Stephanie Rice, Allow Me To Introduce You To Google

by lewwaters

Just about everybody is at least somewhat familiar with the internet today and the availability of ‘search engines,’ Google being amongst the most popular. Regardless of what is used, the internet provides us with a resource of information unlike ever before in our history.

That is why I am very surprised to see the Columbian, primarily Stephanie Rice being so unfamiliar with the prospects of searching for information before just blindly posting a candidates claim of “false” claims from his opponent.

We see the post on the Columbians All politics is local of Tanner calls out Mielke for false statements where yet again, Rice is quick to assail County Commissioner Tom Mielke and latch onto challenger Joe Tanner’s claims of statements made in a political ad by Mielke are “false.”

Had Rice bothered to check Google she would have seen they are not false at all and at worst, may have a wrong word.

Tanner’s claims,

1) The statement that I oppose manufacturing jobs is just plain ludicrous.

2) At several forums that we have both attended, I stated that I support Bus Rapid Transit (rather than light rail) to satisfy the Federal requirement for high capacity transit and I have repeatedly stated my opposition to Prop. 1, and stated that I will vote against that measure.

3) I have never once stated support for tolls.

4) I have never been President & CEO of a company that filed bankruptcy.

5) I have not been endorsed by the National Sierra Club.

As I said, Google or any search engine on the internet is a remarkable tool as I quickly was able to see Mielke’s claims are not quite as “false” as Tanner claims.

1. Tanner says the claim of him opposing manufacturing jobs is “ludicrous.” But, he said the following at the 2012 Clark County Democrat Convention

As I have said before, a “smokestack economy” is one that means manufacturing jobs, good paying manufacturing jobs too. The Investors Word definition is: “A basic manufacturing industry, such as cars, steel, rubber, paper, and chemicals.” Tanner says he doesn’t oppose it, but in his own words captured by CVTV, does he not demean such a thing as the “smokestack economy?”

Queried about that comment at the convention in a recent “online chat” hosted by the Columbian Tanner replied,

“A smokestack economy means highly concentrated industry. Our objective at the CREDC was a diversified economy. We strongly supported all of the existing industries including aluminum and forest products, however the future of Clark County can only be built with a diversified economy.”

Yet, the aluminum and forest industry is all but non-existent today in Clark County as Tanner expresses responsibility for “what the county is today” due to his legislative work back in the 1980’s. In case he misses it, the county is in its 4th straight year of double digit unemployment.

2) Tanner says he does not support Proposition 1 currently on the ballot, but does support Bus Rapid Transit over light rail from Portland, Oregon. Did he not read in the 2012 voter’s pamphlet concerning Proposition 1 that approval will

“authorize a proposition to increase the sales and use tax by 0.1 percent, or one penny on a ten dollar purchase, to fund the C-TRAN share of the maintenance and operations costs only of the Columbia River Crossing Project light rail extension between Expo Center and Clark Park & Ride and the local capital share and operations and maintenance costs of the Fourth Plain Boulevard Bus Rapid Transit project.”

He may vote against it, but it also goes to funding operations and maintenance of what he also says he does support, Bus Rapid Transit. And if anyone wants to split hairs and say he would back BRT across the river instead of down Fourth Plain, Portland has no BRT extending towards Vancouver, we would be who would have it on Fourth Plain leading up near the new bridge. Funding will have to come from somewhere.

3) Tanner may have not once said he is for tolls, but I have never heard him say he is against tolls either. At a June 28, 2012 League of Women Voters forum held at the library, Mr. Tanner did speak of his opposition to replacing the bridge and tolls, twice mentioning the I-205 Bridge, not the I-5 Bridge.

Perhaps he just confused the two separate bridges?

4) While it may be specifically true that “he has never been President & CEO of a business that declared bankruptcy,” he has made loud mention of the fact that from 1992 to 2000, he was a “top executive” with Drypers Corporation. During the latter part of that time, Drypers did experience severe financial troubles, seeing “the company suffering losses of $15.5 million in 1995.”

In 2000, the company filed for bankruptcy and in early 2001 was sold off to Hong Kong-based DSG International Ltd.

5) Joe Tanners name is prominently displayed on the Washington Chapter of the Sierra Clubs’ endorsement page. The National Sierra Club refers to local chapters for state endorsements.

Joe Tanner even says, after denying he is endorsed by the ‘National’ Sierra Club,

“I was endorsed by the local Loo Witt Chapter of the Sierra Club (and I am very proud of that), but I am not endorsed by the National Sierra Club (Mielke’s words, not mine).”

Splitting hairs does not impress me as “keeping the record straight” as said Vancouver City Council member Larry Smith in comments. Bottom line, he is endorsed by the Sierra Club and is proud if it (his words, not mine).

Also troublesome to me is Joe Tanner’s contradictions between a Columbian interview and earlier speech before the Democrat Party.

Had Stephanie Rice displayed the least bit of curiosity, she could have used Google or any of the multitudes of internet search engines to find the above.

I am about as computer illiterate as anyone over 60 years old can be and yet I found the information easily.

The Columbian editor Lou Brancaccio maintains they are non-biased in reporting and supports every one of their reporters as presenting non-biased views. So Stephanie’s failure to uncover these simple facts stored on the internet must be because she is unaware of Google.

So, Stephanie Rice, allow me to introduce you to Google

Look around. Enter some words and search around the internet.

You may be surprised at what you discover.

6 Comments to “Stephanie Rice, Allow Me To Introduce You To Google”

  1. Words fail me at the level of disappointment I have for Joe in all of this.

    I want candidates to win because they believe they can do the best job for the people.

    Candidates like Marc Boldt, reduced to lying about their records or their plans aren’t interested in what’s best for US; they are, instead, interested in what’s best for THEM. Sadly, it appears that Tanner has discovered he cannot run on his true positions and that he is forced to misstate, misrepresent or downright lie to achieve political victory.

    Earlier, when Lew and I had disagreements with Tanner over his efforts to portray himself as a Vietnam veteran with service equal in scope to combat veteran Tom Mielke, I was sure that we had arrived at a definition of “truth” that would apply in the future as well.

    In this case, the Democratian and Rice’s hatred again show they are typically guilty of ignoring the facts and allowing candidates they support to lie, as well as publicizing those lies while holding candidates wise enough to oppose their agenda to a totally different standard.

    I am loyal to Tom Mielke as a commissioner because he has earned it on the positions most important to me. On the issues I have, he sides with me; absolutely and unequivocally opposed to the waste of billions on a bridge being built entirely for light rail, and tolls that will last beyond the remainder of my life… as well as opposing most of Marc Boldt’s tax and fee increases and his efforts to both take our weapons \away and to continue to oppose the gerrymandered CTran tax district that Boldt voted for and supports… and Joe does not oppose those things with nearly the enthusiasm of Mielke.

    In fact, when it comes to tolls, all Joe can, apparently, say, is this:

    “I have never once stated support for tolls.”

    Nor has he ever once apparently stated opposition to tolls… which he certainly could have chosen to do in this article had that been his position.

    His failure to join with Mielke in absolute opposition to tolls means that, in fact, he DOES support tolls.

    Parcing words is the act of a political snake. And I won’t have it in silence.

    That Tanner would reply this way strengthens my support of Mielke.

    That Rice would print this garbage just serves to cement her reputation as a political ________, willing to roll over on the people she is SUPPOSED to serve.

    She is just a despicable as the rag she, unfortunately, works for. And we are far worse off for her efforts.


  2. I am only stating this as a matter of record only. Miss Rice is no longer the person who covers the Clark County government for the paper.. But since she has a background from there and has decided to post a blog about the election between these two, she is ripe for comment.

    I believe Erik Hidle now is in charge of that beat. And she covers the City of Vancouver formerly done by Andrea Damewood (now with Willamette Week.) So I am curious to know why she posted that blog post?


  3. Because she’s in the tank for anyone not a Republican. Simple criteria.

    Boldt, Tanner, Stuart, Leave-it… she’s their personal press secretary.


  4. I’d like to take this a different direction for a moment. While attending the hundreds of civic meetings these last few years that I went to I had many opportunties to see Tom in action. He ALWAYS slows down when it comes to injecting the county into the middle of issues that erode away at personal property rights. I really appreciate his willingness to sit down and listen and learn the sometimes tough language that surrounds the issues when the legislature writes all those RCW’s and the dept of ecology sends down all those insane mandates. He always, no matter how they pick on him or try to make him sound, always will speak up for the people. For that he has my respect and got my vote!


  5. I am constantly amazed to see that Tom’s lone vote is held responsible for the situation the county remains in and not the majority votes of Stuart – Boldt who easily run roughshod over Tom many times.

    And I think that is why I have problems with Joe. I like him and respect what he has done, but what does he offer different than Tom other than more siding with Stuart – Boldt?

    The claims just don’t add up.


  6. He doesn’t seem to be answering. And you can bet he’s reading this.


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