Democrats Lie About Obama Catching Romney In A Lie

by lewwaters

Received in email this evening shortly after the debate ended

The problem for Democrats is even Candy Crowley admitted she was wrong after the debate.

If the video of her words are not enough, the White House gives us the transcript showing Obama did not refer to the attack in Benghazi as an “act of terror.”

Remarks by the President on the Deaths of U.S. Embassy Staff in Libya

For a definitive timeline of just what was said when, visit the Washington Post Fact Checker.

Don’t expect the Democrats to take back their lie that Romney lied.

11 Comments to “Democrats Lie About Obama Catching Romney In A Lie”

  1. The truth is hard to swallow when presented to face off the lie. They will not get away with lying. People know they are being used and suppressed. They know it is time to change the pawn for the more powerful play piece in this chess set.

  2. I’m surethat Obozo’s “performance”in these kaubuki theatre “debates” hasn’t “won” him a single additional vote. The American people aren’t as stupid as the Democrats would like to think that they are.

  3. Jack, Obama doesn’t need to win any additional votes.

  4. You’ should keep your crying towel handy, Martin.I got my ballot yesterday.

  5. Lew, I don’t usually comment on polls this close to an election (they’re bullshit) but the one you’re linking to is particularly odious – it overestimated McCain by 9 points in the last election!

    Jack, you may want to save that ballot because it will be the last time you’ll ever hear of Romney.

  6. Martin, I just love how much liberals/Progressives/marxists/socialists or whatever they call themselves today throw out polls on a near daily basis to support their points. Then when they show the opposite, they don’t matter.

    Maybe Democrat Operative James Carville was right when he said “Eighty percent of the people who call themselves Democrats don’t have a clue as to political reality.”

  7. I can’t save the ballot, Martin, I marked Romney/Ryan and mailed it in.Can you say PRESIDENT ROMNEY??… I knew you could..

  8. Lew, James Carville might have estimated low.

  9. Martin, on Oct. 16, 2008 Gallup had Obama 49%, McCain 47% among likely voters. This year on Oct. 16 Gallup has Romney 51%, Obama 45% among likely voters.

  10. When I found my ballot in the mailbox, I felt a great sense of relief because I knew that at last I held the means to finally shut up the lying, hysterical Democrats in hand.I knew that I, like many other Americans had eagerly awaited for this moment for many months and endured each day filled with desperate Leftist bullshit from the lying mainstream media and at last I held the “solution” in my hand. with great joy I eagerly filled out my ballot and never voted for a single Democrat, and as I did so, I felt a warm, satisfied feeling of justice.Thank you for the chance to vote these disgusting bastards out of office, Lord.

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