Oh America, What Have You Done?

by lewwaters

Do you ever find yourself sitting down, conflicted on sacrifices made in the past and wondering why any such sacrifices were made after seeing those sacrifices in essence thrown right back in your face? That is where I sit now, on the eve of Veterans Day 2012 and seeing how our recent elections turned out.

I think of all of the hardships we endured over the years defending this nation from Communist aggressors, standing up against them in foreign lands and more than once, engaging them on the battlefields of Korea and Vietnam. I recall the aid poured into other countries to assist them in their struggle against such oppressive foreign interference and how we stood our ground during the Cold War in Europe, President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural words ringing in my ears, “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

JFK must be turning in his grave as we now see the country being handed over to leaders who have shown that the very oppressive government we fought and stood up against for so long is what a majority of our citizens now desire, believing that offers of “free stuff” is better than actually working for yourself.

The record of Barack Obama and the modern Democrat Party has to be one of the, if not the worst in our history. Yet, voters seem entranced by the golden tongue and lies of how much better off they are, even though unemployment remains nearly double of that the last administration, the country is now over $16 Trillion in debt with word coming immediately after the election from Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid (D NV) that once reached, they will just raise the debt limit ceiling again to $18.794 Trillion just weeks from now.

Of course, that is such an astronomical number that most cannot wrap their heads around just how much it is or that there are no plans to decrease what we owe. Leaves me wondering why they even have a “Debt Ceiling Limit” if congress just raises it every year or so.

Obama campaigned on how well the country is doing and that he has “created 5.4 Million jobs.” Yet, we see that foodstamps surged the most in one year to new all time record in just this last year. We can only imagine why reports of this were delayed in being released, but it doesn’t take much imagination.

We all recall how the last administration was lambasted over the 2005 Hurricane Katrina that did so much damage around New Orleans when the levy’s there collapsed and flooded much of the city. Even though the Democrat governor and mayor failed to adequately prepare of do for those affected, all blame feel on George W. Bush for ineffectiveness and not acting soon enough, even though doing so would have had him in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

Do you remember hearing some vague mention of a Hurricane Sandy devastating the Eastern Seaboard in New York and New Jersey? Seems they were hit with a huge storm about a week before the election and here it is nearly two weeks later, people are starving, no electricity, no gas, no place to stay and the very same media blasting President Bush for weeks on end remain silent on Barack Obama’s lack of interest on helping those people.

Even though word leaked that Obama was requesting layoff notices be held off on until after the election, Democrats by the score scoffed at such an idea, crying Republicans were lying or engaging in scare tactics and that no such call could possibly be true.

Here we are just days after the election and what do we see but over 30,000 layoff notices being handed out, driving unemployment numbers back up.


Obama has used his golden tongue and teleprompter to say he would end our energy dependence by opening up more of our own land for exploration and drilling to recover more of our own resources. Yet, within days after being reelected, we read of his administration closing 1.6 million acres of federal land in the West originally slated for oil shale development.

We heard Obama boasting of signing the Lilly Ledbetter Act, concerning equal pay for women to that of their male counterparts. Yet, ignored by American media and hidden from voters is that Women paid significantly less in Obama’s White House.

Obama has repeatedly maintained he supports our right to arm ourselves under the Second Amendment. Yet, Wednesday, the day after the election, his administration announced support for the U.N. gun-ban treaty that stands to place our right to arm ourselves under International Treaty and subjecting them to the whims of foreign countries.

We have been repeatedly told by Obama that Iran is no threat. Yet one of our drones was fired upon in international airspace a week before the election and was kept quiet until after the election, claims of “classified” sounding too hollow.

There is also the matter of 4 Americans, including our Ambassador being murdered in a terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya and the clamp down on information concerning that. Obama’s claims of labeling it a terrorist attack right away shown to be untrue as his administration scurries to cover his ineptness that allowed those 4 to die a brutal death.

And now we see CIA Director, retired General David Petraeus suddenly resigning over an extra martial affair just a week before being scheduled to testify before congress, with White House claims of he will not be testifying. Add to that, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also being called to testify, but declining due to a “scheduling conflict.”

We read of the Communist Party USA elation at Obama’s reelection while far leftists at DailyKOS look forward to a ‘benevolent’ Obama dictatorship.

Given such an abysmal record shown above and much more not mentioned, Obama’s victory left many people stunned. The usual cries of voter fraud are racing across the land met with the usual denials. Some sound conspiratorial, but some others, like Republican Poll Waters forcibly removed for hours in some wards in Philadelphia that overwhelmingly voted for Obama sound plausible.

A district in Florida receiving more ballots than voters raises concerns as well.

Others call the victory as due to a superior organization and outreach to voters by the campaign as well s the Republican Party being out of touch by not running candidates more liberal than Mitt Romney was, a thought I resoundingly reject as Romney at best was a moderate, not conservative.

Given some rumblings heard since the election, cries of “conservatism is dead” are definitely premature as we see that although the stock market plunged the day after the election and remains down, stocks in gun companies are on the rise as we once again see a surge in private guns being purchased.

Not meaning to sound conspiratorial myself, I remain troubled at Obama’s over use of claims of this being his “last election and last campaign.” Although many will see it as an admission of this being his second and last term, I recall hearing mention during B.J. Clinton’s second term from Democrats of repealing the 22 Amendment to allow him to serve longer.

We now hear a similar call coming from B.J. Clinton to allow presidents to serve longer.

Venezuela’s Dictator Hugo Chavez comes to mind when he repealed his countries term limit on Presidents and set himself up as dictator.

I wouldn’t be surprised that similar thoughts are on tap for Obama, given Newsweek’s past description of Obama as God of all Things and now as a Napoleonic figure.

Obama now promises more “redistribution of wealth” amounting to “free stuff” and leading voters to believe they won’t be paying for anything and only the “rich” will see tax increases. Ignored is that every time the Democrats have decided to steal more from the wealthy among us, it is us in the middle class that pay the most with increased unemployment, higher consumer prices and sooner or later, payment of those increased taxes falls on the backs of the middle class as well.

You’ve made your choice, America. You bought the snake oil and dug your own graves. It’s now only a matter of time as to when you will wake up and realize you gave up the freedom so many of us fought for you to have. Fidel Castro accomplished enslaving Cuba by the bullet. Obama accomplished it by the ballot and empty promises.

It didn’t take long for the Cubans to realize what they did to themselves by supporting Castro as they began fleeing his Communist Utopia and heading across the shark infested Florida Straits in rickety makeshift boats in hopes of reaching the Southern Shores of Florida and freedom.

Once you wake up and realize, “my God, what have we done,” there is no place left for you to escape to.

36 Comments to “Oh America, What Have You Done?”

  1. Again, please outline the policy differences between Romney vs. Obama.

    Both support gun control. Both support govt mandated health care.

    Did Romney support the elimination of welfare? Did he want illegals rounded up and deported? Did he want the Dept of Education disbanded and the role of education sent back to the states? Did he want the troops brought back home, closing down bases in Asia & Europe? Did Romney want an audit of the Federal Reserve? Did he want a shutdown of Fannie Mae & HUD?

    Help me out here.

    Mainstream European media coverage basically was baffled about what the controversy was about, since both candidates were so similar.

  2. The future of our country is just depressing. People vote against the issues and for the candidate that authors and endorses the same issues at all levels of government. Just tonight I heard a speaker and we listened to the future here in our state under the new administration. Lynda Wilson also said that she and her hubby are going to face some serious issues as they may have to stop covering healthcare for their employees since the majority of them earn less than $92k yearly and that means that in addition to their insurance premiums the Wilsons will be fined another $3000 per employee IF they cover them with private and not state based healthcare?!! At about $30k per month there is no way that they can conceive how to cover the expense and stay in business.
    I read that Louisana has requested to cede from the union. I thought it would be Texas first but I do know that several southern states are in a contract together so maybe this is just the first step. I am really scaird now.
    No jobs, no future jobs and maybe no future for our country…
    God help us please!

  3. Josef, if you truly cannot see any difference, you’re blind as a bat.

    Did you see the Communist Party elated over Romney running? No.

    Did you see anybody hoping Romney to win to establish a “benevolent” dictatorship? No.

    Did you see socialist dictators across the globe endorsing Romney? No.

    As for Europe, I was unaware that we selected leaders based on what they think.

    What you list took years to establish and will take years to modify, it could not be done over night. Obama wants to keep expanding it while Romney was willing to begin curtailing much of it. But, you have to be in office and willing to lead such slow changes before anything can be done.

    Ron Paulies notion of instant turn around based on one man in office is exactly why he has never succeeded in making even a ripple in the national scene, thinking people realizing it will be aa slow process turning it around to avoid total chaos.

    But, it’s done now. Ya’ll kept the status quo as it was slamming the corral gate shut behind you.

    Good luck in the future when it smacks you between the eyes that there is no land left to escape too, the last free society being gone. You can try telling your children or grandchildren what a free America once was like, I won’t be here likely.

    You don’t want to see it now, but mark my words, one day it is going to smack you right between the eyes.

  4. Lew,I can’t believe you are being honest. I don’t give a rat’s ass what the Communist Party thinks. Do you???

    I’ve asked three times now for a list of the policy differences between Obama vs. Romney. yet you have not provided any such list.. How hard could it be???

    Instead, I see a bunch of diversions. Shame on you all.

    Are you really so ignorant of the system the founding fathers set up?

    At this point I agree with Ben Franklin – if you can’t defend this government you don’t deserve it.

  5. “As for Europe, I was unaware that we selected leaders based on what they think.”

    Sorry this is so complicated. My previous point was the others were unable to see a significant policy difference between Obama & Romney. Your post has not addressed this fundamental question.

    For the fourth time (at least) can you list some significant policy differences between the two candidates?

    I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS SO DIFFICULT!!! Yes, I’m shouting. How in the world did it come about that asking for differences between the R & D candidates for Presidents was so difficult???

    Finally, I have to laugh at the idiots so stupid to donate money to the R’s: if you donated money to the R’s, please read this, and ask yourself what your reaction would be if you worked for these idiots:

  6. Josef, surely you are not that damned blind? Your “not giving a rats ass about what the Communist Party thinks” reminds me of some Germans who didn’t give arats ass what the National Socialist thought either, including some Jews who felt they could appease them early on.

    Your blindness is exactly what this post is all about.

    Your Paulbot crap doesn’t fly with me, Josef.

    Your stubbornness & blindness is exactly why you are about to lose what our founding father established.

    I guess you missed Romney, even though instituting something similar to Obamacare before, saw the futility of it and wanted to repeal Obamacare?

    Obama is for large tax increases that will be borne by you and not just the wealthy. Romney was lowering taxes and trying to get the private sector running again.

    Romney opposed queer marriage, Obama supported it.

    Romney would build the Keystone XL Pipeline and begin drilling more of our own resources, Obama opposes it, even though he says different.

    Romney believes it should be left up to the states whether or not abortion is legal, as it was before Roe vs Wade. Obama wants to keep abortion legal nationally and taxpayer funded.

    Romney has successful business history. Obama has none.

    Obama wants u subjected to the UN, Romney doesn’t

    Romney opposes cap & trade, Obama supports it.

    There are more differences, but you would have to be willing to look, not just take Ron Paul’s or Alex Jones word for it. These are for you to ignore now, since you didn’t bother to look before.

    Lastly, go play Paulbot shit elsewhere, Josef. My patience wears thin quickly in that regard.

  7. Enjoy Obama, Josef, you Paulbots helped put him there.

  8. Lew, your depression is depressing me. Conservatives only need to make a couple adjustments and they’ll be back on top again:

    Be unapologetic with your religious believes but don’t try to impose them on everyone else.

    Be aware that nothing can be done about immigrants once they’re here so make the best of it. (They’re not here for Welfare.)

    Go after the Progressives/Marxists with a vengeance but don’t confuse them with Liberals.

    Learn some damn economics.

  9. “Liberal” is a filthy word in America, Martin.

  10. That makes me a filthy guy, Jack.

  11. That’s where you are dead wrong, Martin. I’m not depressed, I’m pissed at how you and others so willy nilly threw away the sacrifices that I and millions of others made in defending this country from from communist oppression over our history.

    Your delineation between liberal, progressive and marxist means nothing as whether you see it or not, they have become synonymous with each other.

    Tell me, what are ILLEGAL aliens here for? Why aren’t they fighting to better their own countries instead of being hear demanding a voice and giveaways at our expense?

    And again, a false assumption from you that I am religious. I am far from it. Don’t mistake that for atheist or agnostic, but I don’t buy into mainstream Christianity sold in many Churches today. I hold values based upon what I read in the Bible, but belong to or attend no Church.

    Your additional assumption that we only need make a few adjustments is bullshit to my ears. Making those adjustments to the left is why we are here today seeing our freedom and liberty threatened as it is. In fact, as far as I am concerned, Republicans should just sit back and let it all fall, vote present on everything your Socialist Democrat Party proposes and let ya’ll have what you want. Let you learn the hard way.

    I’m set to survive and care for my family as it all comes crashing down.

    As for your economics, if learning means to gloss over the continual rises in debt as no big deal, no thank you. Simple arithmetic says that is why we are doomed.

    But I think what I find the funniest is that once it crumbles, it is people like you that will be the first targets and left slobbering and wondering what happened.

    Good luck, Martin. Just remember, you voted for it.

  12. There is some evidence that possibly 3 million, nominally Republican, voters who might have voted stayed home. The talking heads have mostly assumed these stay-at-homes to be evangelicals … or other deep social conservatives. There is some truth to that analysis, as I have seen too many postings to the Tea Party discussion list I regularly see where there were a significant number of posts complaining that Romney “wasn’t ‘pure’ enough as a conservative” and there were a modest few who held significant negative views of the “Mormon cult” that they withheld support. Indeed, over the past few days I’ve heard callers to Limbaugh and to a locally produced “conservative talk radio show” explain their choice to not vote due to the presumed failings of Romney as a “true conservative.” These voters (based on the posts I read) would have been even more heavily negative if we had a Rand or other true Libertarian either as VP or as Presidential candidates on the ballot.

    In this case, the stupidity of refusing to vote for the “better” because the “perfect” wasn’t available is quite frustrating.

    On the Libertarian side, in no state did Gary Johnson (my preferred candidate) receive a vote that would have affected the outcome of the winner-take-all contest.

    The best figure I found online was that Johnson received about 1.2 million votes for a .98% (that’s just below 1%) share of the total vote. Only in New Mexico (3% of the vote), is where Johnson, a former governor, achieved much more than 1% … Washington gave Johnson about 1.25% and Clark County was 1.28%… Of course, these are preliminary counts, since it will take 30 days or more for most states to file their official final tally.

    As an Objecctivist, I note that Objectivist organizations had specifically endorsed Romney (if allowed reflecting non-profit status), and I assume that many Objectivists may have taken those endorsements in consideration. (The reality being that with the type of system we have, with winner-take-all elections, that voting for a third party candidate often feels like a vote against one’s own interests. (I’m not suggesting a change in our political system, as the Constitutional system with checks and balances we have has more advantages (in holding back radical changes) than the disadvantages of a parliamentary system as used in much of the rest of the world.)

    In the same vein, the withholding of votes from Libertarians (or Ron Paul supporters) for Romney is distressing — when considering the substantial negative potential of a second Obama term. Again, staying home as a protest only ensured that the “better” was unable to achieve a victory. I don’t fault those who voted for Gary Johnson as a matter of conscience — but only those who simply didn’t vote (their votes might have affected down ballot candidates). Indeed, I came very close to voting for Johnson due to my living in a state where a Romney defeat was a foregone conclusion (and proved true with a 55% share to Obama). However, I voted for Romney since, for a time, I thought he might actually win — and if he lost, I wanted there to be insufficient difference in the total vote count for Obama to claim a “mandate.”

    The treatment of Ron Paul by the establishment Republican party leaders — and the Romney campaign — was dreadful and very counter productive. At the very least, Ron Paul should have been allowed to address the convention — and his name should have been entered into nomination, even though the overwhelming delegate vote would have given the nomination to Romney on the first vote. This would have served to reduce much of hard feelings felt by Paul supporters and delegates, and might have piqued the interest of “uncommitted” voters who probably ended up voting for Obama. I note that there is some indication from exit polls, etc., that Ron Paul Republicans may have stayed away from the polls in numbers of some significance, perhaps another two to three million voters.

    I suspect that a re-established Republican party with strong Libertarian leanings would prove much more attractive to many of those so-called “moderates” who either swing between the parties or tend toward electing liberals due to a strong desire for social liberalism.

    Dick Morris, has an interesting analysis that shows that the demographic category of the voter was the most reliable indicator of how they will vote. This is not encouraging for the future of the Republican Party as it exists.

    While I, personally, vote with the party that offers the best economic policies, it appears that many other voters choose other variables to consider. And, frankly, many of George Bush’s policies were economically wrong — and the then Republican majorities in Congress made major blunders, expanding spending on (statist) social programs than any previous President/Congress since L.B.J. Of course, Obama had quintupled down on what the Bush/Republican Congress did.

    The Republican party would do very well to consider transforming itself into an individual liberty, limited government party. While a pure Libertarian (or Objectivist) political party (with candidates) would certainly be intellectually stimulating — the reality is that the Libertarian party has been in existence for some 40 years (I recall voting for Libertarian candidates in my youth) but it has never garnered more than a fraction of the vote and, on a very few occasions, may have proved to be a spoiler in a few campaigns, allowing much worse statist candidates to win over “better” (but imperfect) candidates (particularly in down ballot situations).

    The problem for the Republicans, if they contemplate such a redirection, is that the religious-social conservatives appear to be totally turned off by many Libertarian/Objectivist ideas, such as stopping the war on drugs, backing off from the abortion issue (which should never have become a national issue in the first place), and other favorite issues of the social conservatives. The Republicans may feel that they ought to “stick” with a solid member of their coalition rather than gamble on picking up enough liberty loving voters considered to be in the changeable middle. But the lesson of this election is that if the “solid conservative” right didn’t get their way, then they stayed home (and, by some counts) lost the election for Romney. WIth friends like that, you hardly need enemies.

  13. Lew, do you ever doubt your certainty?

  14. I’m a Libra, Martin. You should know that before we make up our minds, we study and weigh all balances to come to our certainty.

    I wish and hope what I see on the horizon is wrong, but I really can’t see any other future.

    Remember too, Martin, I witnessed it from our side years ago and if you sit down with some aging Vietnamese refugees in our community and Slavic immigrants (legal of course), they see it too.

  15. John, I cannot disagree with your assessment. And, although if those who voted for Gary Johnson had voted Romney would not have made much of a difference, I do think that if the organization that Paulies set up to reach out on his behalf and if the zeal applied to him had been used to oppose Obama to get Romney in, even with all of his not pure and shortcomings, it might have made some difference.

    Of course, it’s all academic now. What’s done is done.

    As for Evangelicals, I despise that they have so much control in the party and they are a large reason I left the party and resigned my PCO position a few years ago. I have no problem with others religious beliefs, but I don’t want their views imposed on me politically.

    There are several issues they push that should take a backseat to more important matters as well, such s before we worry about abortion, get the economy under control and back on sound footing.

    But now, the die is cast and whatever is to happen will happen. People were warned.

  16. Lew, it’s not (so much) those that voted for Gary Johnson — they, at least, voted. And (as you acknowledge) if 100% of their votes went to Romney, it would not have made a difference.

    What is truly disturbing is the number of strong social conservatives AND Ron Paul supporters who (apparently) stayed home and did not vote, at all.

    I have to admit, not having missed voting in any election since I was first registered, that I have great difficulty understanding why so many potential voters do not vote — and I’m doubly perplexed by those who stay home simply because they don’t like the choices.

    Politicians are, on the whole, not a very appealing bunch. Polls have long shown that used car salesmen (hardly paragons of virtue) are held in higher esteem than politicians. But our future and survival (as a nation and as a culture) depend on them, and it’s hard to understand why anyone would not come out to vote. Currently, the estimates are that only 57+% of the registered voters turned out. (Down from 2008.) That means 93 million votes that could have been cast, were not.

    On the other hand, there are a lot of incredibly ignorant folks, who apparently do not study the issues and select candidates based on the outcome of thoughtful reasoning, who probably ought not vote…

  17. again, One has to note the difference between Republicans and Democrats whereas Republicans won’t support anyone who isn’t true to to the Conservative cause, and Democrats will blindly support any scumbag S. O B. who wears their banner to the death of the entire nation.That IS the difference between the parties.

  18. Lew and Friends of John Galt, I was wondering, if there a national measurement of how many voters voted? I know you can find out by state, but was curious of the national picture…

  19. Many Gen Y’s (including my daughter) voted against Romney, not for Obama. Why? Because the mainstream Republicans ( in part of their own volition ) were successfully painted as being socially regressive and against women’s rights.

    This is a perfect lesson in why it’s a big mistake to lard up elections with “social” issues that, for the most part, should have no place in government. Conservative candidates should focus on real issues that directly relate to their constitutionally-delegated powers and nothing else. That means e.g. national defense, the economy and commerce, and foreign affairs. No religious, gay marriage, or abortion crap, which is often just a cheap and intellectually dishonest way to garner votes, but at great cost, as this election fiasco demonstrates.

    Moving forward, we will need to figure put how to get out the vote using real issues of day-to-day consequence, rather than the usual social red meat and divisive baloney. It won’t be as easy but it’s the correct thing to do – unless we want more repeats of 2012 with horrible consequences not just at the federal but also the state and local level (for example Eileen Qutub’s loss that should have been a shoe-in). Using social issues the way we have been is the equivalent of rolling giant boulders off a hilltop toward town and keeping your fingers crossed that your friends and family don’t get crushed.

  20. Jeremy, I found this site: http://uselectionatlas.org/RESULTS/ using Google by searching “election results 2012” and variations. It took several tries to find one that had conveniently put all the figures in one place. The caveat is that no state or sub-jurisdiction has issued “certified” results at this time, and in the case of close races there could be changes in the outcome — or, at least, in the final vote tally.

    Click on the links within the site to drill down to results by individual states, etc. This site appears to be sponsored by an individual, self-described as a “data nut.” It is financed from memberships (that are not required to access most of the data) and is presented (as noted in the “about” section) as a “sharing with the public.”

    On the surface, this site appears to have accurate data as it compares favorably with commercial media figures (that do not include the minor candidates).

  21. Tom, you echo my sentiments exactly. Conservatives have lost the “culture wars” — and it’s time to acknowledge that reality. The social issues, especially those based in religious imperatives, do not resonate with the young (nearly all of whom have spent most of their lives in the hands of progressive educators — being fed a continuous stream of propaganda) and, as this election has amply demonstrated, the social issues did not swing any votes toward Romney that he would not have received in any event.

    Personally, I find it hard to believe that (for example) the Latino population apparently supported Obama by 70% — and this is supposed to be (as the Republican establishment says) Catholics with conservative family values. Yet 70% voted against those concerns to support the Democrats who are clearly on the record for policies contrary to those presumed values.

    The Republican party must embrace the low tax, small government, individual freedom paradigm, if they are going to survive at all. Then they must stick to that philosophy, and never revert to the free spending “good (big) government” types as were on exhibit through the Bush Presidency.

  22. “Because the mainstream Republicans ( in part of their own volition ) were successfully painted as being socially regressive and against women’s rights.” By the Lying Bastards in the Media who are totally in the tank for the scummy Democrats. You left that part out. So the REAL enemy that we have to work to defeat is the Media. We have to drive them into bankruptcy.We have to target their advertisers and sources of income.

  23. Let’s get something straight and cut through all of the Bullshit: Mexicans are CONSERVATIVES.Mexicans ?DON’T WANT “Citizenship”. Mexicans are PROUD of being “Mexican”. Mexicans just want the FREEDOM to come here illegally and make money to send out of the country.

  24. It is most certainly true that the “lying bastards in the media” have been more forthrightly showing their bias toward Obama than they have for any previous Democratic candidate. While the bias is more obvious, the measure of the bias is probably no different than it’s been for the past 20 years. The big media outlets, TV news, newspapers, and news magazines, have been shrinking in the face of the competition from digital media — which clearly has far more diversity of opinion than you’d ever see in your local newspaper. I think, in part, the media bias problem is going to result in many media bankruptcies over the next few years. (Today, I just read an article lamenting the Philadelphia Enquirer shrinking to an 11 x 11 inch format … with fewer pages than ever.) Personally, I have not subscribed to a local or regional newspaper for more than 10 years — I long ago decided that I did not need to subsidize those who spouted propaganda on the side of issues where I felt differently.

    However, the “lying bastards” did not shove Todd Akin’s foot into his mouth. By choosing to express opinions related to his advocacy against abortion — and saying something that was pretty stupid — he torpedoed his own campaign, losing the Senate seat to (what some described) as the most “at-risk” Democratic Senate seat. Likewise, Richard Mourdock, while discussing his objections to abortion rammed his foot deeply down his throat with another very stupid remark. (Both of these remarks reflected strongly held beliefs — no doubt both candidates were being genuine in their remarks — and that is what made them all the worse.) We can’t blame the “lying bastards in the media” for these kinds of unforced errors. And frankly, both of these candidates come across as being “socially regressive and against women’s rights.” Had both candidates merely stated that “Abortion is a matter between a woman, her family, her physician, and her god” — and left it at that — then these two candidates might well be celebrating their election to the Senate seats that they lost.

  25. “Friend,” you got that last paragraph exactly right – including your prescription for success.

    Jack, I would have thought your head would have exploded already.

  26. Funny, the lying bastards in the Media covered Obozo’s miserable ass by not going as overboard about the victims of “Sandy” as they did the victims of “katrina”. and the lying sonsabitches in the media are lettinging Obozo SKATE on Benghazi where they would have CRUCIFIED President bush. You really can’t deny those two items, now can you?
    the lying bastards in the Media AMPLIFY any gaffe made by a Republican yet IGNORE any Gaffe made by Joe Biden. Maybe you didn’t “notice” that

  27. I’m waiting for America to explode when the financial collapse happens. Better prepare yourself for tar & feathers, Martin.

  28. The bastards on the Left have NO ROLE in critiquing what Republicans “should do”.Like, anyone on the Left would want to “help Republicans to have “success”??I’ve got a bridge in Death valley you might want to buy. Republicans don’t need any “help ” fom Lefties.

  29. Jack, time will “fix” the Republican Party.

  30. Actually Martin, Time will “exonerate” the Republican Party as people wake up to how the threw their freedom in the garbage for Obozo.

  31. Lew, it’s impossible to have a debate when you treat socialism & liberalism the same (let alone Marxism!)

  32. There is no debate there, Martin, just a play on words.

  33. Socialism, Liberalism and Marxism are all just different “degrees” of the same thing Martin

  34. Martin, time will “fix” the Democrat Party Hang in there.

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