Sharon Wylie, Do You Support a Vote On The CRC?

by lewwaters

From Ms. Wylie’s nomination questions,

Debbie Peterson can easily answer, YES.

Ms. Wylie waffles around, says she generally supports such votes, but it would depend on how it is structured?

Why is it so hard for Sharon Wylie to say whether or not she supports a vote of the people on the most expensive project ever to hit Southwest Washington?

I have my idea why, you can formulate your own.

5 Comments to “Sharon Wylie, Do You Support a Vote On The CRC?”

  1. “I don’t want you to have the ability to form an opinion about what I say… that’s the bottom line.”

  2. Sharon Wylie is a former lobbyist for Clark County and CTRAN. That job description included dealing with matters of a confidential nature, which is the antithesis of open government. The public agency lobbyists are paid with taxpayer dollars to lobby in secret for priorities such as bigger government, which requires higher taxes. Government agency lobbying too often is an end run around the people, the opposite of subjecting a plan to the people for approval. When plans are too costly, or a project like the CRC has been grossly mismanaged, the chances of the approval of the people is slim, which Wylie appears to recognize. How many laws related to high capacity light rail transit or the CRC project did Wylie lobby for? With current government lobbying practice, do citizens have access to complete records of lobbying activity of a confidential nature? for more information about the years Wylie worked as a public agency lobbyist, see the article

  3. None of the leftist slime over there: Boldt, Stuart, Leave-it, Moeller, Wylie, Cleveland, Herrera…. NONE of them support a vote.

    In fact, if they could have found a way, they would have killed THIS vote my lying brother-in-law claims he “fought for” (Like any loot rail M&O vote for funding, this vote was legally required… as will ANY source of funding they come up with locally) to keep us from having any say at all.

  4. Well, it may have to be Lew, I and several others from the 49th state legislative district that are going to have to hold her to account? Same with Jim Moeller and whomever wins the state senate seat that will replace Craig Pridemore. Lew does a great job trying but it is a bigger job than just one man or woman…

  5. Jeremy, there is no holding either of them to account.

    They do as they please with total impunity and laugh in our f aces as they stab us in the back.

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