Was Obama Sleeping During The Debate?

by lewwaters

As the dust settles and Democrats cry in their beer, everyone now knows that without his teleprompter, Barack Obama is lost. His performance in Wednesday Evenings Debate in Denver was one of the worst performances by an incumbent president ever. It is being reported that 67% of viewers gave the debate to Mitt Romney who in effect, cleaned Obama’s clock.

Even Democrats are coming our disappointed. Bombastic James Carvell said, “Mitt Romney came with a chainsaw.”

Chris Matthews, a staunch Obama supporter didn’t feel that tingle up his leg watching the debate. Instead, he admonished Obama to start watching cable TV to learn what is going on.

Michael Moore nearly came unglued on twitter saying at one point, “This is what happens when u pick John Kerry as your debate coach.”

Andrew Sullivan labeled the debate “a disaster” for Obama.

Just about anywhere you looked, liberals were admitting that Obama royally screwed the debate, falling flat on his face.

So how can Obama send out the following email moments after his butt was handed to him?

I don’t know just who he feels he did proud because anyone watching the debate or even reading about it afterwards knows he choked and showed just how clueless he really is without the assistance of a teleprompter telling him what to say and when.

19 Comments to “Was Obama Sleeping During The Debate?”

  1. As long as there’s no “I’m paying for this microphone” moments, the debates make no difference.

  2. Obozo is a narcissist and very much resented being challenged.The arrogant bastard was angry that someone actually challenged him.because the Media never does.You can blame the sycophant Media for his poor performance.

  3. Obama looked like he was ready for a nap.

    He should have had is 20yr wedding anv. party the day before the debate and rest.

    Romney looked well rested and was ready to throw the new plans he has for our country. Surely not the rebublican party platform of 2012 !

    His vision for our country is much different than at the convention. sounds more like Obama !

  4. The problem, Martin?

    That entire massacre was a “I’m paying for this microphone” moment.

  5. Kelly, the only notable aspect of that “debate” was that if Romney had “lost,” the race would have been over. Next week, it won’t mean a thing. In fact, even though I’m not a conspiracy guy – I have a feeling Obama will “win” the last debate whether he deserves to or not.

  6. Obozo lost because the Iies the Media made up about Romney are just that-LIES. the
    ‘race” is over, Martin, Obozo lost.

  7. Jack, dude, what are you going to do if Obama wins? Give yourself some space, man. I don’t want to read about you dying your hair orange and shooting up a movie theater.

  8. Mitt Romney was SO awesome in the debates last night. His statism beat out Obama’s statism by a large margin. His worship of government came off more palatable to the debate viewers than Obamas. Go Romney!

  9. Robert is correct. I’ve always maintained that there ain’t much daylight between the two. Romney’s ‘big government’ is only slightly more tolerable than Obama’s … well what do you call it – certainly bigger than ‘big government’ has meant to Americans in the past 200 years. I’ll still vote for Romney though. There’s always SCOTUS to consider…

  10. I’m keeping my SKS well-oiled, Martin because there will be thousands of hysterical Lefties rioting and committing suicide in the streets whenObozo gets thrown out on his miserable ass by a landslide and you’ll be out there rioting with them as well I’m sure. better buy yourself somebody armor.

  11. And jack, if you know your history well, the presidential vote is just a popularity contest. The real presidential vote will come in mid December for the electoral election. That process will be the one that will decide who is president for the next four or eight years.

    No matter, how the United States population feels.

  12. Obozo is no longer “popular”, Jeremy. maybe you’re “missing” that. the guy is an absolute joke.

  13. I’m sure that there are a certain few Dumbasses that hate America so much that they would like to see Obozo re-elected just to slap this nation in the face. Hear that Martin?Anybody that would vote for OBozo obviousy hates America and probably themselves as well.

  14. Jack, it’s time for your pill.

  15. Martin, it’s time for your Lobotomy.

  16. gee Martin, did I pee in your Kool-Aid?

  17. Chillun’s, don’t make me come down there 😉

    Let’s can the zingers and get back on topic, okay?

  18. Sure, Lew.Obozo wasn’t “sleeping”it’s just that he’s a really arrogant bastard and very much resented having to address tough questions and points.he’s too used to having sycophant morons making excuses for his omnipotent ass.and protecting him from any responsibilityfor the destructive bull crap he’s put this nation through for the past 3 1/2 years.,

  19. In this case, I wondered why Obama was so quiet, the nice guy, the “presidential” type as I call it. I can tell you that I had a hard time watching the live telecast. I had to turn it off after fifteen minutes in. I did come back hours later after doing a whole bunch of other stuff and re-watched it a couple other times to make sure that i heard the 90 minute long discussion.
    What bothered me, is Jim Lehrer just let them walk right over him like wet sponge. That he couldn’t control the situation. I am not sure if you heard the slap of the gavel that happened. It only happened once and it was Obama opening his mouth during when Mitt Romney was answering a question. That noise bonk could have been for the audience to keep them quiet.
    I tried to listen intently and I liked some points that each of them made. I will be listening to the next two debates. And if Obama does not come out swinging, he’s going to get walked all over again. And i BETTER HOPE he is prepared next TIME!

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