Denny Heck, That’s a Load of ‘Cavallo Sterco’

by lewwaters

Yeah right, Denny. When was the last time any Democrat actually tried to reach middle ground?

Remember Jim Kastama, Rodney Tom & Tim Sheldon in Washington State this year siding with Republicans for a true bipartisan budget attempt?

Nice story line, but I think we all know it is just a load of ‘Cavallo sterco.’

The ONLY time Democrats are interested in minority input is when they are in the minority.

If I lived in the newly formed 10th district, I’d vote Dick Muri and keep Congress moving forward, not back to liberal Democrat control.

The Heck with Denny.

3 Comments to “Denny Heck, That’s a Load of ‘Cavallo Sterco’”

  1. 🙂 Well, Lew. You have to give him credit on one thing, no one is like Denny. 🙂 And I did enjoy his add, though I know many people might not…


  2. The only thing he leaves out, Jeremy, that half of a sandwich he is offering?

    He no doubt took it from someone else to offer.


  3. People just need to review info from the last time he ran.


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