Four More Years

by lewwaters

Is this where we say, Told you so?

After Obama win, U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks

After Obama victory, Iran says US shouldn’t expect talks

Boeing Announces Big Layoffs in Defense Division

Where America is headed, 21st Century Cuba

54 Comments to “Four More Years”

  1. We have reached the tipping point. Those that have their hands out and are voting now outnumber the ones paying the bills. I fear that the Republican party will not recover based on the rapid increase of minorities voting almost all for liberal Democrats willing to offer them anything if they can stay in power long enough to enrich themselves.


  2. Keep your wallet handy, Willard.


  3. If you both note in the photo, before my additions, they shows rays behind BHO, nothing about America, noting about the people, pure Obama worship.

    I suspect we will see statues and painting of him all over everywhere soon like Iraq did with Saddam and Cuba with Castro.


  4. I am trying to hold up the extremely disgusted, disappointed, and depressed emotions of my friends and family today. It is not my loss but rather the loss of the country under this presidency. I will remember and I beg each of you to as well that Rome wasn’t built overnight and it shall not be lost that way either. This one one battle of many and tomorrow after a day of rest I and some many others will return to regroup and plot the winning moves of our future. Join me.


  5. You did what you could, Carolyn.


  6. Here’s a suggestion: Conservatism is dying. Y’all need to offer up someone more moderate. Romney, really? A filthy rich Mormon? How does he “connect” with the working poor Hispanic voter?

    I get the need for a fiscal conservative, but you need to find someone that’s that, but doesn’t mind if two dudes get married, or wanna get stoned. You have to figure out how to get the Latino vote, the black vote and the women’s vote. You got the white guy thing sewn up but this isn’t a white country anymore. People are tired of old white men telling them how the country is going to be run, what their moral compass is going to be, and what women are allowed to do with their bodies. That’s really why you lost.

    Unless you figure out how to cross that hurdle, and honestly I don’t see anyone in your party that fits that bill, the Republican party is going to die the death of a thousand cuts. Who’s next Jeb Bush? So get on it, ’cause a lot of us are watching.

    This is coming from a Independent voter just so you know.


  7. Spoken like a true blinded asshole.

    Conservatism is not dying, freeloaders have made their shit sound attractive.

    It’s hard to beat Santa Claus and just like Santa Claus, ya’ll will soon be finding out your free ride is going to cost you dearly.

    History is replete with examples of what you have chosen.

    Enjoy it, just remember, we told you so.


  8. Alright, I was trying to be polite. Fuck off. You’re not the only person that’s “served” your country as you tout so often.
    I was trying to have a bit of debate about how you as conservatives could move forward and bring independent voters like myself to vote republican. You must be angry right now.
    I left the vote for president “blank”. I have a job, benefits and would like to see a true fiscal conservative. All you can do is cuss at me? THAT is why your party can’t get votes.

    Best Local Political Blog my ass. Delete this (like I know you will), and learn to debate like an adult you angry old man.


  9. So only people that agree with you or don’t veer too far from your viewpoints are allowed to post here? That’s interesting, because the reason I’m here is I like to gather both sides opinion before forming my own. Seems like you’d be better informed that way. But it’s your site (Nice Theme choice, but you should turn down the white in the background, it’s distracting) so good luck and whatnot.


  10. You reveal your self as a phony with your own words.

    You’re no more independent than Obama is.

    Your first comment advocated liberalism.

    You might be able to fool some, but not me or others who will read this.

    We’ve seen your type too many times.


  11. the picture of the sceaming cow with the “obamaphone” comes to mind.


  12. Make that “screaming cow”.


  13. piss on “moderates”. People who try to sit in the middle of the road singing “kumbaya” get run over by trucks. A wise sage once said: “can’t we all just get along” as someone was beating the holy crap out of him.


  14. Let’s see if you leave this up for Jack. Lew deleted one of my posts. Probably because I used the ‘f” word after he called me an asshole. Carry on gentlemen.


  15. Well, there is another sign of you being a liberal and not an independent, you lie through your teeth.

    There has been no posts of yours deleted since you decide to try you little charade here today.

    In fact, there have been no post deletions in a very long time.

    You only fool yourself.


  16. For some reason, your post went to spam.

    I guess even the spam filter sees you for what you are.


  17. As governor, Romney signed into law a gun control ban. As recently as four months ago, he supported the gun ban, and in fact had words of praise for himself about how he worked across the aisle to get that gun ban into law.

    The NRA endorsed Romney.

    I used to belong to the Republican Party and the NRA. I’m glad I no longer do.

    Lots of people spout off about the Supreme Court, but if John Roberts is the best you can do, then no thanks. If Obamacare is Constitutional per Republican-endorsed Roberts, then what is *not* Constitutional?

    If Romney is the best the idiotic Republic Party can come up with, then good riddance.

    Romney & Obama both support gun control, mandatory health insurance, Guantanamo, etc. What is the difference between the two candidates?

    How about a candidate that endorses:
    1. repudiation of Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid as it cannot be paid for
    2. withdrawal of US forces back to the border, as the founding fathers advised
    3. withdrawal of US govt from student loans & house loans
    4. withdrawal of US govt from health insurance, and instead removes insurance from the employer via tax reform
    5. withdrawal of US govt from education, deferring it to the states
    6. withdrawal of US govt from drug prohibition, deferring it to the states
    7. sincere adoption of the US Constitution

    States rights. Where is the Republican party on this?

    The US dollar has significantly declined due to Federal Reserve printing. What is/was Romney’s position on this?

    Why in the world should I vote for Romney, a loser Obama clone? And why in the world would anyone be bitter that Obama won vs. Romney, when they espouse virtually identical positions?


  18. Okay Don, I’m done playing with you and it is time to expose your sorry liberal ass.

    You first whine, “You have to figure out how to get the Latino vote, the black vote and the women’s vote. You got the white guy thing sewn up but this isn’t a white country anymore.”

    First of all, a Independent wouldn’t be putting it as “you,” separating yourself totally. That identifies you as having a strong liberal lean, especially saying also we need to let queers marry.

    Secondly, there was Suzanne Martinez, female Hispanic governor, New Mexico, Condoleezza Rice, African-American, former secretary of state both speaking at the GOP convention. Then Marco Rubio, another minority. Mia Love, Black female mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, Allen West, Black War Hero in Florida who was thoroughly trashed his full term by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and others.

    Before Colin Powell turned to backing skin over character, and when he was Bush’s Secretary of State, who was calling him a “House Negro?” It wasn’t conservatives.

    And let us not forget how conservative females are treated. Just ask Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham and more.

    And just who was throwing Oreo cookies and Michael Steele when he spoke when he was chair of the GOP? It wasn’t conservatives.

    Why is it any Black person who is a conservative Republican is right away a “Tom?” A “Sell Out” and such crap?

    What, conservative minorities aren’t good enough either?

    So yes, you exposed yourself right off the bat. In fact, it wasn’t even a decent effort.


  19. Josef, the election is over, you got your boy, in spite of his even more pitiful record than Romney’s.

    As for Social Security, stop paying it if you will, just give all of us older people that were forced to pay into our entire adult lives our money back with appropriate interest


  20. Oh, don’t think I voted for Obama. He is as despicable as Romney.

    The fact that you would think I supported Obama in any way shows you don’t have the slightest idea of my position.

    Both candidates were abysmal.


  21. That you can say both were abysmal shows you weren’t paying attention, or you threw your vote away on distant didn’t stand a chance third party.

    What you all failed to understand is this might have been the last free election we have, given Obama’s penchant for bypassing congress to do as he pleases, with the full support of the Democrats.

    You also have 2 or 3 Supreme Court Justices getting pretty old and likely to retire. Guess who now gets to nominate their replacement? Think he will choose any who wish to preserve the constitution?

    You don’t win a war with a single battle and sometimes to win the battle you have to do something counter to your views or that you do not wish to do.

    The stakes were very high in this election, too many refused to see that because the country did not choose their boy.


  22. Lew, if John Roberts is a R candidate, then are you really willing to argue that a D candidate would be worse???

    How in the world do you support Robert’s endorsement of Obamacare??? When the chips were down, Roberts supported Obama. Is that not clear?

    If my choice is Hitler vs Stalin I simply refuse to play.

    Obama vs. Romney — again I ask where are the significant policy differences? Both support gun control and mandatory health insurance. What is the difference between the two? Doesn’t it make more sense to reject that awful scenario altogether?


  23. “What you all failed to understand is this might have been the last free election we have, ”

    I’m disappointed in you, too. Do you really think the Oathkeepers will be beaten by Homeland Security?


  24. Is everybody posting here an Old White Guy? (I am.)


  25. Ooo. You outed me. Picking on semantics “you” is something I’d say to democrats also. I also said that you (and by you I mean Republicans) need to understand that America on the whole is becoming socially liberal. We’ve met and bypassed the 50% mark for accepting gays for example. We’re living in the brave new world with internet and an increasingly younger voting population. A population that doesn’t buy into conservatism of old. Socially.

    I’m very aware that there’s conservative minorities. I work with some. Good folk, but they too realize that in order to fix the country fiscally, they got to let the bible thumping moral angle go, and and get someone in that can handle the money. Who is that? Who’s the hot upstart waiting in the wings?

    I’m willing to call out Democrats fiscally. I don’t agree with the bigger government. States rights need to be restored. I’m not as liberal as you think Lew. Now can you answer me like an adult without calling me an asshole?


  26. Josef, you can refuse to play all you want, but play you will. Like it or not, you are not immune to what is coming, you live here too.

    Some people with your mindset viewed it as choosing the lesser of two evils. No, it stopping an evil led by Obama and the socialists who now have carte blanche to “transform” the country into whatever it is they wish, and if you have noticed, it isn’t a good vision.

    Obama has made moves to set himself as dictator, Romney did not. A Romney administration would have worked with congress to begin unraveling the last few decades, not just go around congress as did Obama and his handlers.

    The blindness of your view is assuming that you will just be able to vote again in 4 years, not giving a thought as to what will transpire between now and 4 years from now.

    To win the war you have to win the battles and sometimes, you have to choose a general that although unpopular with civilians, can rally his troops and lead them to victory.

    I doubt I will be around to see when younger people today, who see no difference between the two, explain to their grandchildren what it once was like to live in a free America. How many will think back to when they had a chance to stop it, but chose instead to make a statement?


  27. I was an early member of Oathkeepers, Josef. Long before most had heard of them.


  28. Are you saying tha “old white guys ” shouldn’t be allowed to voice their opinions, Martin? How un-American of you.


  29. America is becoming socially a bunch of selfish, greedy bastards who severely need “wake-up call and that “wake-up call” is gonna come sooner rather than later. in the form of a huge financial collapse or a nuclear war, take your pick.


  30. The only reason that Obozo got elected is because 3 million Republicans stayed home and didn’t vote.Romney wasn’t conservative enough. for them. It was the same problem as when McCain was the candidate. Nobody wanted McCain so they stayed home.


  31. You’re a lot more liberal than you realize.


  32. @Jack, of course I think “old white guys” should have opinions. And I agree that financial collapse is just around the corner actually.

    Not to beat a dead horse, but gotta separate the money from the morals.


  33. Good Don, then you won’t be surprised when our Economy totally collapses?


  34. you’ll be seperated from your money under Obozo for sure.


  35. @Lew. Yes, I’m socially liberal. I’m fiscally conservative. I think that we need some regulation in some areas (banking and the environment for example), but on the whole, policy should be by and large set by the states.
    @Jack, I know. I voted for Reagan ’cause of his fiscal responsibility. I didn’t agree with some of his policies, but it’s a “scales” thing to me. Pro’s and con’s. All I’m (we’re) getting now is conned.


  36. We’re all getting screwed, Don. it’s not a “con” because we can all see who is screwing us and we’ve elected the “screwers”.Hopefully those who voted without thinking will get the worst screwing because they deserve it


  37. It’s strange about the morals thing. I thought that’s what would attract the church-going blacks and Catholic Hispanics. I assumed that they were opposed to such things as abortion and homosexual marriage. Of course, Romney wasn’t the best candidate for a truly conservative message either. I see him as Obama-lite – maybe that’s why he lost.

    The liberals are reading this election as a mandate for Progressivism – I think they’re wrong. People are reluctant to change leadership in the first place unless they have a dire need to do so, and there is a stark contrast in the candidates. Since Romney didn’t make a strong case for a “dire need” (you’ll recall him agreeing almost entirely with Obama’s foreign policy positions), and he does certainly not provide a clear philosophical contrast to Obama, the voters decided to stick with what they had.


  38. Craig, there’s no mandate for anything. As an Obama Liberal (not a Progressive), I simply view the situation as continuing down the right course: No foreign wars, Keynesian economics, separation of Church & State, and inclusive democracy. Conservatives are the ones (it seems from my point of view) with an agenda. It seems to me they WANT foreign wars, they WANT religious mandates, they have NO understanding of economics, and they WANT to keep people from voting. Those are the differences – all the other talk just seems like senseless noise.


  39. Martin, for as highly educated and intelligent as you are, you are also very ignorant.

    Obozo & Reid are claiming a mandate.

    You think it is us wanting to impose religion on you? Wait until you see what comes down the road with the Muslims who voted for Obozo by 85%. Why do you think Muslims want him so heavily?

    The Communist Party is equally overjoyed with the results and celebrating.

    No understanding of economics? With Reid already saying they will just raise the debt ceiling limit? $16 Trillion is not enough?

    And if you think we want to keep people from voting, you are full of shit! We want only those who are legally entitled to vote to be allowed to vote and to only be allowed to vote once. You know, as our law states? Why should people in the country in violation of our immigration laws be allowed a voice in who runs the country?

    Do you recall Obozo saying he would transform America 4 years ago?

    He is going to and if you really are not a Progressive, you’re not going to like it very much. In fact, those Progressives won’t either once they see what they will end up paying for all of their free stuff.

    I know you don’t believe it and just laugh it off. I almost wish I will still be around once it all comes crashing down around all ya’lls ears.


  40. Young skulls full of mush that will spend their years paying for everybody else’s “goodies”What a bunch of suckers they are.


  41. Martin, I know that you consider yourself something an expert in economic theory, and maybe you are, but really “keynesian economics”? Seems like there’s a bit too much of that going on. I agree with you that there needs to be some kind of oversight and control, otherwise we’d be back in the late 19th century with our country run by a viscious oligarchy of overlords, but the liberals are going way overboard. The Affordable Health Care Act being one of those overreaches into the economy. Theodore Roosevelt, who pretty much destroyed the control the uber rich had on the economy, would be spinning in his grave at what the Obamites are doing.


  42. ps. Martin – I agree with your position regarding foreign wars. I’ve been very supportive of Obama’s decisions regarding Iran, Russia, Syria. I think maybe he’s been a little too patient with Iran, but perhaps that patience will pay off. He did miss an opportunity to provide at least moral support for the freedom movement in Iran though. He made the right decision to pull out of the missile defense ‘shield’ in Poland, and he’s on a pretty good course with Syria. I didn’t agree with his intervention in Libya though. There’s hundreds of bases that we should shut down around the world that he hasn’t done anything about as well. I’d still give him a C+ or B.


  43. Israel no longer can count on America, Craig. Obozo gets an “F” for that one.


  44. Craig, Roosevelt had socialized heathcare as part of his platform. In fact, as of now, all of Teddy’s platform has been implemented in the U.S. It only took 100 years!!!

    Keynesian economics simply says that all money spent by government is a loan that must be repaid. The only rules are that the economy is closed (no Trade Deficit), and more production than consumption. There is no question Keynesianism works – the problem is the people who got the loan won’t repay it!


  45. Martin, if the theory is that those who received the loan repay it and the reality is they do not repay it, just how is it working?

    Craig, don’t forget on Obozo’s foreign policy, Iran fired on one of our drones in international airspace a week before the election and it was hidden from the public until after the election with claims of it was “classified.” Isn’t funny how it came to be unclassified so soon after the election?

    And now, General Petraeus? Also not let known until After the election and as cries of Benghazi cover-up ring louder across the nation? I smell another Monica Lewinsky diversion there.


  46. Lew, we know from the Clinton era about what the tax rates have to be to repay the loan. However, it’s too late now – $12 trillion is too much to make up – hyperinflation MUST happen.

    I’m just guessing, but I think we agree that driving off the Fiscal Cliff is the right thing to do (even though we have different reasoning.)


  47. Martin, my call now is for the Republicans to not debate, not amend and not speak out against whatever the Democrats propose. Just sit silent and vote “present” and let the Democrats have their way,,, and of course, full ownership of what happens afterward.

    They will not be able to blame Republican obstructionism or point any fingers back at Republicans, they will own the results lock, stock and barrel. People will be forced to see what Democrats are really about as the country implodes from their Robin Hood desires.

    Of course, people like you will pay a high price by losing everything you have, but you willingly asked for them to do it.

    Once it all implodes and falls apart, we’ll be there with old fashioned sound policy to rebuild and restore what is left of the country, but now with the proof of how far off base liberalism really is.

    It’s going to get really ugly, Martin. I’m prepared, are you?


  48. Yeah, I’m prepared. But you’re right, it’s going to be ugly. I’m not looking forward to it.


  49. Lew, regarding the Iranian attempt to shoot down a US drone – the administration had to keep it quiet. Otherwise it would have become a political football and that wouldn’t have done anyone any good. The right response was a non-response, but that wouldn’t have happened if the Republicans got hold of it. Besides, I bet whoever was responsible for firing the missile (ie. the Colonel or whoever in charge of the battery) got demoted or cashiered for missing the drone.

    I do find it odd that the “media” never got wind of the incident – that’s pretty hard to believe. If they knew of the incident and didn’t report it, then they did the right thing for the wrong reason.

    The Pretraeus incident is very troubling. Only the very naive would believe it to be a coincidence that the head of the CIA – who had the clearest understanding of exactly what occurred in Benghazi – lost his job the week before he was to testify to Congress about those events. It’s unclear that Obama had any direct knowlege or involvement in the affair (plausible deniability, but you can bet people in his administration were pulling the strings. Even if he testifies at a later date, he can now claim to be (or accused of being), “out of the loop” and “not up to date with current analysis”. Clever move by Axelrod.


  50. Of course the drone would have been a political football, Craig. That’s the whole point, it was covered up by the government to protect Obozo when several items were used against Bush, to no avail in 2004, to demean his presidency.

    And the Petraeus matter is definitely troubling since it was also known well before the election, but as more and more questions are raised on Obozo’s ineffectiveness and ignoring what was going on in Banghazi, divert attention to Petraeus to protect Dear Leader.

    The same media that made excuses and covered for Obozo after Benghazi are now clamoring to keep Petraeus’ name before the public, demeaning and trashing him and once again, Republicans appear to falling for the ploy.

    Ignore Petraeus and keep the focus on Benghazi, where it needs to be.


  51. Lew, don’t you think there were legitimate national security reasons for not revealing the attempted shoot-down? The President is commander-in-chief. I think it’s his call on how to respond to incidents like that without public debate isn’t it?

    They’ll (the media) probably start referring to General Pretraeus as “Betrayus” again – like they did when he supported Bush’s surge in Iraq.


  52. If there were legitimate national security risks, I doubt they would have gone away so rapidly, Craig.

    And don’t forget, this is the same people who had no problem revealing sensitive data to a Hollywood movie maker to produce a film on killing bin Laden, also to be shown days before the election.

    National Security risks, especially to the lives of our Seals who operate as they do did not seem to be of much concern then


  53. Obozo thinks that Seals are just supposed to be cannon fodder. The sonuvabitch has no respect for anything, including himself.


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