Washington State Early Results

by lewwaters

UPDATED: Nov. 7, 2012 6:02 PM

Congressional District 3 – U.S. Representative

Jaime Herrera Beutler 148,200  59.59%

Jon T. Haugen 100,485  40.41%


Jay Inslee 1,225,497  51.14%

Rob McKenna 1,170,703  48.86%

Lt. Governor

Brad Owen 1,236,066  53.7%

Bill Finkbeiner 1,065,525  46.3%

Secretary of State

Kim Wyman 1,156,398  50.7%

Kathleen Drew 1,124,675  49.3%

State Treasurer

Jim McIntire 1,319,189  58.21%

Sharon Hanek 947,083  41.79%

State Auditor

James Watkins 1,066,983  47.54%

Troy Kelley 1,177,500  52.46%

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson 1,213,415  52.9%

Reagan Dunn 1,080,340  47.1%

Commissioner of Public Lands

Peter J. Goldmark 1,312,441  58.04%

Clint Didier 948,901  41.96%

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Randy I. Dorn 1,704,382  100%

Insurance Commissioner

Mike Kreidler 1,297,450  57.86%

John R. Adams 944,891  42.14%

Initiative Measure No. 1185

Yes 1,491,723  64.48%

No 821,792  35.52%

Initiative Measure No. 1240

Yes 1,195,336  50.95%

No 1,150,55549.05%

Referendum Measure No. 74 Queer Marriage

Approved 1,264,380  52.56%

Rejected 1,141,190  47.44%

Initiative Measure No. 502, Potheads

Yes 1,334,471  55.4%

No 1,074,119  44.6%

Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution No. 8221 Concerns implementing the Commission on State Debt recommendations regarding Washington’s debt limit

Approved 1,375,773  63.18%

Rejected 801,917  36.82%

Senate Joint Resolution No. 8223 Concerns investments by the University of Washington and Washington State University

Approved 980,470  43.83%

Rejected 1,256,657  56.17%

6 Comments to “Washington State Early Results”

  1. Lew – I went all over the secretary of state’s office web page, on google and ???. Where do I find the results for statewide elections? (not the Clark County ones. That is obvious from elections.clark.wa.gov) Thanks…


  2. I had a difficult time finding it last night too, Jeremy.



  3. Thank you Lew. I was on social media last night WAY too late into the night and was trying to play Dodgeball – filtering out all of the political insanity from both sides… I expect one or two more days of flooding before I can get back to normality.
    I appreciate the link. Now I can keep up to date on statewide results…


  4. Thought I might add one more additional point. The reason why I am wanting to watch the statewide results are that whomever is going to be elected for non-political races like the state treasurer, state auditor, governor and a few others are going to have to deal with a bunch of the big projects going on here in Clark County…


  5. Queer marriage and potheads. Real classy, Lew.


  6. Yup, Stacy I use the word Jim Moeller uses and potheads are potheads.

    If you haven’t noticed, this is not a PC site.


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