UPDATED: Qutub Harasser Pleads Guilty to Misdemeanor Harassment

by lewwaters

Word has reached Clark County Conservative that Gary Owen, who was arrested in August on suspicion of two counts of malicious harassment, a Class C felony, has plea bargained his offense down to misdemeanor harassment.

Owen was arrested and taken into custody after the Clark County Sherriff’s Office traced two vile, threatening emails sent to GOP State Senate candidate, Eileen Qutub to him.

He had initially pleaded not guilty.

An email received from Mrs. Qutub’s campaign said in part,

“Gary Owen has been charged for the death threats against Eileen Qutub. He was arrested on two Class C felonies of Malicious Harassment. He first pleaded not guilty and has now pleaded guilty to a single count of misdemeanor harassment. Eileen Qutub will be given an opportunity to speak as the victim and she intends to do so.”

“Clark County has had a series of attacks on free speech this election cycle. The Republican headquarters had a rock thrown through its glass door, Lisa Schmidt was harassed and continues to be harassed by her neighborhood association and her neighbors for having a religious freedom sign in her yard, and Eileen Qutub has had death threats for mailing a simple campaign brochure. She was threatened because she is a woman and a Republican. This is a serious attack on our freedom of speech in this country and the harassment against religious and Republican speech must stop. I hope you will deal with this issue with as much diligence as the seriousness of the crimes deserve.”

An article appearing in the Columbian this afternoon tells us that Owen was “sentenced to serve 30 days on a jail work crew” as well as “be on community supervision for two years,” given credit for the five days he spent in jail already.

Man pleads guilty to sending threatening emails to Senate candidate

A comment left on this blog by reader Winde Bekins Coleman left on the original post and copied into comments below provides an eye witness account of the proceedings today.

Apparently, today might have been the first time Clark County Superior Court Judge Dan Stahnke actually read the threatening emails (also included below in comments).

Owen offered a weak defense of he was “passionate” about politics that Judge Stahnke quickly deflated.

Eileen Qutub spoke before the court in a calm composed manner informing the Judge, “I went with great trepidation knocking on doors. Every door that opened could be him,” speaking of her ‘doorbelling’ campaign efforts.

Owen said the emails were “a moment of anger” that Judge Stahnke said was an “overreaction” to campaign mail we all receive during campaigns.

Owen, who is openly gay, received words of support from only one commenter at the Columbian article. A Drew Rosa wrote in part,

“The quote [from his emails] was taken out of context… he goes on to say that she stands in the rights of the woman’s right to choose. His the flyer he received was in context to gay marriage, and since he is gay this affected him. Granted the way he responded was out of hand, but its only because of years of oppression that his anger for the issue is what it is.”

Cyiara Mullins, a supporter of LGBT people appropriately replied,

“this guy [Owen] is nutty as squirrel poop. Context or not, he should keep his mouth shut and not speak for any community at all.”

There is no excuse for what Gary Owen did. No candidate, Democrat or Republican, male or female should be made to feel threatened because they are running for office and their view is opposed, even strongly by someone else.

His conduct is inexcusable when, like the rest of us who receive campaign flyers we disagree with, simply tear them and put them in recycling.

It is most troubling to see an effort as this, even if only by one jerk “nuttier than squirrel poop” trying to silence someone, especially a candidate for public office.

We have seen growing efforts nationwide to silence conservatives and only allow one point of view to be heard on College Campuses and public speaking events as leftwing student rush stages, throw pies at a speaker, as was done to Ann Coutler a couple years ago or any way interfere with a speaker speaking.

We are nation of opposing views, that has been one of our greater strengths and efforts to allow only one point of view reduces us to the very communist third world countries many escape to find their way to America, seeking freedoms they never had before.

I don’t know if Owen or others in our community learned any lessons off of this, but I certainly hope so. He’s very fortunate to have received the plea bargain down to a misdemeanor as a conviction on the felony’s he was originally charged with would have cost him his right to vote.

Politics has long been called a “blood sport,” but that does not mean it is to be taken literally.

To Greg Owen I can only say, you’re 50 years old, long past time to grow up.

13 Comments to “UPDATED: Qutub Harasser Pleads Guilty to Misdemeanor Harassment”

  1. Nice job, Lew.  Are you going to interview Eileen afterwards?  I’m not sure who will want to do so or what time the proceedings will be completed for Gary Owen but Eileen will be available afterwards.  She will be in Superior Court, Judge Stanke’s chamber.


  2. I hope either yourself or Couv.com will interview her Lew. I think we all understand that The Columbian will try to keep this as quiet as possible.


  3. Dem & Craig, I won’t be able to make it downtown today, it hasn’t been a good day for me. In fact, it’s been one of the worst I have had for some time. I even was seriously considering deleting the blog and going into hibernation.

    Maybe I can speak with her by phone later.


  4. Sorry to hear it Lew. You are providing a valuable resource to the community and you have a real talent for gathering important information (that otherwise I would certainly be ignorant of) and writing it up. Don’t let them get you down.


  5. Greg Owen (The moron) is giddy at the thought of our blogs going down… or so he’s commented to me.


  6. Comment from Winde Bekins Coleman Submitted on 2012/10/25 at 7:13 pm


    The Columbian’s report on today’s “guilty plea” of Gary Owen, was an average report at best.
    I was there.

    Eileen was composed and awe-inspiring, while (for the first time) standing less than 2 feet away from the man who threatened her life (when requested to come forward to Judge Stahnke’s bench to give her victim impact statement).
    She was prepared with both mailings that Mr. Owen received within the three week span in July and August of this year… and IN MY ABSOLUTE DISBELIEF – this was the first time His Honor had viewed and read the multiple vulgar, implicitly sexual, unquestionably repugnant, death threats made toward Eileen.

    Judge Stahnke expressed disgust after reading over the two emails that Mr. Owen sent.

    “You said you are pretty passionate about politics?” Judge Stahnke asked. “This is passionate politics?” (referring to the vile emails Mr. Owen sent).
    “It was out of line,” Mr. Owen replied. “It was a moment of anger.”
    “IT IS SO FAR OUT OF LINE.” Judge Stahnke replied.
    His Honor also pointed out that the two emails were sent over two weeks apart, indicating it appeared to Him that it was more than just a “moment of anger”. His Honor also indicated his concern that Mr. Owen had a deeper anger problem and reproached Mr. Owen to be careful when expressing his political views in the future.

    I must interject here that Mr. Owen’s emails to Eileen were more than politically charged:
    Email #1:
    From: G Owen [luckybulldog13@yahoo.com]
    Date: Sat, Jul 21, 2012 at 12:54 AM
    Subject: Message from Constituent
    To: eileenqutub@.com

    “I do not know how you got my name and address but I would rather put a bullet in your stupid pathetic republican c**t brain than vote for you. Being a republican and a woman you have no right ever speaking or having an opinion about anything. Please go kill your pathetic c**t a**!
    If you ever send me one more piece of mail I will personally return it by shoving it up your c**t with a hot poker!
    You republicans do not care one f***ing bit about people or the rights of others other than christians, and do not lie to me and try and tell me you do.”

    Email #2:
    From: G Owen
    Date: Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 2:46 PM
    Subject: Message from Constituent
    To: “eileenqutub@.com


    F**K OF C**T!


    1114 E 37TH ST

    As I have stated previously, our culture must shift the spotlight of shame from the victim to the perpetrator.

    Mr. Owen pled guilty to harassment, a gross misdemeanor, and received (as you surmised Lew), a slap on the hand, 30 or so days on a jail work crew, two years probation, and was court ordered to not contact Eileen for two years.



  7. As for Greg Owens (The moron), I’m glad he is giddy because it will irritate him even more when our blogs do not close down 😉

    Just because I get upset and consider it doesn’t mean I will.

    Mostly, I just become more selective on who I support and trust.


  8. When it becomes apparent Obama is winning, please do not block comments. This appears to be the practice of many conservative blogs.


  9. Legible and reasonable comments do not get blocked.

    Bullshit boasting does

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.


  10. Glad to see this fellow’s actions be exposed and punished. For all the media crusade against ‘bullying’, it is interesting that this did not get more press.


  11. Maybe after Obozo loses the election Owens’ head will explode and the moron will evaporate into a cloud of flatulence.


  12. Jack,
    Thank you for the visual! A good morning giggle 🙂


  13. I am sad to hear that you were even considering closing your blog, Lew. Because of you, you helped bring the light to so many things of Clark County. I hope every thing is ok…


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