Is “Lynching” Tomatoes Racist?

by lewwaters

Democrats are once again all up in arms and throwing out their usual pre-election allegations, playing victim and crying how abused they are. Doing so keeps them from actually having to address issues, explain why party leaders in D.C. have not written and submitted a budget in over 3 years or locally, why taxpayers either remain ignored in the approval of Portland’s financially failing light rail being forced on us or why our votes are before a court to be invalidated when Democrats don’t like them.

So we see issues being created and legitimate forms of expressing displeasure with the current administration being exaggerated, embellished an naturally, declared racist in nature as if a cross was burning at a Ku Klux Klan rally.

Even Clark College entered the fray by holding a forum in their “Diversity Center,” ignoring that labeling a simple and legitimate personal protest as racist is as far from diverse as one can get.

I’m referring to the so-called chair “Lynching” recently revealed in Camas, Washington of course.

Given that the actual definition of “lynching” is, “To punish (a person) without legal process or authority, especially by hanging, for a perceived offense or as an act of bigotry,” I fail to see how a private citizen tying a chair, an inanimate object, to a tree on their property can be classified as “lynching” since there is no punishment or bypassing of authority involved.

It is what it is, a simple form of protest that Democrats now twist to relate it the lynching of people from our history, ignoring that much of the lynching’s were performed by Democrats post Civil War against both White and Black Republicans holding public office in the Deep South.

It’s an ugly part of our history, but it is history, not current. None of those people who allowed or participated back then are alive today.

From what I have heard of the recording I have of the forum, it was the typical sham we see as Democrats strive to silence any and all criticism of Barack Obama, not wanting to address is many failures.

The small group in attendance was mixed with the main gist being to condemn someone elses freedom of expression by crying how terrible is it to “lynch” a chair, signifying Obama.

Not everyone in attendance buys into the hysteria this “Diversity Center” is trying to trump up and at one point, as White student was expressing his view, a Black Professor proclaiming to be fearful now since the chair was “lynched” stood up and silenced someone with an opposing view.

Some “diversity” there.

Being labeled as one of the most tragic events to ever happen in our community, Vancouver City Council Member, Jack Burkman even joined in, representing the city of Vancouver, even though the incident occurred well outside the city and miles from Clark College.

Burkman was quoted in the Columbian, “My concern is honestly less about the individual, because they might not have known. My concern is the uproar around the community saying, ‘Hey, it’s just fine’,” adding the community should stand up and say: “Whether you knew it or not, let’s talk about what this means to a segment of our community. … Hanging something is a message to African Americans that you have stepped out of your place and we are sacrificing one of yours to teach you to stay back in place, and that’s what our history is.”

Pure fantasy.

When I asked Burkman why the City Council got involved in something not even in the city, he replied, “I attended because this is a community issue that reaches beyond Camas and this was a forum for our whole community, including Vancouver.”

Yet, not one person objecting so strongly to the legitimate form of displeasure had any words of condemnation for the acts of effigies hung of previous Presidents, or the series of racist cartoons against Condolezza Rice when the Bush Administration was in office, the Oreo Cookies thrown around Black Republican Michael Steele or the current racial slurs being hurled towards Black Actress, Stacey Dash for her expressing support of Mitt Romney over Barack Obama.

Anecdotal claims were made of past incidents supposedly placing a well paid and well connected, tenured Black Professor in fear, even one from over 30 years prior to the birth of this Professor.

In spite of all of efforts to create racial hysteria over this, the community is not rallying behind the race baiters. Maybe they should have paid for Rev. Jesse Jackson or Rev. Al Sharpton to join in, if they could afford them.

Predictable, we see another alleged incident making news again as both the newspaper and Portland’s KOIN TV 6 News reports, Police continue search for political vandals in Vancouver concerning allegations of tomatoes being thrown at a home and Democrat Party Offices showing Obama 2012 signs, allegedly “13 or 14times.”

I have yet to see a photo of any tomato ooze running down any windows, but we did see photos where large rocks were thrown through the front glass door and window of the local GOP Office, largely ignored now as alleged tomato throwing is being transformed into the new crime of racial discord.

I can easily believe it has happened, but 13 to 14 times and no one shared any photos of the “vandalism?” Do we even know that it isn’t Democrats once again creating an incident by throwing tomatoes themselves? No, we don’t.

But on the off chance someone locally is engaging in this, stop. There is a better way to get your message across and really get the Democrats.

Don’t throw and waste a good tomato, “lynch” it from one of your trees with a sign underneath, “take that, Democrats.” Maybe even stick and “Obama Must Go” OMG sign on it. Send a message of fear to Democrats by “lynching” your own tomatoes or just leave them on the vine with a sign.

Democrats hate & fear things in a tree apparently, so that will get your message across and give them something more to whine about, instead of campaigning for Democrats.

“Lynch” a tomato and drive Democrats bonkers.

But be prepared, Al Sharpton may show up outside your door with his bullhorn or Clark College may have to hold another “Diversity Forum” to sooth ruffled feathers.

We can see just how ridiculous they can get trying to make tomatoes racist.

One Comment to “Is “Lynching” Tomatoes Racist?”

  1. What I would like to see is residents registering their feelings by hanging plastic bags labeled “steer manure”and “The Columbian” from trees in honor of all of the BS that the local Media tries to feed us.


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