History of Tim Probst’s & Democrats Negative Attack Ads

by lewwaters

Democrat Tim Probst, hoping to unseat Republican Senator Don Benton in Washington State’s 17th Legislative District always puffs out his chest, boasting of how he adheres to the ‘Clean Campaign Pledge,’ but he only recently denounced any of the negative attacks ads sent out on his behalf and only after being goaded into it. The Clean Campaign Pledge he boasts of signing calls for signatories to denounce such negative campaigning.

This blog recently revealed that Democrats have set $85,000 towards negative attacks on behalf of Tim Probst and likely Monica Stonier too, another Democrat hoping to finally get a seat in the legislature. Stonier previously showed she is more than willing to attack than discuss issues, but she still lost, voters seeing through her smoke screen.

With such a large amount of money being dedicated this late in the campaign, you can expect to see more of what follows flooding mail boxes soon on behalf of both or either Probst or Stonier.

In his first bid for office, opponent Joseph James was attacked not over any issue, but his profession, owning a dog grooming business, labeling James a “Show Dog.”

In his 2010 bid, Probst’s supporters in the Democrat Party unleashed a series of negative attacks and misleading claims on behalf of Probst.

It’s more a case of Tim Probst will do anything to get elected, including placing misleading claims on his flyers to sway voter, as seen below.

For all of his boasting, has our economy improved? No!

And the claim that he was “Ranked #1 Legislator for fiscal accountability” by a conservative group, Evergreen Freedom Foundation? Very misleading, bordering on prevarication. He received a rating as one of twenty legislators ranked at the bottom of EEF’s Big Spender list in 2010. He was not Number One.

Tim Probst supports implementing Obamacare that is a huge increase on all of us once in effect.

Tim Probst even used funding from out of the district as a negative attack while not stating that he relies on a Seattle based Democrat hit squad, ARGO Strategies to attack on his behalf. And now we read a notice from his campaign of a fundraiser in Seattle!

And note his claim of passing job creation legislation. Does he ever state that funds go to workforce companies and he just happens to be the CEO of the Washington Workforce Association? Is it possible that some of that tax money found its way to his company?

And, just how is it that other Democrats who voted against Democrat budget and tax bills, like Jim Kastama, Tim Sheldon and Rodney Tom were castigated? Yet Tim Probst embraced by the party? We can easily see he was granted permission by party leaders to vote against the bills, leaders knowing they had more than enough votes to pass, allowing Probst to create a false aura of a fiscal conservative, all in a very crafted effort to displace Senator Don Benton, keeping the Senate and state in Democrats very incapable hands and swing the 17th District into a Democrat power hold.

You’re being played, it’s just that simple.

The negative claims and attacks have been ongoing from Democrats on Probst’s behalf. As we get closer to the November 6 election date, Democrats knowing their chances of stealing the 17th growing slimmer, you can expect to see more of these negative attacks on behalf of Probst and Monica Stonier. Neither has been willing to address actual issues, knowing they cannot prevail in the arena of ideas.

So they attack and smear.

Don’t fall for it and don’t let you neighbors fall for it. Democrats have held complete power in this state for over a decade and they must be held accountable for their policies that put us here, not rewarded for plunging the state deeper in debt and not working on behalf of constituents.

Don Benton has been a strong voice against higher taxes for 18 years. Julie Olson has 7 years experience balancing the needs of schools, teachers and the taxpayers.

Probst and Stonier only have negativity and attacks.

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