We Were Warned

by lewwaters

Remember this ad from 2008?

The 3 AM call did come and neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton picked up the phone.

As a result, 4 Americans, including our Ambassador to Libya were brutally murdered.

As we now know, we had a drone overhead and knew it was a well coordinated terrorist strike within minutes.

We also know we had reinforcements nearby who were told to ‘stand down’ when they requested to defend our Consulate in Benghazi, while the attack raged on for Six Hours!

Yes, who should we trust when the phone rings at 3 AM?

Certainly not those who already ignored it and watched while our countrymen were brutalized and murdered.

5 Comments to “We Were Warned”

  1. Good job digging this one up!


  2. I have to compliment the media on their heroic efforts on behalf of the Obama-Biden team. They’ve done a great job of sweeping this under the rug!

    I heard a comment the other day that I thought to be kind of ‘out there’, but after reading the report on the denial of reinforcements during the attack, I’m beginning to wonder. The comment was “Ambassador Stevens had some information on Obama which would have led to his impeachment so Stevens had to be eliminated”.


  3. It’s even worse. POTUS started watching it unfold in the Situation Room and then went to bed. Pleasant dreams, Mr President. He learned of the fate of those who were fighting for their lives all night the next morning. From the looks of Hillary at the Rose Garden she had been up all night. POTUS looked fresh and chipper.


  4. We wouldn’t something as trivial as an Consulate being attacked and Americans fighting for their lives and being brutalized and slaughtered to interfere with his resting up for a campaign fundraiser, Robert.

    He has his priorities, you know 😦


  5. The Sonsabitches had the answering machine turned off.


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