the political, non-profit and possibly business side in the future. I appreciate that you took the time to go and experience this. And I hope it creates avenues with you, even though some might have a different political view than you might.

    Thanks again. I hope to hear more about it in the future.


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