Romney, The Only Choice

by lewwaters

Within the next 48 hours we should know who the next president will be. In spite of there being multiple choices on the ballot, it boils down to Republican Mitt Romney or Democrat Barack Obama who has led the country deeper into oblivion this last 4 years and currently trying to tell us how much better off we are.

Regular readers know that Mitt Romney was not my first choice, but he is who has prevailed through the primary elections and tedious process to come out ahead of several others as the countries choice to face Obama.

Throughout the process, Romney has articulated a different approach from that of Obama and the Democrats, one that I firmly believe will turn the country around and get us back on track to solvency and prosperity. One that will actually begin lowering the burgeoning unemployment rate we have seen over the last 4 years.

Obama came to office with high promises of “Hope & Change” and has failed. The Hope is gone, replaced by despair, higher unemployment than when he took office, more people dependent upon food stamps than ever before and a national debt increase in 4 years higher than any other president added in 8 years.

Promises of “cutting the deficit in half” dissipated quickly as we have seen astronomical deficits each year he has been in office.

We see violence in our streets as “Occupiers” demand more and more just be handed to them after be confiscated from others.

We see our energy sources languishing below ground while we depend on foreign sources and Billions of dollars in our tax money goes to bolster so-called ‘Green” energy companies, dozens that have already failed and either filed for bankruptcy or close to it.

Where the last administration came under fire for a slow response to natural disaster, another slow response to a recent natural disaster in the Northeast barely makes a blip on the evening news, even though hundreds of thousands of people are suffering.

Promises of ending our wars fell flat as we see more Troops dying in Afghanistan over the past 4 years than during the previous 8 years. Troops withdrew from Iraq, which Obama is quick to grab credit for, not saying that his efforts to negotiate a new Status of Forces Agreement with the Iraqi Government to keep American Troops there longer failed, automatically kicking in the withdrawal provisions agreed upon by the previous administration.

We do give credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden, but as we saw in Benghazi Libya just this past September 2012, claims of Al Qaeda and Terrorism being decimated are over exaggerated. Obama refusing to label that attack terrorism or to launch reinforcements that might have saved the lives of the 4 Americans slaughtered there indicate just how much this current administration fails to protect America from a known threat.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, sees that threat as well as the threat of fiscal collapse, knowing we cannot continue spending over a Trillion dollars more every year than our Treasury brings in.

Romney sees that rebuilding the private sector employment picture is the path to recovery, beginning with our energy sector and blossoming from there.

A reasonable tax rate instead of confiscating wealth to redistribute is the path to maintaining our safety net as a temporary measure when people need help, not a way of life.

Romney sees that women and Black People are who have paid a high price for Obama’s experimentation with transforming America. Obama sees only that they are gullible enough to think giving them more despair will earn him a vote.

America is in deep trouble and the freest nation ever created is on the brink of collapse as our freedoms and economy are threatened daily by the failures of the Obama administration.

Third party candidates only draw votes from Romney and even though I am a strong advocate for a third party just as strong, this election is not the time to make a statement, the stakes are too high.

As we saw in 1992 and 1996 with Ross Perot, voting third party this election just ensures Obama receives another chance to continue with his “transformation.”

Obama must be stopped dead in his tracks and America put back on the path towards solvency.

Mitt Romney is the only national candidate with enough wide voter appeal to defeat Obama and his minions.

Tomorrow is Election Day and even though many have already cast their ballots early, many have not.

Choose wisely, America. We may not have another chance.

19 Comments to “Romney, The Only Choice”

  1. Lew, I’ll be here tomorrow to discuss this further…

    p.s. You certainly got your ass hangin’ out there.


  2. Revenge is NOT a reason to vote it is a reason for prayer. Romney calls to vote “for love of country” which is an excellent reason to vote since you will be voting for your freedoms based on the constitution , the bill of rights and for your fellow man/woman citizenry. An excellent vote if placed with Mitt Romney!


  3. I always vote for love of country!


  4. Keep your crying towel handy, Martin.only people who hate America want Obozo to win.


  5. Voting Romney will slow down the inexorable march towards Progressive tolatarianism, but won’t stop it. Even Ronald Reagan couldn’t stop it – just slowed it some. Heck, they’ve been working at this for 100 years, and now they’re almost there!

    I think that’s why the libs freaked out on Sarah Palin so much – she’s the only Republican on the national scene who understands what the stakes are.


  6. Arithmetic catches up with the Republican Party.


  7. Arithmetic will catch up to you when you realize what you have thrown away


  8. Haaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiii!!!!!. After a long night of celebrating, just wanted to check in to remind y’all that you got jacked the eff up last night. We vote, we win. Choke on it conservative losers. Pathetic that you didn’t even come close. America doesn’t like you. Make peace with it.

    Long live the Kenyan communist revolution. *hug*


  9. Actually koosh, the last laugh will be on you many years from now when you wake up and realize you are as free as those still in Cuba, North Korea, China (better start practicing your Chinese, by the way) and that whatever little you had is now the property of the government.

    I won’t be here to see it, sadly, because I’d laugh right in your face.

    You bought into a bill of goods because you’re too damned lazy to work for what others achieved.


  10. We’ll get to laugh when America starts paying the price.squoosh and his little punk friends won’t be hqppy when they get the Bill for all this “hqppiness”. hang onto your wallet, Squoosh. You’re gioing to be paying my way. Heehee.


  11. CNN already reported big sell off on Wall Street.


  12. Koosh – I think Lew and Jack have a point. After they are gone, it will be younger generations that will have to deal with the consequences. I voted for whom I thought was the best., maybe not party line vote. And the president isn’t fully elected until he gets past the electoral college vote in December. So I would not laugh too fast… Romney could still win like George did in 2000 against a popular vote against his rival.

    But I might remind you all.. The biggest issue right now in our nation is the local political issues that build up and mothball into the huge spending choices that will be made over the next few years. I might suggest to you all, start watching the US Congress. Because in the new year, the financial boomerang, sequestration is going to come back to haunt them and the president, in addition to all the other pet projects, not just in the state of Washington but through the United States and her protectorists..


  13. I think that Romney’s message of how hard work can improve one’s life was lost on today’s lazy bastards alongside freeway ramps with cardboard signs begging for money. there are too many lazy, selfish bastards in this country these days.


  14. Jack – as per my other comments on other threads. I think you need to get off your online device and get out from Felida or wherever you are roosting. Because the ones I am seeing on the street corner tend to be of an upper age a lot OLDER than the young one you insist in your comments.

    Yes, though I agree with your Romney sentence. What bothers me is the assertion, based on age comment that you are baiting people with and white wash assertions, I don’t see it based in fact instead of theory that you cooked up from some place that I don’t know of.

    And to further assert, no I am no liberal… I am just someone who has some thing called common sense thinking. And with that Jack, I’m heading towards doing some thing more productive than bothering Lew to approve of my messages OR answer your further causation and accusations. Hell, its sunny out. Why not go out and enjoy it?!?!?!


  15. LIke I’ve Said before, Jeremy: “people that try to sit in the middle of the road and ignore things and sing “kumbaya” get run over by trucks”.


  16. ahh yes……. a famous sage once said:” can’t we all just get along?” as he was getting the holy crap beat out of him.


  17. No Jack. I am just a pragmatist, who watches and sees a nation messed up. Though I take a different approach of options other than your idea of a utopia. And I will have to face the financial music after you have long gone!

    Along with multiple generations of a built up, run up budget caused two generations.. And may be so into the future. At some point, the house of cards will fall and it will be the younger generations picking it all up, probably, begrudgingly while the last few sit in front of their over priced, over sized electronic calculators bought with a credit card that won’t be paid back…

    Jack – I would look at your OWN generations history before calling my generation and others younger than me to make or caste spuriousness assertions, not based in any reasonable fact. Who’s generation was running up the 16 trillion dollar credit card? hmm, I might suggest looking at your own bank account of failed lifetime grandeur before clinging and complaining about those younger than yourself or other political ideology…

    AND with that, this is my last post, this afternoon…


  18. My “assertions ae hardly “spurious”Jeremy.Th babybummer generation is the most spoiled bunch of a-holes this nation has ever seen.And I’m not the only one who says that.


  19. The sad part of all this, is that you ca n couple the feelings of revulsion you get when looking at the OWS pukes with the fact that those scummy bastards are going to be supported from your wallet by the “Santa Claus” Democrats and you just voted for it. No wonder the Democrat party encompasses every derelict puke known to mankind. That’s the “legacy” of the Left. hardly anything to be “proud” of.


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