Continued Lies, Deceit and Desperation in the 17th

by lewwaters

Tim Probst and Sen. Don Benton

The Democrats burning desire to steal Washington States’ 17th Legislative District away from the Republicans continues. The “Lies, Deceit and Desperation” previously noted not only continue unabated, but have grown.

As previously noted, Democrats have decided to throw just about everything except the kitchen sink into their effort to defeat 4 time State Senator Don Benton and have no conscience on how they do it, not that Democrats were ever known for having a conscience.

It is being reported that they have recently poured nearly $300,000 towards races in the 17th, primarily to defeat Benton and some to ensure union backed activist Monica Stonier defeats Ridgefield School Board President, Julie Olson, although we know Senator Benton is their primary target.

This blog indicated what can be expected in this mass effort to retain and grow Democrats control of our state. Flyers received last evening shows how misleading and deceptive they intend to be to ensure Tim Probst is installed to do their bidding the next 4 years.

Even though thoroughly debunked by the Washington State Wire back in August, they continue with misleading claim of “missed 524 votes” and “at a cost of over One Million Dollars.”

They have even produced and released a deceptive & misleading television ad well after the claim was shown misleading and largely false.

For that claim to be true, Eric Smith informs us, “if Benton actually had missed 524 days of work, everyone might agree with that. It would mean Benton hadn’t bothered showing up at his desk in the Senate since 2007,” a claim we all know to be completely untrue.

And the over a Million Dollars? Not hardly. In all the time Don Benton has been in the Senate, neither he nor his staff has amassed that much money in their salaries, as Democrats have been claiming.

Since Tim Probst is reluctant to actually address real issues affecting us in Southwest Washington, negative attacks ads, either by him or on his behalf is all they have to rely on. That and misleading claims of what he has done.

Of note is a “puff piece” released and sent to voters.

If you are unable to make out the claimed Probst quote under his chin, it reads,

“Every elected official needs to make getting people back to work their top priority. I’ve worked for low taxes, streamlined regulations and strong local businesses. People create the economy, not government. If we have the best skilled people with the strongest work ethic, our economy will thrive – Tim Probst”

The funny thing about those words is that they express Don Benton’s stands on the issues and what he has stood for ever since first being elected to office years ago.

But what about Probst’s claims of “what he has done?” Consider that he says he has “worked for low taxes, streamlined regulations and strong local businesses.”

Now, consider that the party he is a member of has been the majority party in the state legislature for over a decade now and do we see “lower taxes, streamlined regulations or stronger business” in our region?

No! We surely do not. We see our fourth straight year of double digit unemployment in Clark County and the 17th District, that’s what we see.

And remember, his party, Democrats have held the majority and called the shots during his entire four years in the House.

It has been his party, the Democrats who have shot down amendments to lower taxes and streamline regulations to build stronger businesses whenever Don Benton or other Republicans tried.

If Tim Probst actually fought against his party’s agenda of “tax & spend” as he claims, would they really be pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the campaign to defeat Benton on his behalf? No, they would leave Probst lying in a ditch alongside the road, metaphorically speaking.

As we saw when Senator Benton led the effort to invoke the “9th Order” over the budget earlier this year, Democrats give no quarter to members of their party who deviate from the agenda.

Don’t let yourselves be fooled by these misleading partisan attacks. A vote for Tim Probst is a vote for more of the same as we have seen under the Democrat majority for so long.

It’s a vote for more high taxes, continued double digit unemployment and more money flowing south of the Columbia River into Oregon to fund their follies currently bankrupting their state.

Don Benton has stood up for you and your families against a solid Democrat brick wall for 16 years.

Tim Probst has given you lip service and misleading claims.

It’s time to end the Democrat hierarchy in Washington State.

It’s time to show Tim Probst what it feels like to be standing in the unemployment line, since he has left his House seat for a higher government position.

It’s time to retain Senator Don Benton and elect Julie Olson, Republicans, 17th Legislative District

7 Comments to “Continued Lies, Deceit and Desperation in the 17th”

  1. Probst = Scum.

    And not one word from the rag on the quarter million the democrats promised… and then lied about… and then delivered for Probst’s campaign.

    Too busy doing puff pieces for Boldt, I guess.


  2. The Columbian and the Democrat party both prove James Carville’s estimation of Democrats true.

    He is quoted, “The Democratic constituency is just like a herd of cows. All you have to do is lay out enough silage and they come running. That’s why I became an operative working with Democrats. With Democrats all you have to do is make a lot of noise, lay out the hay, and be ready to use the ole cattle prod in case a few want to bolt the herd.”


  3. TIm Probst is a great guy who genuinely cares about the people he serves. We need more people like Tim in public service. I’m proud to support such an honorable, dedicated public servant.


  4. Yes we know, Mike. Great guy and all, he just can’t be bothered with being honest with voters.


  5. Probst didn’t show up today, as he hasn’t for so many of them, for the Christian Chamber forum so he doesn’t answer the hard questions asked by the people. Even my opponent had the sense to at least appear to care and came even if he did leave in a bit of a huff early claiming work as his excuse. It would be nice if Probst gave us that much time.


  6. It’d be hard to argue that Benton hasn’t been an effective representative of our local communities over the years but the tenor of these posts is as ridiculous as Benton’s threat of suing Probst… There’s no denying or misconstruing the number of votes Benton has missed or the controversy he’s been a part of in this own party. I voted for Probst because I think he’ll do a good job and is a guy with a pretty decent reputation around here.
    Stuff like this article turns me off – seems like you’re living in a bit of a disconnected echo chamber. Complain about partisan issues all you want but there are lots of valid reasons explaining why Probst and Stonier are as competitive as they are this year.


  7. Good for you, I love hearing liberals admitting they shot themselves in the foot.

    Perhaps you should check out those missed votes and the reason missed were out getting needed things done, but that doesn’t matter, just be sure to be there to debate and vote on a state rock.

    And don’t forget it was Probst defending the practice in the house of having someone else vote for you, leaving an unknown on how many votes he may have missed.

    Ya’ll bought an awful lot of snake oil this time around and kept the status quo in place, even increasing it. It’s going to be laughable when yo ur3ealize nothing is going to change as the march towards oblivion continues.

    Don’t come crying to us, ya’ll did it to yourselves.


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