2012: RIP USSA

by lewwaters

As of 8:25 PM. RIP USSA. You voted for the false promise of free stuff over a free country.

It’s also looking like Mitt Romney got it right about that 47%.

Fox News

Republicans projected to hold the House of Representatives. Democrats projected to hold the Senate as “moderate” Republican Scott Brown goes down in defeat to Elizabeth Warren.

Todd Akin loses to Claire McCaskill in Missouri

6 Comments to “2012: RIP USSA”

  1. Somehow I think that the “hotheads” will disappear after after a few of them get shot.


  2. This is a re-run 0f 2004 when the “exit polls” kicked the Dummycrats in the balls.REMEMBER: THE FINAL COUNT ISN’T IN YET.This is all based upon “exit polls”


  3. Jack – You suggested it well. The final results plus a really NICE December electoral college vote will be final nail in the coffin… I believe I am going to have to relish this a bit more, though I cared less who won…


  4. Were ALL going to “relish ” this moment for many years to come, Jeremy.Then you can let us know how much you enjoy the “relish”.


  5. Jack – I don’t care for the side relish OR the burger eschew that happened last night. And as I know of, there is still the certification of the vote, across the nation AND the electoral college vote in December that Obama has to get through. Now that might be a faint hope of a heart beat, but bear in mind, this was the same exact type of thing that got George Bush Junior into office in 2000. Remember?

    He was down by the popular and guess what happened?


  6. What happaned is where we are today, Jeremy


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