Romney: “Real Change From Day One”

by lewwaters

Obama promised “hope & change.” What we got was hoping to have a little change left. Things may have been pretty bad when he took office, but his every move has made everything much worse.

Mitt Romney, admittedly not my original first choice to replace Obama offers real change from day one.

5 Comments to “Romney: “Real Change From Day One””

  1. Even if the ONLY thing he does is get rid of gratuitous anti-business rhetoric that scares the crap out of small business, and motivates them not to invest, it will be a huge improvement.


  2. I am afraid that change is why Romney is in trouble. Changing the facts.


  3. You’re just afraid your free ride might soon end, Schuyler.

    And if it is facts that bother you, you sure as hell can’t be supporting Obama


  4. You’re pretty good at making things up too.


  5. Schuyler, just because you cannot grasp reality does not mean it is made up.


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