More Liberal ‘Civility’ With A Healthy Dose of Heterophobia

by lewwaters

A sickening new ad bashing Republicans.

WARNING!! Very graphic video

This sort of over the top misrepresentation must be stood up to. While liberals are well known for crying they want civility, this is what they offer in return.

This is not what we need in today’s America and represents everything that is wrong in America.
The only way to counter this sick attack is to vote for Mitt Romney and oust these sick in the head liberals from public office.

This is not what America is about.

Nor is Valerie Jarret – “After We Win This Election, It’s Our Turn. Payback Time.”

15 Comments to “More Liberal ‘Civility’ With A Healthy Dose of Heterophobia”

  1. This is all too typical of liberal attacks. Liberals do not have any intellectual arguments, so they simply make attacks against those who oppose them. This is essentially a problem with their distorted and unrealistic world view.

    Oddly, they wish to violate the second amendment and take guns away from the public — It would appear that they can’t trust themselves to not be violent if they don’t get their way. A video like this makes me glad that there are over 4 million armed members of the NRA (few of whom would agree with this message).

    Of course, this is a very childish imitation of a horror movie — but it reflects the deep seated violence that lives in the liberal heart when they don’t get their way.

    The real horror story would be another 4 years of Obama.

  2. You guys talk like old people. Do you even know what the topically context is around this video?

    “Walking Dead”? Zombies? Joss Whedon Romney endorsement? – Dudes?!

  3. And yet, Martin, the left melts down over a chair tied up in a tree?

    But has no problem with this?

    Whedon’s faux ad is as ridiculous.

  4. Lew, that’s the whole idea. Republicans, and Conservatives especially, deserve their bad reputations for being clueless.

    The most devastating pop-culture Romeny attack out there is this:

    Have you even seen it? Do you know the context?

  5. Martin, this is a whole new side of you I hadn’t seen before.

    You really think we deserve this shit?

    Is this the tone you want from now on? Because if it is, I’ll be happy to be just as racist, homophobic, mean-spritied and greedy as you think I am and throw this crap right back at you every chance I get.

    I’ll be happy to get down in the mud and shit piles and throw all of the crap you people give right back at you.

  6. Lew! Guy! This is like that “chicken sandwiches for Jesus” bit you agreed was so counter-productive to Conservatives. The college/Letterman/Maher/Stewart/pop-culture folks are taking you for a ride. You fall right into their trap when you respond like foggies. You should just laugh it off, and agree they’re better at it than Republicans.

  7. Sorry Martin, but your condoning this and marginalizing it reveals your truer self.

    But if it is a shooting war you motherfuckers want, I’m locked and loaded and ready.

    Laugh that off.

  8. Yikers!

  9. Wow guys. My Mother just said that their mini horror show would attract the young people between the language and the violence. She is right and that is a long ways from funny if you consider the fact that the political arena has gotten ugly and seemingly violent beyond belief. I think we really need to tone down not amp up the violence message across the board.

  10. Carolyn, I’ve been calling for toning it down for many years now and all I see is an increase in the vitriol on the left.

    I also believe in fighting fire with fire when need be.

    This hateful tone began back when Bush legitimately won the 2000 election and has not let up. It just increases.

    And I am sick and tired of liberals bellyaching over a chair, using whatever they can fabricate to silence us while they increase their calls for violence against us.

  11. Lew no need to bring the bomb to a “trivial Pursuit” tournament, Lew. Your perspective needs modification. Check out the movie “They Live” with Rowdy Roddy Piper. Famous for the line, “I’ve come to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of bubble gum.”

    Not as gorey as Shaun of the dead, but every bit as whacky and oddly out of place. Then relax and appreciate the irony, knowing they are still cultural wannabe’s and copy cats, with barely a good idea among them and even then question its originality.

  12. Considered by many as one of the greatest scenes in the history of film,

  13. Personally, I’d like to see the Leftist pukes get violent after the Bozo in the White House gets his walking papers here in a few days. That would give us a chance to clean out the gene pool a little. The only real “cure ” for Liberalism is a bullet to the brain. We need a Revolution where the Lefties are lined up against a wall and disposed of like the inhuman trash that they are.

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