Don Benton, Waste Deep In Ridiculous Attacks

by lewwaters

Yes Don, we’re with you. We know of the negative hype Tim Probst is well known for and reject it.

3 Comments to “Don Benton, Waste Deep In Ridiculous Attacks”

  1. One of the best political commercials EVER!


  2. Yes we are well aware of the skunk Probst is and how he decieves our Clark County Citizens!!! Probst supports everything most of our Citizens are opposed to, and Senator Don Benton stands rock solid with we the people!!!
    Senator Benton has all our support!!!


    Chuck Miller


  3. Senators Don Benton and Joe Zarelli worked to pass a bi-partisan budget in double overtime. Without their efforts, the legislature might still be in session, (except that it is an election year). That’s the kind of leadership that completes the people’s business, and kept us out of triple overtime. Thank you Senator Benton.


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