Columbian Admits Commissioner Marc Boldt Really Is A Democrat

by lewwaters

After months of demeaning the GOP and insisting County Commissioner Marc Boldt is the real Republican that all Republicans should be like, they have finally admitted what we all knew all along, Marc Boldt is a Democrat pretending to be a Republican to win votes.

Marc Boldt was swept into office by large Republican majorities and was enticed to sell out those voters who supported him, siding with Liberal Democrat Steve Stuart and Columbia River Crossing proponents.

He has lied on his flyers about holding taxes down, voting at least 5 times in the last 6 years to raise your taxes by the maximum allowable amount.

He has lied on fighting for your right to vote on light rail as he voted for the gerrymandered sub-district that removed over half of Clark County voters from voicing heir opinion, even though they would have to pay the tax increases to support the boondoggle.

If, as was indicated in the 2008 election, you want the County Commission to move towards the right, it is imperative to vote out Marc Boldt and retain Tom Mielke.

UPDATE: After being up for nearly two days, the Columbian is trying to now revert Boldt back to a Republican.

Stevie Mathieu
Hi everyone, apparently this event notice was corrected for the print version, but the error still went up on the website. I’ve edited it to correct the error.
Reply · Like · Follow Post · 18 minutes ago

As hard as they have been trying all along to make Boldt out to be the greatest Republican in history locally, I find it unfathomable they could so easily make such a mistake as accidentally misidentifying his affiliation.

Do not let yourselves be fooled. Boldt stopped being a Republican long ago.

6 Comments to “Columbian Admits Commissioner Marc Boldt Really Is A Democrat”

  1. That’s weird – they haven’t changed it as of 10/22 10:41 am. I guess Marc doesn’t care if he’s identified as a Dem.

  2. That’s because he is a Dem, Craig. Switched some time ago but didn’t want it known.

  3. Well he managed to get on the ballot as a Republican. Isn’t that illegal? If not illegal, it’s certainly dishonest.

  4. I don’t know that it is illegal, since we have the top two and candidates don’t claim party affiliation, just prefers, but it is definitely misleading.

  5. This obviously shows the mindset of the paper as they view Marc Boldt.

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