Obama Thanks The Media

by lewwaters


37 Comments to “Obama Thanks The Media”

  1. The thing that became clear to me this election is how willing The Media is to be led into the “it’s tied” myth. It was never tied – hell, it was never close, but article after article kept repeating obviously bullshit polling results as if they were real? What I came to understand was that since America hates losers, the whole R ticket would have been damaged if the truth were known, so every lever was pulled, every favor called in, every backroom deal was made to keep the public thinking the presidential part of the race was close. (Fox News was particularly venal.)

    Actually, I agree with the tactic… But 4 years from now, guys, let’s agree to ignore the polling results when it gets about 2 months away from the election.


  2. Oh bullshit, martin.

    The media was solely in Obummber’s pocket, pulling for him all the way, covering up his treasonous activities and malfeasance in office.

    They’ve carried his water since day one.

    One of the main tactics of communist when they took over Russia was to control the media.


  3. Lew, you’ve gotten really, really strident over the past couple of months…

    I’d appreciate you writing a piece entitled “Top 5 Reasons I Don’t Like Obama” so I could see where you’re coming from and offer some debate. I can usually understand your Conservative views on most issues (even if I don’t agree with them) but the Obama-bashing doesn’t make sense. (I know I’m a Bush-basher but I have my 5 reasons for that.)


  4. Martin, maybe you cannot understand that I see the country falling to same crap I fought in Vietnam.

    Funny thing is, a young friend of mine from another country legally trying to become a citizen messaged me tonight saying, “Lew I don’t want to post this because most on my friends are younger than me and voted for Obama but I wanna say that whoever younger than 30 or hasn’t been working for at least 10 years shouldn’t have right to vote.”

    He then said, “I just don’t understand why people think government is their mom and dad. They just want to get everything for free not try to earn it.”

    Then, “I went to Japan and Korea in 2006 and USD was so strong by then. 3 weeks ago I had to go to Japan for my friend’s wedding and USD doesn’t worth a shit. So easy to tell who you should vote for. People don’t see straight. Seems like they got brainwashed.”

    An immigrant sees the country falling apart and heading to communism, but our citizens don’t?

    I don’t need 5 things about Obama I dislike, one will do and that he is leading the country towards the very thing I fought and my father and uncles fought so we could remain free.

    Voting to move the country towards the very thing millions of us have fought makes a complete and total mockery out of our service and sacrifices.


  5. Lew, here’s something I wrote recently:

    “Democracy is the fragile truce between people so different in their beliefs that they would have killed each other in times pasts. It’s amazing how much a person’s basically worthless right to vote relieves pent up envies, resentments, and animosities, and allows diverse groups of people to coexist.”

    You vote and go along with the results – that’s the #1 deal.


  6. Do you mean like you Dems did during Bush’s two terms, Martin?

    Funny how ya’ll spin your bull shit when you win.


  7. My goodness, what are you talking about?! Dems went along with invading Iraq, Medicare Part D, tax cuts, bank deregulation, faith-based initiatives, TARP.

    Obama got ZERO R votes on Obamacare, and had less than ZERO support from Rs for 4 years!


  8. I guess you missed from 2003 on? You know, Bush lied, men died, no WMD’s, the 911 Commission, Impeach Bush, Indict Bush still, Bush lied us into an unnecessary war, Wrong War, wrong time, wrong place, Valerie Plame, Cindy Sheehan, No yellowcake, claims of not interested in bin Laden, Bush knew and did nothing, the Downing Street memo, Bush flew the bin Laden family out of the country, he sat while planes were flown into the buildings, Halliburton, Bush was AWOL, Bush was a draft dodger, Starting a war with Iran, killing Saddam accomplished nothing, overreach trying to regulate Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac, didn’t do enough to prevent Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac collapsing, committed war crimes in Guantanamo, okayed torture, tore up the constitution, fired 6 attorneys, let bin Laden escape from Tora Bora, Afghanistan quagmire less than a month after going in, made Walter Reed substandard, and we cannot forget all of ther Kill Bush effigies, Tee Shirts, video’s and even a movie made of killing him.

    Let me refresh your selective memory: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18312789/ns/politics/t/americans-siding-dems-against-bush/







    Is that the support you mean?

    And you’re damned right BHO got zero votes on Obamacare. The people of the country did not and still do not want it!

    But the people matter little to dictators.

    Oh, and did you forget BHO got R votes for raising the debt limit, against the wishes of the people?

    When does Harry Reid allow any one of the 30 jobs bills sent to the Senate be debated and voted on? When does he write and pass a budget?


  9. Lew, I can NOT believe you’re defending Bush! The guy left us in TARP & Iraq, and wasn’t even invited to the Republican Convention. Why would you put yourself behind the 8-ball with this guy when your Party won’t?

    Are you just going to jamb a stake into the ground, hold on with all your might, and say, “I’m not moving!”


  10. You’re not going to get away with that, Martin. You were just saying how Democrats went along with Iraq and now leave it on Bush only?

    Democrats had full control of both houses of congress and wrote and passed TARP for Bush to sign, yet they bear no responsibility at all for it?

    But since you voted for and supported the policy of “redistribute the wealth,” and I’ve seen the large spread you live on, I expect to see you open your property up to at least 5 homeless families and to begin redistributing your own wealth.

    Or are you just another one of those wealthy liberals who think only others should redistribute their wealth?

    Time for you to shit or get off the pot, Martin and live up to the policies you supported to win.


  11. Lew, you know my forum http://www.martinhash.com/forums is always open to you to debate me empirically, rather than throwing around personal invective. And, dude, you OBVIOUSLY have no idea what I do…


  12. Doesn’t matter what you do, martin.

    You voted for redistribution of wealth and have more than others.

    Why are you entitled to have so much while people are struggling to find a home or a meal? Why do we have homeless when you could easily take them in and redistribute your own lovely home?

    You liberals talk the talk, it’s about time you walked the walk, don’t you think?


  13. Hey Lew…. Bud… You might need a little rest and relaxation… 🙂 I don’t think you or Martin want this discussion to become the highest comment count in CCC’s history… And to think you posted this less than 24 hours ago… I understand you and Martin like to go at it, but I’m noticing a tone of pissed off’d-ness after last night’s presidential defeat ….

    This is your blog and do it with what you wish. But I wanted to make a note of it, because I notice you are really getting worked up… And I have my WAY MORE commentary via email on other subjects to run past you for your comment! 🙂 Just another young man’s opinion to his senior elder statesman to the both of you….


  14. Don’t forget, Martin, whatever you have, you didn’t build that


  15. Am I pissed off, Jeremy? You betcha.

    I’m pissed because I see the enemy I was sent to fight controlling the country stronger and stronger and supported by those that didn’t go.


  16. Many on the Jersey shore learned you can’t rebuild that without big government.


  17. Do you mean those left with nothing that BHO has been ignoring and the willing accomplices in the media not reporting on as they did Bush & Katrina?

    I grew up in hurricane alley, Southeast Florida and by now, we had recovered from hurricanes, on our own without any big government.


  18. Gee Martin, you need to quit drinking Kool-Aid. TARP was NOT Bush’s idea. the Democrats Wrote that plan. Maybe you “forgot” that little fact.


  19. To Lew’s comment. I see your point and raise you the blog. 🙂 You have a LOT of space to ramble… Though most of your posts tend to be intellectually stimulating. Though I’ll leave the subject alone per se. I am waiting to see how the US congress forms up, because you don’t have a presidency worth a damn, with the two bodies sending the president legislation he can sign…
    Even though he can do things by fiat, (presidential orders) the US congress can slap him down with a 2/3’s vote..

    And one comment to Jack – Please remember, it takes three houses of government to make the government’s world turn. So slamming or pointing fingers to one political party is not going to benefit us as the electorate. I care less whom came up with the idea, who implemented it OR signed it into law.

    I look at both sides of the political aisle and three branches of government to allow it to happen!


  20. Lew, dude, you’ve entered Jack territory. I’ll talk at you later when you’re back.


  21. That’s what I would expect from a liberal, Martin. Raise the blinders, adjust the rose colored glasses and divert attention away from yourself.

    So you go ahead, tuck your tail between your legs and run away.


  22. And just WHO controls most of those “three houses” that have stuck us with this mess, Jeremy? Can you name the “one political party”?Why shouldn’t it be pointed out WHO is responsible for trhe mess we’re in??And So you’re saying it isn’t “important WHO made the mess and we shouldn’t learn something from that?

    I’m proud to have a Lew in “Jack Territory” Martin then I know I’m in good company.


  23. Thank God that Lew has the balls to publish this blog and name those responsible for the destruction of this once-great nation. “people that sit in the middle of the road get run over by trucks”


  24. Martin, I was going to ask you a question on your own forum, but you don’t appear to have any discussions going on. Supposing you might re-visit this page, my question is regarding your suggestion that the election wasn’t even close and implying that the media is in the back pocket of Romney for making it appear so.

    How is a 2% spread not close? More than 57 million votes went to Romney while 60 million went to Obama. That’s pretty close in my book.


  25. Jack, don’t tell me it doesn’t take both sides to fulfill the screw-up that we call a federal budget. Both sides has their pet interests and budget increases. And as you asked, I PUT FULL BLAME on both the Republicans and Democrats, who have had the office in their control over the last hundred plus years. I could go on and on, playing both sides of the political “Save of our lives.” But I do not think you or I would ever agree on it.

    I am not a petty political person. I call it as I see ’em like you do. And as you probably know, there is going to be coming a looming budget sequestration BILL that both sides of the aisle voted IN, approved of and was signed into law. So that looming judgement day is going to come sometime within the next year. And it won’t just be the one side or the other who will have take cuts, eventually.

    At some point, cuts are going to have to be made some where. It may have to come to the VA, the military AND/OR all of the “liberal” causes as some call them. We have a huge issue that has been kicked up and down the road for nearly two to three generations of both political sides. I care LESSS about who is to blame here, Jack. You and I could go round and round on this subject, which probably turn into Greg Owens – Lew battle.

    All I care about right now, is thoughtful discussion, free of the name calling and labeling, let us get our hands, roll up our sleeves and see what we can do to fix the mess. No one is going to win all they want. But in the end, I want the best for this nation, NOT the political special interests that are dominating both political parties, BOTH state and federal houses of political persuasion…


  26. Craig, let’s not set Lew off but I’ll answer:

    I thought you were a technical guy? If it was simple straight up 3 million U.S. wide difference then polling would be easy. But, of course, you know it’s not. California and NY went something like 70% Obama – that’s a blowout in anybody’s book. And Romney won a load of states over Obama… But you know the drill. It all came down to a handful of “battleground” states. $2 billion spent on them. Uncounted campaign stops by both candidates. Obama wins them ALL! That’s a blow-out.

    Since the other side doesn’t vote in blow-outs, The Press was complicit in the illusion of a close race – which, frankly, is good for America because we got a WHOLE LOT to vote for besides the top of the ticket.


  27. The only thing the media has been complicit in is covering BHO’s ass and hiding from the public his many scandalous activities, like Fast & Furious, the debt, the deficit and Benghazi, just for starters.

    Once again, lazy people voted for free stuff without a clue of who will pay for it.

    That somebody will likely be you, Martin.

    So rejoice and be happy. You dug your own grave.


  28. That doesn’t make sense Martin. Who cares about CA and NY? Everyone knew they were in Obama’s court anyway. Washingtion DC went for Obama 95%. According to your logic the Republicans shouldn’t even have bothered fielding a candidate. Utah went 70% for Romney. I guess Obama should realize he’s beat?

    The margins that count are in the battleground states like Ohio, Virginia, Florida, etc. Those margins were close – have they even called Florida yet? Nationwide, the count is very close. I think you’d better take a closer look at your logic diagram.


  29. Craig, dude, this stuff is an open secret. Silver got it 50 out of 50 long before the election, and started a shitstorm because he said the polling was biased. Silver gave Obama 9:1 odds – that’s a blowout!



  30. What should not be lost is that this was an incredible Republican botch.


  31. It doesn’t hurt that the lamestream media willfully covered up several “incredible botches” by the Bamster.

    But why worry about that, right Nathan?


  32. Obozo himself is an “incredible botch”. Th incompetent bastard is destroying this once-great nation and some incredibly stupid people are cheering him on.


  33. In a just, perfect world, people would look at a media system(FOX) that purposely lied to them and dashed their dreams and demand accountability – or leave them in droves.


  34. In a perfect world, people would see that the Mainstream Media is their worst enemy and do everything they can to make the lying bastards go bankrupt.


  35. This election illustrated something very profound. that is, if Republicans don’t like the candidate that the party morons have stuck them with, they won’t vote for him or her. Democrats , on the other hand, will blindly vote for any scummy S.O. B. that carries their banner like a bunch of mind-numbed robots no matter how crooked or destructive to America the bastard is.


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