Dems Plot Major Hit In The 17th

by lewwaters

Since they cannot compete in the arena of ideas or address real issues, it appears there is a major plot brewing against Republicans in the 17th Legislative District. Word has reached me that they have parked $85,000 for 17th District Independent Expenditures, likely for more vile attacks against Senator Don Benton and Julie Olson.

It has been shown previous that neither Democrat running and hoping to switch control of the 17th has any strong stand on issues affecting Southwest Washington and we have already seen several attacks ads with false claims being sent out against Senator Benton.

Even the Columbian, endorsing Democrat Monica Stonier inadvertently admitted Julie Olson is the better candidate, but endorsed Stonier due to her winning the primary election, forgetting that there was 2 Republicans and combining their vote’s amounts to nearly 2,000 more than Stonier received.

Probst also received the Columbian’s endorsement, as expected considering they have never endorsed Senator Benton in his 4 successful elections. He too has been shown to be seriously lacking on issues, not even taking a stand publicly on the most important issue facing Southwest Washington, the CRC and light rail from Portland.

Probst also does not address the appearance that at least some of his Workforce Bills look as if they might funnel tax dollars towards a company he owns.

Needless to say, the Democrats know they have a slim chance of taking control in the 17th, unless than go negative and formulate a series of attacks, likely worse than what we have already seen.

Funds are being collected from the Truman Fund – $30,000, DIME PAC – $20,000, Roosevelt Fund – $20,000 and SEIU WA State Council – $15,000 totaling $85,000 and likely will end up with ARGO Strategies out of Seattle who has been behind the front group, “Working Families For The 17th District” as was shown at Where Did Tim Probst’s Pledge of a “Clean Campaign” go?

We need to see a change in Olympia if we are to ever crawl out of this economic morass we remain mired in. Electing and sending two more Democrats to Olympia, the very party that has held the majority for over a decade and accepts no responsibility for the mess our economy is in would be suicide for us.

Stonier has boasted in the past of her dedication to Obama and even tried to pull a fast one by quickly jumping into the 49th Legislative District when former representative Jim Jacks abruptly resigned amidst scandal mid-session. Told she still not stand a chance to qualify, she made up an excuse about moving her family and not having time to properly go for the nomination.

Now, she is somehow back in the 17th just a year later.

Stonier was denied the endorsement in the 2010 primary due to concerns about her close ties to the teachers union and I see nowhere any of those ties have been cut.

Probst has been carefully crafted to appear fiscally conservative in order to fool voters into electing him in Benton’s place. He boasts of voting against the majority in tax increases and their budget, yet he is not castigated as was the 3 Democrats, Jim Kastama, Tim Sheldon and Rodney Tom when they sided with Republicans in this years’ budget battle.

Why would Probst be treated differently other than party leadership okayed his diverting from the majority?

It is unknown just what these expected attacks ads will be, but be aware they will embellishments, false claims and designed to continue the Democrats Lies, Deceit and Desperation in the 17th.

Senator Benton has been a strong advocate for voters and taxpayers, standing up to special interests Democrats favor.

He was one of only two representatives who responded when I contacted our elected representatives after the murder of 13 year-old Alycia Nipp by a level II repeat sex offender demanding stronger laws.

Tim Probst was on the list of Clark County Representatives contacted and was one who couldn’t be bothered to respond.

It has been Benton fighting to protect our children from predators.

It has been Benton fighting to keep our taxes reasonable.

It has been Benton fighting to protect families.

It is Senator Don Benton and Julie Olson, President of the Ridgefield School Board who must be sent to Olympia along with changing the color of Olympia.

Democrats have had their control for years and we are paying for it today. They must be held accountable.

I urge voters in the 17th, reelect Senator Don Benton and elect Julie Olson.

Ignore the coming attacks.

4 Comments to “Dems Plot Major Hit In The 17th”

  1. Don’t ignore them… look for the proper answer to them so that you can educate while discussing. Do discuss it we need the dis-information campaign properly opposed.

  2. Deleted Ad Hominem

  3. Was that Jim? What a weird rant!

  4. No, it’s some moron that goes by the name of Willy Jones.

    I blocked him on my facebook and have put him on the instant spam list here 😉

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