2012 Election Recommendations

by lewwaters

The following is how I intend to vote or would if I lived in another district. You may not agree with everything I say and I recommend everybody research the candidates and positions to satisfy their own views. I may miss some elections, so make sure you research them and know who and what you are voting for.


After four years of constant failures from Barack Obama and in spite of the specious jobs report released just prior to this election, Mitt Romney will receive my vote. It’s not that I am all that impressed with Romney, he certainly is not my ideal candidate, but Obama has been that bad.

With a switch in power in the Senate and retaining the House, maybe we can begin undoing some of the far left agenda Obama has strapped us with.


Maria Cantwell has been pitiful as well, following along in the leftist agenda and sleeping her way through Washington D.C. She remains unresponsive to constituents, especially those of us outside of the Puget Sound.

Michael Baumgartner also is not an ideal candidate, midway through his first term in the State Senate, but he shows promise, even if only a little. Still, he appears to be more willing to answer to constituents where Maria Cantwell seems to just bask in the glory of winning past elections, doing little that will actually help turn the country and economy around.

Baumgartner receives my vote.


Neither Jay Inslee nor Rob McKenna merits my vote in this race. Inslee is a leftist who has supported the Obama agenda nearly lock-step. McKenna began showing a liberal lean as Attorney General with conflicting stands. Inslee has campaigned better while McKenna comes across as a wimp metro sexual.

Far better we concentrate on changing the majority in the legislature to keep whichever one of these candidates wins in check.

Yosemite Sam will be my choice in this race.


Again, neither candidate is ideal. The Democrat, Brad Owen has held this office for the past 15 years, serving under two governors. The Republican, Bill Finkbeiner is a former Democrat and at times still acts like it, casting the deciding vote for homosexual rights legislation in 2006 and saying, “I have always felt good about that vote.”

Why vote for a phony Democrat when you can have the real thing? Brad Owen receives my vote by default.


Kim Wyman, the Republican wins my votes easily over Democrat Kathleen Drew. Kim has the experience and know how to be a great Secretary of state. Kathleen Drew has spent most of her campaign whining and sniveling.


Democrat Jim McIntire ran pretty much unopposed, except for write-in Republican Sharon Hanek. McIntire is the incumbent state treasurer. Republican Sharon Hanek has an impressive background in accounting and I think it’s time we had a change in the treasurer’s office.

Sharon Hanek receives my vote.


Republican James Watkins scored a very impressive primary win with impeccable credentials to fill this job. His opponent, Democrat Troy Kelley seems to be stumbling and in a degree of hot water.

My vote goes to James Watkins who will do a great job as auditor.


With McKenna trying for the governor’s mansion, the office of the Attorney General is open. Unfortunately, there are no good candidates running to fill the office. Both the Democrat Bob Ferguson and Republican Reagan Dunn are losers in my estimation. Both support homosexual marriage and are unimpressive candidates.

Porky Pig would do better and will receive my vote.


Incumbent Democrat Peter Goldmark is hoping to be returned to office by defeating challenger, Republican Clint Didier. Both are men rancher/farmers with Didier tying Goldmark to the United Nations Agenda 21. This is one of those races not a lot of people pay attention to, though.

Didier gets a slight edge with me due to his rightful claim of “Mudslides were a large feature of Peter Goldmark’s 2008 campaign against then Lands Commissioner Doug Sutherland. The campaign used press releases, video posts and TV commercials to blame Sutherland for a few terrible mudslides. Mr. Sutherland hadn’t summoned the rain, nor had he pushed the mud flows down the hill, but that didn’t stop Goldmark from blaming him.”

“Here we are 4 years later; over 285,000 acres of Washington State land burnt or burning since July 5th. By Goldmark’s own admission, there is a way to protect against this type of devastation and create healthier forests, while creating more jobs and more revenue for the trustee land. Goldmark has simply refused to allow that process to occur on the land entrusted to his care and on private property as well.”

We used to keep forests thinned and fires weren’t quite as bad. We should do so again, I’m voting Didier


Incumbent Randy Dorn scored a huge primary victory, in spite of bad press over a DUI in 2010. Dorn also opposes Charter Schools, even though he once tried to bring them in to the state himself.

Ron Higgins hopes to unseat Dorn and proposes “teaching country’s foundational documents like Declaration of Independence and Constitution , prohibiting programs that encourage sex outside of marriage, giving more realistic guidance on college.”

While it is likely Dorn will win reelection, based on his impressive primary victory, my vote will go to Higgins in hopes of seeing a change for the better in our educational system.


Another race where the incumbent scored an impressive primary victory, Democrat Mike Kreidler hopes to win again. However, he has gained increased power from the legislature and favors Obamacare’s insurance mandate when he could instead work to make insurance premiums lower.

Republican challenger John R. Adams brings a long history in working with various insurance and rightfully points out how insurance premiums continue to increase currently, when they could decrease.

It’s time for a change and I’m voting Adams.


Incumbent Republican Jaime Herrera Beutler has shown herself to be a very poor representative of the people, eliminating town halls in favor of by invitation “coffees.” This blog criticized her in the 2010 election as too inexperienced to be an effective congressional leader and she has proven that with her disappointing term.

Democrat challenger Jon Haugen has only one redeeming factor, his claim of opposing the CRC boondoggle currently being shoved down our throats. Every other stand he has is lock-step with the far left agenda of Barack Obama.

Redistricting lines were drawn to favor the Republican and even though she will most likely be returned, Elmer Fudd received my vote in 2010 and will receive it again.


Contrary to what the Columbian would have you believe, Democrat Tim Probst is a snake with a well crafted façade to entice voters into believing he is not just another tax & spend Liberal. He is. The Columbian’s tirades against Republican State Senator Don Benton border on absolute hatred since he is not lock-step with their view of forcing Portland, Oregon’s financially failing light rail on us.

Benton has been a powerhouse for voters over the last 16 years, even though in the minority party. Don Benton deserves to be retained as State Senator.

With Probst hoping to unseat Benton and switch the 17th to Democrat hands, his former seat in Position 1 is open with Democrat Monica Stonier in her third try to get into the House and Republican Julie Olson, current President of the Ridgefield School District both vying for the seat.

Stonier did not receive the Columbian’s endorsement in the 2010 primary due to her close ties to the teachers union and I see nothing changed. Julie Olson has run for office and won and has had the difficult task of balancing the needs of taxpayers, teachers and students in her capable hands for 7 years. Julie Olson is clearly the best choice

Republican Paul Harris has shown himself to be a better than expected legislator in position 2 of the House and deserves to be retained over Democrat Jim Gizzi, largely an inexperienced unknown liberal. Harris is clearly the better choice.


Incumbent Republican Senator Ann Rivers, recently appointed to replace retiring Joe Zarelli is known for her common sense representation of the people in the 18th. She was very capable in the House and will continue to do a good job in the Senate. Democrat Challenger Ralph Schmidt admits there is no way he can win.

Rivers deserves your vote.

Two Republicans are vying for the position 1 seat, Adrian Cortes who dropped out of the primary but still drew a significant number of votes drawing him back in and embattled former chair of the Clark County GOP, Brandon Vick. Cortes hold the better resume’ and experience in the community. Vick may become a better candidate in the future, but for now Cortes deserves your vote.

In Position 2, Republican Liz Pike has won elections in the past and also has a strong resume’. Recently appointed to finish out the seat left vacant in position 1 when Ann Rivers moved to the Senate, Liz is a much better choice over Democrat David Shehorn, pretty much an unknown dark horse.


The 49th has been a Democrat stronghold for quite some time and it shows, with unemployment remaining higher than much of the rest of the state. State Senator Craig Pridemore left to run for State Auditor and lost. Annette Cleveland, a union backed Democrat is running against Republican Eileen Qutub, a former Oregon Legislator. Even the Columbian admits in endorsing her opponent that Mrs. Qutub is the better candidate.

If we wish to see improvements in the state and 49th Legislative District, we need to change the color of the district. Eileen Qutub deserves to be sent to Olympia.

In position 1, incumbent Democrat Sharon Wylie, married to Vancouver City Attorney Ted Gathe has shown herself to be another follower of party leadership, doing as instructed. Challenger, Republican Debbie Peterson has shown herself to have an excellent command of the facts and issues affecting the troubled district. Ms. Peterson was defeated in 2008 by Democrat Jim Jacks, who shortly after his reelection in 2010 abandoned constituents abruptly in mid-session due to scandals of sexual impropriety and alcoholism. Peterson would have been the better choice then and is the better choice today. My vote goes to Debbie Peterson.

Position 2 sees arrogant incumbent Democrat Jim ‘da Taxman’ Moeller expecting to easily win reelection. Moeller has shown that constituents mean little when he joined a lawsuit to invalidate constituent votes on the 2/3 majority requirement for tax increases, one of Moeller’s favorite positions. He was instrumental in ignoring a burgeoning budget gap to push homosexual marriage as a priority as our economy slid deeper and deeper into oblivion.

Republican challenger Carolyn Crain is a frequent commenter before city council and the county commission with an excellent knowledge of the problems facing Clark County. She comes with a resume’ in business and the desire to improve conditions in the 49th, not sue voters to invalidate their votes.

Carolyn Crain is clearly the better choice.


Democrat Joe Tanner, although a nice guy with a decent resume’, has failed to build a sufficient case as to why he should replace incumbent Commissioner Tom Mielke. Tanner says he is conservative too, but in a speech at the 2012 Democrat Convention spoke against what he labeled a “smokestack economy” in Clark County. A “smokestack economy” is manufacturing jobs, something Clark County sorely needs today. Tanner’s reply of “the future of Clark County can only be built with a diversified economy” is unnecessarily vague and unsatisfactory.

Commissioner Mielke has been the lone voice of sanity much of the time on our County Commission even though labeled “Commissioner No” many times, No votes have prevented calamity as we see in the County & state economy today.

Mielke receives my vote.


After due consideration, I cannot in good conscience vote for either Marc Boldt or David Madore. Neither candidate seems to be what they claim.

Write in.


A non-partisan position with two very good candidates running for the seat, Julia Anderson and Jim Malinowski. Both have impeccable resume’s and both would make fine commissioners, but only one can win.

Malinowski’s background is tech-savvy with a long history in engineering. But the Commissioner is not working in the technical end of the PUD. The commissioner’s job is to represent the county customers in setting responsible policies.

Ms. Anderson has a long history of researching and studying the issues related to Clark County and the PUD and relating them to voters during her campaign. That gives Julia Anderson a slight edge over Jim Malinowski and my vote.


REJECT! We do not need to raise our taxes to pay for a boondoggle light rail that we haven’t even been allowed a voice in whether we even want it.


REJECT! We do not need to keep raising our taxes to satisfy the tax hungry city council who wants to build more parks we cannot even maintain, while closing down Fire Stations. They need to learn to live within our means. This measure will create a taxing district with broad powers and no guaranteed accountability. A NO vote will stop that.


APPROVE! For the 5th time, voters can send the legislature the message that we demand they abide by the 2/3 majority needed for tax increases we voted in 20 years ago. Approval of this measure will make it harder for the legislature to ignore us and our desires.


APPROVE! Our education system continues to under perform and give poor returns for what we spend. Charter Schools might not be the ideal fix, but we have to start somewhere to improve education besides caving in to the teachers unions and giving them ever more of our hard earned dollars.


REJECT! Homosexuals were granted all of the legal rights as heterosexuals with SB 5688, the so-called “everything but marriage” act. They lied when they said that was all they wanted by coming back, wasting half of the regular session to push through a homosexual marriage bill that changes the definition of marriage in our state. This is nothing more than a forced acceptance of the deviant lifestyle of homosexuality an although said to have safeguards to protect religious institutions, you can expect those to one day be challenged too.

The bill offers no protection for citizens who may not wish to cater to such a marriage ceremony based on their own religious views, leaving anybody who declines to take part with their business in a homosexual marriage open for lawsuits.

This is a totally unnecessary law that stands to harm more people that it will benefit. Vote NO!


REJECT! We have enough problems policing the misuse of alcohol and do not need to add to that by legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Studies on the long term effects of marijuana on the human body are inco0mplete, but initial studies show marijuana to have even higher concentrates of carcinogens than tobacco. Expectations of increased revenues to the state is a smokescreen.


APPROVE! A bipartisan measure to pass a constitutional amendment to lower the limit the state can have in debt.


APPROVE! Allow the University of Washington and Washington State University more leeway to invest funds and bring in more revenue. They have shown wise investing so far where permitted.

These are my picks for this election. You are welcome to disagree and vote differently, but don’t think for a minute that arguing in comments will change either my mind or the words above.

As said before, I urge all who read to research and study each candidate and issue and decide your vote according to your own values and ideals.

That is how our country works.

Good luck to all candidates and let’s hope we see some different faces and changes in Olympia.

10 Comments to “2012 Election Recommendations”

  1. OK… very nice list.

    Can’t vote for Baumgartner: He supports Iran getting nukes, supports the doper initiaitive and wants to jack up the federal gas tax a penny to fund veteran’s programs.Acts a lot like a closet Paulbot.

    Cantwell has accomplished nothing except to break up a few marriages, but she opposes Iranian nukes and wouldn’t open up a can of worms for designer tax increases. Veteran’s programs deserve funding, but not from the gas tax. Washington Husky gets my vote here.

    Owen has difficulties with significant amounts of money missing from his office and just paid a $1K fine to the PDC. Finkbeiner, like McKenna and Dunn, is a part of the leftist caball that has infiltrated the GOP via the King County Republicans… and we all know what a swell job THEY do getting Republicans elected. Spayed Cougar gets the nod for this vote.

  2. I pretty much agree with your list with just a couple of exceptions. Cantwell has to go and Baumgartner is a better deal especially if you consider the fact that Maria is sitting on the senate and not standing up and yelling to get a budget passed. Furthermore she voted for several bad bad bills not to mention the American Affordable Healthcare Act and it’s 716 million dollar cut to Medicare which has turned out to seriously increase insurance premiums and medicare will see those go up by 150% in 2014 not that the social security checks will improve. Oh, did I mention it is truly the largest tax in history? Vote Michael.
    Inslee also voted for those bad bad bills and really will be way worse for our state than McKenna.
    I really like your pick in the 49th! Especially position 2! 🙂

  3. Did you now Maria Cantwell is a co-founder of the Apollo Alliance- (which is an off-shoot of the Soros funded Tides Foundation. Personally, I don’t want Soros anywhere near the elected officials in WA state. Baumgartner gets my vote. I also watched the debate between finkbeiner and Owens. Finkbeiner handled himself much better than owens by far. I really question his handling of “excess” funds. Way too high and mighty for me. Lew, what about Lands Commissioner? My vote goes to Didier. And another very important race is the Insurance Commissioner. Kriedler is in the tank for Obamacare, hook, line and sinker. The legislature last year gave the ins commish much power and can unilaterally effect the direction of insurance in this state. He’s already done some very undesirable moves. John Adams gets my vote.

  4. Lynda, I expect all of you and anybody else to vote their own conscience, not as I will. We all see things different, but hope we can wrest control away from the Dems. I have serious concerns with McKenna and his stand on homosexual marriage (opposing) but also opposing the Boy Scouts barring homosexuals from joining. That is a contradiction that causes me to distrust him, along with his strong fight to ensure homosexual activists received the names, addresses and signatures of every person who signed R-71. He has taken conflicting stands on Obamacare and his campaign let it be known he is no Scott Walker and they have nothing to fear from him. That and more makes me very leery of him and Inslee is no better. I’m not convinced should McKenna win he will be much different. It’s not a popular stand and no one has to agree. As I said, everybody must vote their own conscience.

  5. Lew,

    Thank you for all you time, research and effort to share this credical information with our Clark County Citizens. Lew you and your wonderful wife are a blessing to our community!!! We can not thank you enough!!!


    Chuck Miller

  6. I’m always struck by how much voting is influenced by subjective matters – you’d never run a company like we run this nation. As a CEO, I’d never hire the quality people who run for office into high management positions. The results of democracy is so illogical yet it serves the paramount function of holding a nation together. That’s why democracy is 1st in the Top 3: 1) democracy, 2) liberty, 3) justice

  7. Remember Martin, his nation is bankupt. If you were the CEO and hired this group of losers and BS’ers, yOu would be burned at the stake by your shareholders.Why would anyone hire people for management that were out to destroy the company?

  8. Jack, that’s my point. People are ignorant, envious, and resentful. They vote out of spite and selfishness BUT democracy relieves the pressure that would otherwise result in violence & revolution. We live pretty good lives – who needs revolution? Think about these words for a minute before you respond – this is “enlightenment” shit.

  9. Deleted ad hominem

  10. I almost never drop responses, however i did some searching
    and wound up here 2012 Election Recommendations | Clark County Conservative.
    And I actually do have a couple of questions for
    you if it’s allright. Is it just me or does it look like some of these comments appear as if they are written by brain dead individuals? 😛 And, if you are writing at additional places, I would like to keep up with anything new you have to post. Could you list of all of your public pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

    ADMIN NOTE: You should stick with never dropping responses. Spam stinks a mile away

    Oh, and your links were removed 😉

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