The Columbian – Consistent in their Inconsistency

by lewwaters

In spite of what fringe leftist try to claim, it is well known in Clark County that the newspaper of record, the Columbian has earned the reputation of also being known as the unofficial daily newsletter of the Democrat Party. Nowhere is this seen any better than in their Political Endorsements.

Every election, while a few token Republicans earn their endorsement, by and large the bulk go to Democrats, any Democrat in some cases even though the paper admits the Republican is the better candidate. Their reasoning given with some endorsements is not only inconsistent, but borders on outright hypocrisy.

Case in point is their 2012 endorsement in the general election for County Commissioner. Two districts are up for election and in both the primary and general election, they chose an all Democrat field. When their chosen Democrat did not win in our top-two primary, they still chose the Democrat, even though one claims to be a Republican still.

Incumbent sell-out Republican Marc Boldt and challenger, Democrat Joe Tanner receives the nod, as we all expected. After glowing praise is heaped on both endorsed and their opponents, incumbent Tom Mielke and businessman David Madore, both Republicans are soundly trashed and denigrated, a curious recommendation is added to the bottom of the article.

“These races are very much ‘up for grabs’ and, for two reasons, no conclusions should be drawn from the Aug. 7 primary. First, primary voting for county commissioners is confined to districts; now the voting in both races is countywide. Second, voter turnout was 30.7 percent in the primary, but it’s expected to top 80 percent in this election. In 2008, the number of District 2 voters soared from 20,860 in the primary to 166,666 in the election. In District 1, the voter count rocketed from 28,798 in the primary to 168,617 in the election.”

Besides Tom Mielke besting Joe Tanner by some 4,000 votes in the primary and David Madore besting Marc Boldt by nearly 700 votes, their recommending pay no attention to the primary results in this race is quite curious considering in the endorsement of Democrat Monica Stonier over Republican Julie Olson for the 17th Legislative District Representative, position 1 seat, they recommended the following.

“Julie Olson of Ridgefield has an edge in elected experience as a seven-year school board member. She understands the synergy between private and public sectors and would make a fine state representative. Stonier came out ahead in the primary, and we give her the nod as the better of two good candidates.”

Stonier bested Olson by about 600 votes and in that case, winning the primary is the reason they see her as the better candidate.

But remember, in the case of the two County Commission seats, both Republicans winning by even larger margins should not matter.

It’s well know that the editorial board despises both David Madore and Tom Mielke and will not publish a kind word about either. They try to mask their displeasure with both men as lighthearted at times, but it still comes through. But let’s face it, they would endorse a yellow dog before they would either man.

It also shows their political endorsements are not based upon what may be best for the community and state, but who will use their office to promote the ill-fated Columbia River Crossing project.

Take their endorsements with a large grain of salt, if you pay any attention to them at all.

8 Comments to “The Columbian – Consistent in their Inconsistency”

  1. You’re far too politie.

    These leftist thugs have long since lost any prtense of fairness, accuracy or truth.

    They are a disgrace to this commnity… and their final bankruptcy simply cannot come fast enough.


  2. The Local Fish Wrapper, also known as the “The Columbian” Is in my opinion, paying off some political debt. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t the Fish Wrapper bailed out during their first bankruptcy by the Washington State Legislature controlled by the Dem’s and and the left leaning Vancouver City Council. Unfortunately, it appears that the unbiased press that we deserve has, in my opinion, through mismanagement found themselves beholden to the democrats. How sad!!!

    Didn’t the Democratic controlled State Legislature provided the Fish Wrapper with a significant tax break, and the City Council, buy with some 40 million of our hard earned tax dollars the Columbian’s bankrupt new building. How about that.

    Larry Patella
    CDR USN (ret)


  3. During my side by side interview with Moeller with their “executive board” he reminded them that they had been the recipient of his generousity in the legislature and told them he considered them a beneficiary of his charitable government nature. That of course was done to put on the table the fact that losing him would mean losing their tax breaks and thus they obviously need to endorse him this time which they had not done last election cycle.


  4. While Madore continues to lie, Boldt is picking up more and more votes when people are seeing exactly what Madore really is. EVERY SINGLE CLARK COUNTY MAYOR endorses Boldt. Madore continues to belt out lies like his latest on his Facebook page about not accepting any government handouts, and expects people to believe that crap.

    David Madore is to Clark County as Stacee Sellers and John Russell were to Washougal. All lies, all partisan politics, and all wanting the faith community to follow them like sheep.

    Madore is losing this election, when he really had a possibility to win it.


  5. Brrack, freep, blah, blah, bah. Greggie hates Madore, braak, frreeep. Greggie wants attention, braaaak, freeeep.

    Votes have not been cast, ballots haven’t been sent out and yet, Greg Owens, channeling his clairvoyance wants us to believe Boldt is picking up votes already.

    With the hate spewed by you, Briggs and the Columbian on an almost daily basis, we would almost expect that Madore wouldn’t even for himself.

    Too bad your fantasy has no basis in fact.

    A Leavitt endorsement will hurt him since Leavitt is known as a liar.

    AS for your continued allegations, will you ever offer a shred of evidence in support of them? You make a lot of fantastic claims and if you can’t support them, you are the liar.

    Any more comments by you with these allegations and no evidence or documentation will be deleted.

    Back up your claims or go away.


  6. Unsubstantiated allegation deleted


  7. You know, as Marc Boldt’s brother-in-law, I think I’m the most qualified to express an opinion… which is that Boldt should not be re-elected.

    It’s odd that Greg’s situational hatred doesn’t extend to Boldt, who, after all, delivered the final coupe de grace to Greg’s horrific ballpark scam… the kind of thing that drives Greg over the edge.

    But to suggest that Boldt has not and is not lying in his campaign (Really? He’s “fought for my chance to vote on light rail?” Then how come I won’t be able to vote on light rail if he was so damned busy fighting for my chance to do so?) or that he voted to hold property taxes at or below 1% each year… as if he had a choice in the matter… But then, when it’s your guy lying, well, that’s OK for some.

    And that the democrat mayors always endorse democrats running for county wide office just tends to show that, well, Boldt’s even lying about his party affiliation.

    I was also disturbed to learn that Boldt now supports gay marriage and opposes the 2/3rds vote required for legislative tax increases.

    Who knew that a Republican… even a fake Republican like Marc, would actually go so far over to the Dark Side?

    In the end, Boldt has become a clone of Steve Stuart. He’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of the downtown mafia, the Chamber of Horrors and CRUDEC. His campaign is being run by democrats and financed by democrats. Hell, a democrat was even typing for him in the Columbian’s soiree… what was it, last Friday? Because there is NO WAY that was Marc given his abysmal spelling and grammar skills that I observed up close and personal for 6 years.

    Add that to his violation of ethics laws by lending county money to a contractor to make sure his wife got paid, his abysmal failure to follow PDC laws in this campaign (he’s only been running for office for the past 18 years or so… you’d think he had a clue) to his disdain for the voters weighing in on the CRC?

    And that’s a recipe for getting unelected.

    Ironic, isn’t it? 70% of his own commissioner district didn’t want him in office. Why does Greg (or anyone else) suppose that is?

    Sure Madore has issues. But then, clearly, so does Greg. The question is this: we know that Boldt doesn’t give a damn what we think except when he’s running for re-election, and we know he’s screwed us by voting for and supporting the gerrymandered CTran taxing district, the CRC rip off, the waste of billions for a bridge and loot rail we don’t need… and tolls for ever… tolls that will hurt families as well as hurting the small businesses that depend on that previously disposable income. No one ever seems to talk about that.

    I wonder why.


  8. Deleted ad hominem


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