Politichicks Exposes Liberal Racism Against Black Conservatives

by lewwaters

For all of the “tolerance” and “Equal Rights” we continue to hear from Liberals, once again we see that to a Liberal, Blacks in America are expected to remain locked down on their plantation, denied their right to freely think or believe as they see fit.

H/T Politichicks TV

Kira Davis exposes the dark underbelly of the left in that out of a group of conservatives who appeared at the MSNBC studio during the DNC Convention, she, the ONLY Black person in group of conservatives, is ousted and “banned for life” because she dared exercise free thought and will, expressing her preference for our next president.

This is a pattern well known among Black Conservatives who are frequently silenced by the leftists within the lamestream media.

Actress Stacey Dash, politician Mia Love, hoping to become the first Black woman elected to Congress, Alfonzo Rachel, and a whole host of others who dare express their conservative thoughts publicly come under attack from White Liberals for daring to show they have stepped off of the plantation an speak publicly about their deeply held values.

This is no fabricated “chair lynching,” it is outright racist attacks to silence someone due to their view not being in line with the narrative of the left.

I hate to tell Liberals, but Black people do have minds of their and the right to speak their views as well as express their support or opposition to Obama, who after all is only half-Black.

It’s well past time that Liberals, Democrats stopped using Black people as their crutch, stopped dancing on their backs while trying to keep them locked down in ghettos denying them their full potential to succeed and embrace the words expressed by Dr. Martin Luther King so long ago of all having the freedom to think for themselves and speak freely of their choices.

See also the National Black Republican Association for even more information

One Comment to “Politichicks Exposes Liberal Racism Against Black Conservatives”

  1. The liberals/left believe in “freedom of speech” only so long as the speech agrees with their viewpoint.


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