If You Needed Another Reason to Vote Out Democrats

by lewwaters

For all of the bluster we hear from the likes of Democrat 49th Legislative District Representative Jim Moeller, Sharon Wylie and candidate for the Senate Annette Cleveland, the Seattle P.I. ran an article comparing the richest and poorest cities in the state.

Vancouver’s 49th district, fully under Democrat majority ranks 46 out of 60 with a median family income of $55,674, about $7,000 BELOW the national median family income of $62,735.

Washington’s richest — and poorest — cities

2 Comments to “If You Needed Another Reason to Vote Out Democrats”

  1. Just about all democrat-run cities and states have those policies to thank for turning places like Detroit into larger, 3rd world reservations. Vancouver is filled with people on the receiving end of Obamian income redistribution and would do nothing to possibly upset that, just like the 3 empty suits from Vancouver and most of their city council would do nothing to interrupt the flow.or act responsibly with our money when they’ve got the votes of the poor and the ignorant who they most definitely want to keep both poor and ignorant.

    This is what the media, the Chamber of Horrors, CRUDEC, and Identity Vancouver and the rest of the downtown Mafia want…

    …this is what they’ve got. And whoever running against Leave-it ought to beat him to a pulp with it.


  2. it’s great to seee thar hew East Coasters are getting such a case of the ass with Democrats . Maybe they’ll learn something. and won’t be so prone to bitch about George W. Bush after the way that FEMA and Obozo have screwed up the storm relief efforts.It’s almost funny to watch.


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