$8 Tolls On the Interstate Bridge

by lewwaters

It was surprising to see so many comments deny that tolls to cross the I-5 Bridge have been estimated to be as high as $8 under the Columbian article Toll signs attract state’s attention, ire. Surprising because that is exactly what we were told back in 2009 by one of today’s biggest CRC supporters.

I make no comment concerning the use of signs the articles addresses, nor does this blog approve of their use since in 2010, the use of very similar campaign signs was condemned by this blog. The responsible party has claimed ownership of them as he should.

7 Comments to “$8 Tolls On the Interstate Bridge”

  1. In todays’ $ the Toll rate on the 520 floating bridge in Seattle is
    $5.13 each way during peak hours, or $10.26 roundtrip.
    Peak hour pass rate is $7.68 roundtrip today with the transaction fee, for a car. Pay by plate option

    Trucks are by the axle.
    4-Axle Truck $21 roundtrip pay by mail, $14.36 pass rate plus .50 transaction fee if pay by plate.

    Click to access 2012_7_1_520multiaxlerateschedule.pdf

    Some local officials say they don’t support tolling the I-205. But the law allows for tolling the I-205 bridge, SR 14, or interchanges and the governors of both states have not ruled it out.

    “Light rail and tolling, Kitzhaber said, “creates incentives for people to get out of cars,” and while light rail partially encourages that, tolling is a necessary financial incentive to “create a pressure to inspire” people to use that public transit.”
    “The governors said they favor higher tolls during peak use hours. After the meeting, the governors also said they haven’t ruled out the idea of tolling Interstate 205, to keep down congestion from those going out of their way to dodge tolls on I-5.”
    Full story http://www.columbian.com/news/2011/apr/25/governors-build-truss-bridge-replace-i-5-span/

  2. Ray La hood the federal dept of transportation director informed me directly that tolling the I-205 requires federal approval since it is a federal highway bridge. He said that would not be happening.

  3. Yeah, well just so you know, we’ll do whatever we deem in the best interest of the region. Your objections are meaningless. You will be assimilated.

  4. A verbal “that would not be happening” cannot be relied upon, as the governors understand. Yes, it would require federal approval, and that is a distinct possibility given the way Senator Murray and others have pushed this project every step of the way.

  5. Lew, since this is a campaign speech by Mayor Leavitt when he was opposed to tolls, this should be noted in the article.
    Along with his flip-flop that shortly after he was elected, he change to pro-tolls. In 2011, he voted for the CRC Final environmental impact statement that includes tolls on the proposed CRC light rail bridge, as a member of the CTRAN board.

  6. Margaret, the clip is compiled already in a much longer video I put together well over a year ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF9eR_Yn-3g

    I am going to redo it and add some clips where he flip flopped before he runs for reelection next year.

  7. Very disappointing to see that someone took what I dug out and put together in this video and reposted it to their YouTube and facebook after removing all credit to this blog.

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