Clark County Early Results

by lewwaters

UPDATED: Nov. 7, 2012 7:30 PM

Clark County Public Transportation Benefit Area Authority (C-TRAN) Proposition No.1

APPROVED 50,491 43.50%

REJECTED 65,589 56.50%

City of Vancouver Proposition No. 1 Metropolitan Park District,

For 16,226 33.63%

Against 32,021 66.37%

Town of Yacolt Proposition No. 1

Yes 125 39.43%

No 192 60.57%

State Senator – 14th Legislative District

Curtis King 998 95.78%

Write-Ins 44 4.22%

State Representative – 14th Legislative District

Norm Johnson 807 60.13%

Paul Spencer 533 39.72%

State Representative – 14th Legislative District

Charles Ross 820 61.98%

Mathew K.M. Tomaskin 503 38.02%

State Senator – 17th Legislative District

Don Benton 21,489 49.80%

Tim Probst 21,591 50.04%

State Representative – 17th Legislative District

Monica Stonier 21,381 49.81%

Julie Olson 21,509 50.11%

State Representative – 17th Legislative District

Paul Harris 23,530 55.61%

Jim Gizzi 18,742 44.29%

State Senator – 18th Legislative District

Ann Rivers 32,411 67.14%

Ralph Schmidt 15,803 32.74%

State Representative – 18th Legislative District

Brandon Vick 27,712 66.13%

Adrian E. Cortes 13,216 31.54%

State Representative – 18th Legislative District

Liz Pike 28,942 59.99%

David Shehorn 19,234 39.87%

State Senator – 20th Legislative District

Dan Swecker 1,419 40.65%

John E. Braun 1,998 57.23%

State Representative – 20th Legislative District

Richard DeBolt 3,088 97.17%

Write-Ins 90 2.83%

State Representative – 20th Legislative District

Ed Orcutt 2,756 77.59%

John Morgan 724 20.38%%

State Senator – 49th Legislative District

Annette Cleveland 25,314 58.49%

Eileen Qutub 17,885 41.32%

State Representative – 49th Legislative District

Sharon Wylie 26,357 60.27%

Debbie Peterson 17,306 39.57%

State Representative – 49th Legislative District

Jim Moeller 26,528 60.68%

Carolyn Crain 17,128 39.18%

County Commissioner – District No. 1

Tom Mielke 71,157 51.09%

Joe Tanner 62,885 67,975 48.81%

County Commissioner – District No. 2

David Madore 65,775 52.70%

Marc Boldt 56,711 45.44%

Public Utility District No. 1 of Clark County Commissioner District No.1

Jim Malinowski 64,878 54.03%

Julia Anderson 54,695 45.55%

33 Comments to “Clark County Early Results”

  1. light Rail got pissed on.


  2. Who gives a damn about the people’s votes here, Jack?

    Moeller, Leavitt and crew will just go around voters again and Herrera will support them.

    By that, I mean the fight continues.


  3. Apparently nobody, Lew.


  4. Moeller will be too busy gathering bundles of faggots for his “collection”.Maybe he’ll marry Leavitt.


  5. Faggots & potheads are rejoicing tonight.


  6. It should be also added that people are going to have to hold Jaime to her political comment about the light rail vote. remember that one? And now that it is not passing, she better be ready to step forward on it. And David Madore is winning his race as well.
    So this is going to be a really fun political battle. Jaime vs Patty Murray and Cantwell to multiple local and state legislators. And we all know that as soon as Jim gets back into official capacity in Olympia, he will have a paper and pen ready to craft new legislation to make the CRC light rail a reality, in whatever means are necessary.
    Though I believe David Madore will be winning his race, there is just plain too much local and special interest moneys pushing this bridge project forward.
    I am curious though, after things filter out seriously. Who is going to be state auditor and will they take this bridge project up on their political mantel or will it just be ignored like it has in the past? Though I should suggest that it is still a few more days before the election numbers will be more firm locally and statewide…


  7. Hooray…Hooray, Hooray hooray hooray!!! STRIKE THREE ON LIGHT RAIL!!! I’m doin’ the happy dance. Now, if Mayor Leavitt would only realize this wasn’t just a vote on sales tax increase. It was our chance to say NO MAX IN OUR COUNTY!!! Mayor Leavitt must realize he’s not foolin’ anyone with his statement highlighted by the Columbian. He’s only foolin’ himself.


  8. Hmm…Jack and Lew…

    Remember this that those who supported gay marriage are humans, too. Their blood is the same color and consistency as yours and mine. Honestly, I didn’t think you two would stoop down to the level of name calling those whose lifestyles are different from yours. It truly tarnishes the meaning of your “conservative” blog, Lew. Was it really necessary?


  9. People who support “Gay Marriage” are Anarchists who wish to tear down American Society, Goldie.There are certain people who always wish to go against “the grain” just to keep things in an uproar. These are the same people that would piss in your Wheaties ea ch morning just to let you know that they are “around”.


  10. Leavitt is an Elitist who loves to piss in your morning Wheaties because he CAN. Better get used to eating your Wheaties with piss in them, people.


  11. Jack, this is where I disagree with your POV @7:34 am. Although I do not believe in the lifestyle of those who choose same-sex marriage as that is my God-given right to make that decision regarding my choice, that doesn’t mean I’m going to chastise them and show such prejudice. Anarchists? Hardly. They’re hard-working, voting folks who put their foot in their pants one at a time…just like those who believe in hetero marriage…just like you and me, my friend.

    Regarding your post @7:37 am…I stopped eating “their” Wheaties a long, long time ago…8)


  12. Goldie, Jack. I think the both of us can agree that we are not going to fully agree on the gay marriage issue. And until the election results are certified statewide, anything is possible.

    To my definition of the subject. I care less whom marries whom or the political definition one way or the other. Maybe I am just not the normal duck that quacks, but we have bigger fish to fry like a serious state and federal budgets. And I know this won’t be the end of it, because whomever loses this election, will just come back to push their point-of-view back on to the ballot or through legislation.

    To a final point on elitists that Jack likes to harp-on. They only have that power if the elections allow them the blank check. In the case of Tim only, if the city council didn’t back him up, he would not be able to do what he does… So if you target city council members and him running summer – fall, people might not be so forthgiving to them any of them.

    Though right now, it is really early in that process of whom is going to choose to run for the City of Vancouver Mayor and a few city council member races. Even the start to declare and sign up for the race, is really six or so months away from now…


  13. The people who support “Gay Marriage” are no different than the little Anarchist bastards I knew in high school.The little pukes that used to go to Seaside and “Riot” every summer for no good reason except that they felt that they were somehow “entitled to tear up that town.the little sonsabitches that never met a rule that they didn’t want to break.

    p.s. you’re going to be eating Wheaties with piss in them for a long time whether you like it or not, Goldie. Better get used to it.


  14. Lew, Elitists are no different than the little smartassed bastards the ran high school “society” – the two-faced hypocritical pukes who never practiced or had to pay for what they “preached”.


  15. Jack – I doubt it will be that long for the both of you… It will be the grandkids and future generations that will have to face the music of what has been going on for thirty years.
    I’m not going to pose that people whom support marriage one way or another, are the same exact ones that can be rubber stamped with a label like that. I know of some fiscal conservatives that are pro gay marriage in their thought process BUT when they look at the federal and state budgets, they shake their heads…
    So I might suggest to you that you might want to start asking around the younger folk, because not all of them subscribe to past generations ideals in one direction OR another.


  16. looking at “younger folk” I can see why this nation is headed down the toilet. They’re crapping in their own nest and it’s gonna be funny to watch them bitch and complain.


  17. Well Jack, you have the right to you 1st amendment opinion on that subject. But I don’t share it. As someone whom has to deal with the public in various and many ways, everyone has a different opinion and the right to it, as long as they don’t impose it on someone else. (the golden rule?)
    If someone is just sitting on the porch and doing as you are suggesting, bitching and complaining like old seniors do? I think I might be in more agreement with you…. I don’t think the younger generation has TIME to be of such mental temperament…


  18. Don’e yiou mean:The younger generation is too selfish to invest the time to work to improve this nation?, Jeremy?


  19. Jack – You have the right to your perspective. But let me leave you with this thought. How many of the baby boomer generation that were born to World War 2 parents are now coming into line based solely on survivability and age alone, will be signing up for federal benefits of varying degrees? And all of that alone has a financial hole in it that will poor on to MY generation to fulfill?

    Why is it the media and government is fixated on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits that are ever increasing. And there is an ever increasing group of population growing into the population gap to access them? I remember New Gingrich in the 1990s that was HARPING that these were expensive endeavors and they were just IOU’s?

    And yet, any financial discrepancy will be born on my generation and the ones following to come?

    Do you hear my generation complaining non-stop over this? That a good number of folks in my generation whom MAY have employment might have to work four or five jobs to keep their family fed and taxes paid, while politicians of both political stripes are siphoning off the cream and may be more to pay for draining pet projects as well?

    Maybe I am wrong, Jack. But the ones I hear complaining the most, vociferously tend to be the ones who suck off the tit when they have nothing better too do. Kind of like an armchair quarterback?

    I won’t say that I don’t hear my generation complaining, but more often than not, its the ones who have too much time on their hands than to roll up there sleeves and get into our county to help fix problems… King of like someone that cries wolf incessantly without a good reason. And its not age based…


  20. The only thing that the babybummers have left us with is cries of “gimmee! Gimmee!! babybummers are some of fhe most selfish bastards in this nation’s history.


  21. Just What have the Democrats done to improve these federal entitlement programs, Jeremy?not a damned thing except stand in the way of any alterations and use entitlement programs for political purposes, you say?


  22. I feel good knowing that Leftist morons like Smoosh will be required to pay my benefits trhough.


  23. Jack, I know of several young adults who have been caught up in the rotten economic climate we all have had to endure; the same young adults (some who have received their Associates Degrees and Bachelors Degree) and have had quite a difficult time trying to land a job…any job. They were willing to take that “hamburger slinging” position if that’s what it took to work and no luck. So your first response to this would be…”yeah, so they’re sittin’ back and complainin’ about everything that is wrong with the world.”

    Am I right?

    Well sir, you’d be Dead Wrong on this one. Two own their own design businesses and are making a wage some would be envious to earn. Another owns her own successful boutique in the heart of downtown Portland. Another three run online businesses and are able to pay for the necessities in life to keep them ahead. Their friends??? One is currently earning $35 an hour and is into his second year at his job (no college degree…just hard work and on-the-job training) and has had multiple job offers from other companies. That took a drive to get ahead of the game and he has accomplished that…at 23!!! Another is running his own online business (sideline) while hauling his back side with a new job for which he trained at a university. Jack, the parents of these young adults were much like a lot of us…working the construction job, the restaurant or fast food job, retail or the 9 to 5’er job which I’m sure many have complained time and time again about how miserable they have been. These young adults had the drive to be a success and to keep the ball in their court. So what do they do on their days off? Well Jack, it’s these same young adults who volunteer at the local shelters. They help those who are incapable of helping themselves. They run errands for folks who cannot do it for themselves. Good Kids…hardworking kids. They give back to their community.

    As far as I’m concerned…the future of our nation is doing a pretty darned good job at doing what many of their parents could never achieve if these young adults I speak of are any indication…but it was what the parents taught these young adults which has made them successes in their own rights. I like what I’m seeing. Maybe you’re looking through a different shade of glasses than I.


  24. Well, I came back to post once more because a person whom I highly respected posted after me. Though I only want to add one more thing to GoldenOldie’s comment.

    A lot of these “children” as they have been asserted, who have college and university degrees, more often than not also have a higher and higher degree of a debt load that CANNOT be discharged through a bankruptcy petition – filing. And because of worsening debt at various levels of government going around, there will be a higher accounting of taxes and budget cuts. There is simply no way around it.

    So Jack, if you receive any financial assistance from any source either from government funding, from just my POST and Golden’s do you think whom has the right to gripe? Who is going to have to face higher taxes? fees and debt loads?? I highly doubt it will be you, Lew or any of the older Americans…


  25. And if they have any success st those ventures, he Democrats will be right there to confiscate any success that they will try to “bank, Goldie.Only then will the kids reap what they have sown.


  26. Jeremy, I’ll only remind you of how long we older Americans were forced to pay into these programs. If we are receiving from what younger people are paying into today, it’s only because the very ones promising them free stuff today took the money we paid in long ago to pay for free stuff to others over the years.

    All of those who voted for this socialist utopia have only themselves to blame if they now will pay even more and receive even less.


  27. RThis could be a great nation Jeremy, if it weren’t for interference in people’s lives by a greedy, selfish government.


  28. government is sucking the life out of its citizens.


  29. Lew – I won’t disagree with your comments there. But please do tell me, what happens when the Social Security system doubles or triples in size from its current incarnation because of an age population that has survived past what most actuarial accountants from the past thirty years thought would be enough benefits to cover the benefits needed?

    And further, they are saying through the United States there is going to be more people coming into that program than years past and may live longer than previous generations. Do dare tell me how this nation is going to be able to afford the benefits of what has been termed a “silver tsunami?”

    Add to that the trillions of borrowed debt?

    I won’t go into the presidential election on this one. I simply just want recognized that there are many different arguments here. There have been a lot of political favor trading and failed promises on BOTH political sides. I won’t take aim at your generation for the promise that was paid for. But do you think there is really going to be enough capital outlay to cover the future benefits? Plus all of the wars PLUS all of the accumulated debt that will be passed on.

    At some point, there has to be a REAL reality check at all levels. And it might come soon or later. And it might come down to many of the social and other governmental programs will get a serious financial… And in my own humble opinion, not even the veterans administration you solidly advocate for is going to be safe.


  30. The whole system is going to collapse, Jeremy. It was planned back in the 1960’s in what is known as Cloward-Piven, two leftist professors who figured out to collapse America, all you need do is overwhelm the welfare system and keep people expecting more and more government freebies.

    I am working on assembling some photos I have of today’s Cuba, away from the tourist spots.

    It’s where we are headed on a much larger scale


  31. Maybe we should run Castro in 2016


  32. Castro took Cuba by bullet.

    Obama took the USSA by ballot


  33. the leftist pukes took America by hatred


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