Of Created Controversy and Hate Fests

by lewwaters

Longtime Democrat party activist, operative and pollster Pat Caddell recently stated, “The Press is the ‘enemy of the American people’” in a speech given at an Accuracy in Media event. Of course, he is addressing the media’s reluctance, or more accurately, their refusal to publish much about the ongoing scandals regarding the Obama Administration.

But his point goes much further if we look towards the heavy bias often seen in our own local paper, the Columbian, or as many see it, the “unofficial daily newsletter for the Democrat Party” and their coverage of local and state politics.

The bias is evidenced in their creation of controversies where none really exists as well as what can only be described as pure hate of certain elected officials, Republicans of course.

Created Controversy

Once again we see the Columbian taking something and blowing into a full blown scandal even though there actually is nothing really wrong. We saw this same creating a controversy previously as an elderly Democrat couple receiving a campaign letter seeking donations and disguised as a poll became offended and the paper created a huge scandal, Podunk Reporter Creates Issue, Boasts of Resolution.

We saw it again here as former 3rd Congressional District Representative Brian Baird begged off town halls claiming “death threats,” Baird Milks Ryder Truck Comment even though the actual threat had been resolved as not serious, Brian Baird Death Threats: End Of Story?

We saw the paper trying to build a case of the car of an Obama supporter being keyed as a “racist incident” even though the owner was white and the only Obama supporter in the neighborhood to see their vehicle keyed.

And now we see it again as the Thursday, October 4, 2012 Columbian Front Page sports the following.

You can read about the “Chair Lynching” here as once again we see the Columbian taking a legitimate expression of opposition to a sitting president whose performance has been pathetic and create a racist incident where there is none. Commenters gladly chime in along with current chair of the Clark County Republican Party, Stephanie McClintock.

The use of an empty chair harkens back to a speech given by Movie Actor Clint Eastwood at the 2012 Republican National Convention, inspiring many who oppose Obama’s far leftist policies to follow suit.

Stretching the point as far as they could, the paper approached Sirius Bonner, Clark Community College’s diversity adviser for comment. “It is problematic, considering our unique history in the United States of America with lynching. You can’t escape that this has a racially charged element to it because of our American history. Effigies of other U.S. presidents have been hung in the past, but those presidents were white. Even so much as hanging an item from a tree that happens to represent a black man harkens back to a painful period in America’s past,” said Bonner.

Maybe Bonner missed the chair itself is white?

The couple that tied the chair to the tree said, “At first, the chair was on the ground. The reason we hung it up was because people kept stealing it. … We just have to take extra precautions.”

Making this a front page story is as ridiculous as the recent revelation from Portland, Oregon that Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches are now racist as well.

Effigies have been a legitimate expression in opposition for many years and as Bonner said, it’s perfectly okay to hang an effigy if the person is white.

But this wasn’t even an effigy, it was just a chair with a sign underneath expressing opposition to Obama.

Of course, we know that Democrats rely heavily on the race card to inhibit opposition to Obama and his policies, quickly labeling any and all expressions against him as “racist,” regardless of intent.

And willing accomplices in the lamestream media quickly comply.

Hate Fest

Senator Don Benton

Anybody who pays any attention to the Columbian politics readily can see there are certain elected officials and candidates you would be hard pressed to find a decent word of coverage on them. County Commissioner Tom Mielke and County Commissioner David Madore are two that come to immediate mind. But, I doubt you will find any who have endured biased coverage and attacks bordering on pure hate than has 17th District State Senator, Don Benton.

Seeing the words in endorsing his latest opponent, Democrat Tim Probst and knowing that Senator Benton has been a strong voice for and advocate on behalf of constituents over 4 terms got me to wondering if he has ever done something to please them. Looking, if he ever did, you surely couldn’t tell it from their endorsing every single opponent to challenge him, even if they also admitted Senator Benton was the better candidate.

In 1996, the first year Benton ran for the Senate the Columbian, endorsing his opponent Shirley Galloway said, “On the issues, Benton has the clearer perspective. His concern about ever-increasing property taxes is fully justified. But his proposed solutions are often extreme; if given the chance, for instance, Benton seems inclined to support outright repeal of the Growth Management Act rather than its careful modification.”

“Galloway is sometimes too quick to defend the status quo, particularly in regard to the problems besetting public education. But her record emphasizes consensus-building over confrontation. That gives Galloway the edge.”

That is probably the nicest word I have seen pertaining to Senator Benton in their pages.

In 2000 they wrote of Democrat challenger Lou Peterson, “although sincere and well-intentioned, lacks even a rudimentary understanding of the important policy questions for Southwest Washington and the state. About the only attribute in his favor is the fact that he’s not Don Benton. And on that admittedly flimsy basis, we endorse Peterson.”

In 2004 they wrote when endorsing Democrat challenger Paul Waadevig, “[Benton’s] consistent whining about big government is a smokescreen that avoids facing problems such as overcrowded highways,” “Benton’s belligerence is seen first in his own bridge-torching words” and “Waadevig differs strongly with Benton on light rail (he favors planning for it) and a third Columbia River bridge in Clark County (he opposes it, instead advocating upgrades to the I-5 bridge).”

And therein lies the Columbian’s biggest reason to fight so hard to oust Don Benton, he opposes forcing Clark County residents to accept the finically failing light rail from Portland that we have rejected some 3 ties now.

In 2008, endorsing Democrat David Carrier, the Columbian ratcheted up their noise with, “Benton’s bellicose collisions with colleagues raised eyebrows… [H]e’s become an inveterate ‘Dr. No,’ opposing sensible ideas that draw popular support, such as all-mail voting and abolishing the supermajority for school levies. He is even opposed to the proposal for replacing the decrepit and dangerous Interstate 5 Bridge.”

Again, his common sense opposition to the CRC is mentioned.

Needless to say, the Columbian has long desired to oust Benton and see him replaced with a pro-CRC State Senator and someone in lock-step with the leftist agenda pushed by the Columbian.

So it was no surprise to read in their endorsement of Tim Probst, “The strong Republican is locked in a bitter battle with moderate Democrat Tim Probst, a state representative who’s seeking to dethrone the incumbent conservative kingpin,” and “Give Benton credit for consistency, but not as a positive force. He’s been a polarizing figure, more prone to attack than to seek accord, burdened by a background pocked with spotty attendance and hostility even toward leaders of his own party,” parroting the specious flyers sent out by the Probst campaign that was shot to pieces by the very GOP leaders he relied upon to blast Benton.

In spite of his 16 year record faithfully serving constituents and being a voice of fiscal sanity, from the time he first ran for the Senate, the Columbian has urged voters to elect someone else, someone who won’t fight for them as hard as Don Benton has and someone who will cave to special interests into forcing us to bail out Portland, Oregon’s financially failing folly, the MaxLine light rail.

Voters in the 17th have ignored the Columbian in their efforts so far to oust Benton. Even in this years’ Primary Election, Benton came out ahead.

Since the Primary, the Columbian has ran a series of attacks, promoting Probst’s attack ads and doing their best to continue their hate fest against Don Benton.

Voters in the 17th would do well to continue ignoring the Columbian’s efforts to oust Don Benton and once again reelect him as he continues to “fight for us.”

10 Comments to “Of Created Controversy and Hate Fests”

  1. The democratian is a cancer on our community that can’t go bankrupt fast enough.


  2. start letting advertisers know what you think of The Columbian, kids.maybe they’ll stop funding the piece of crap.


  3. Regarding the chair incident, the allusion is clear. Nail it to the tree, set it in concrete if you must, but why hang it? When I heard of the first “chair-hanging” incident back east, and the controversy about it, my initial reaction was “what???” , but then in reflection I understood that for some (especially African-Americans), because the president is black, and blacks were lynched from trees, hanging an empty chair (which Clint Eastwood cleverly made symbolic of Obama’s presidency), could be construed as symbolically hanging President Obama.

    I suspected as much about the Columbian’s non-endorsement of Benton. I think there is something personal either between Brancaccio and Benton or between the Campbells and Benton. Maybe the fact that the Campbells own property in downtown Vancouver, and a failed bridge effort would mean they can’t unload it for a lot of money? What ever it is, the Columbian is doing the community a disservice by endorsing “anyone who opposes” Benton.


  4. Craig, I couldn’t disagree with you more on the chair. It’s a real stretch to claim tying a chair in a tree, even with a sign opposing Obama is a racial incident. Even if it were an actual effigy depicting Obama, so what? Have we lost our freedom to oppose a sitting president simply because one of his parents had black skin? Is he to be excused from the criticism every president has been subjected to because of his skin?

    If a selected people are now excused from criticism because of something that happened decades ago, what about others who recall unpleasant memories from their history or their ancestors history?

    Hanging in effigy has been a legitimate form of protest forever and just because Obama had one Black parent should not be an excuse to stop criticism of him.

    It’s much like the use of the so called ‘N-word.’ A White person better not use it, but a Black person may use it whenever.


  5. The easiest solution to the bias in media is to quit subscribing to such publications. I have not subscribed to a local, biased newspaper for more than 10 years. The only thing I missed was not having my daily dose of the comics — but that didn’t ascribe much value to the complete newspaper!

    I also dropped subscriptions to any of the left-stream magazines that cover current events or important issues. Once, such publications as Time (once owned by the Republican-leaning Luce family) and Reader’s Digest (owned by the conservative Wallace family) acted as a counterbalance to the moderate (to leftist) Democrat bias of other media — but after the passing of the founding families and the conglomeration of most publications into giant media companies, the texture of multiple viewpoints on the issues of the day has devolved into a single leftist chorus.

    Not so many years ago (when I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area) I could subscribe to a variety of newspapers and get a broad spectrum of political viewpoint. My father, a local politician, would comment that one paper was a “Republican” paper and another was “Democratic.” However, now all the (remaining) SF Area newspapers are owned by large media companies — and there is not one whit of ideological diversity.

    Likewise, now that I’m a recent immigrant to Southwest Washington, I can’t see that there is any diversity of opinion in any of the local media, aside from token “conservative” letters to the editor (which often seem to reflect the more extreme rantings rather than well argued conservative arguments). So, I have not bothered to subscribe to any local papers — and the local TV-news seems to be filled with the latest shootings mixed in with ‘puff pieces’ about local events, etc. (The saying, “if it bleeds, it leads” seems to be operational on the TV news, locally.) I mostly use the morning news broadcast to get a feel for what the weather will be like.

    So I get my local news from Couv.com. If you know of any other local media that offers fair and balanced reporting, I’d like to hear about it.


  6. try the internet, john There’s more truth on the internet than there ever was in today’s Media.The Couv is a good source.


  7. Out doorbelling today in the 49th and met a man picking up his adult son for work. Handed out my flyer and that of a few other conservative candidates. The older gentleman asked how I felt about Benton. I proceeded to express my desire to have had him cloned for our own 49th district for several years now. He smiled and said well good you are right he is a voice for the people, handing the flyers to his son he told him to check me out that I sounded educated enough to be voted for! 🙂


  8. good for you, carolyn.


  9. Lew –
    From what I’ve read on the Camas incident, I don’t think it was meant as a racial insult but rather implying that Obama is as empty as that chair (thanks again Clint Eastwood!). But that for people sensitized by centuries of real attacks, it could be perceived by them as a racial attack. Shouldn’t we be sensitive to that?

    Who uses effigy in protests besides whack-job liberals?


  10. Craig, that is the narrative used to justify stifling free speech when it is against Obama.

    If we stop or otherwise ridicule or complain about that form of protest because something like lynchings did happen long ago, what about Veterans who fought the Japanese, Vietnamese, Germans and more? What benefit do they receive if the sight of a former enemy disturbs them?

    Most of the Blacks today weren’t even alive when lynchings were being done.

    Ignored is that White people were also lynched, but even the Clark College Diversity person has no problem with hanging effigies of White Presidents, even saying that was acceptable.

    That is why I say the controversy is created and is being used to shut down opposition to a very poor president.


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