Hurricane Sandy Struck Vet Denied Help By Obama’s FEMA

by lewwaters

EXCLUSIVE 5440FIGHT.COM:  Dateline Highlands New Jersey – November 11, 2012.  On a day meant to honor our a service members, a proud ex-servicemember is denied help by the country he fought so hard to protect.  Jamie Gowan who is living out of his neighbors Jeep was denied assistance by a FEMA representative because his home is covered by flood and homeowners insurance.

Veteran Jamie Gowan is being denied emergency assistance by FEMA. He was reached by phone after this photo of his house went viral on Social Media.

Gowan was reached exclusively by 5440FIGHT.COM for a telephone interview.  While his own insurance company adjuster has not come by the house, he’s not receiving any assistance and there is no telling how long that will take.

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38 Comments to “Hurricane Sandy Struck Vet Denied Help By Obama’s FEMA”

  1. Thanks Lew!


  2. Any time, Dan, happy to spread the word.


  3. Yep Obama hates veterans! Geez. How about all of the other vets and the thousands of people that FEMA is helping? One vet gets denied and you go after Obama for it? Get real.


  4. Feel free to list some of them, MIke.

    Then tell us why this guy was shoved aside. Is it because he’s white?

    Or, did you even bother to click and read the rest where is actually posted and not written by me, but instead promoted?

    Seems Bush hated Black People during Katrina.

    Don’t you hate seeing your boy held to the same standard?


  5. Love the spin on this. Flood insurance covering the damage from the flood and the homeowners insurance he has will cover the wind damage etc. FEMA is meant to cover what the other programs don’t, and the reason the program is going broke is because in the past during Katrina etc after they were slow in their response, they handed checks to everyone. So many were double paid. Sorry, I appreciate the mans service to our country and feel bad, but it is the homeowners duty to prevent further damage by covering with a tarp etc and to pester your insurance companies etc. The squeeky wheel gets the grease also they are paid in order of when they filed. That is why its important to call your agent ASAP. Also why its important to have a good ins. agent. Sadly when there is a disaster with so many homes to be covered, it takes awhile. His family should be helping him or he should try the veterans administration to see if they could help. But making it out like he was denied coverage because hes a Vet and the gov’t hates vets is just BS.


  6. It says right in the article that he’s not looking for money, just a place to sleep. The insurance company doesn’t seem to be in a big hurry to do that. “After almost two weeks Gowan becomes obviously weary and irate as he quotes the FEMA representative who came by the house: “What are you doing just looking for a check?” “That really put a bad taste in my mouth,” says Gowan. ”I’m not just looking for a check are you for real? … I just want a place I can go to to sleep with my family … not living out of someone’s Jeep … It’s bad.””


  7. Also a direct quote from the veteran, “I’m not looking for a handout or anything I’m just looking for a place where I can live with my family. My house is destroyed. It had four feet of water in it and it’s a single one story house. I lost everything I ever worked for.”


  8. a great case of how HYPOCRITICAL the Left can be.


  9. Val, homeowners insurance automatically gives you coverage to stay in a hotel. He should be all over his insurance company and his agent should have told him it provided coverage for that. Thats really where the blame lies. Jack, it has nothing to do with left or right and sadly because this country is so divided I fear we will never get back on track.So much for being the UNITED States of America. I really hate seeing people automatically blaming the other side..ironically it could be a republican insurance agent who is giving him the shaft. Who knows, or cares..its the fact he deserves better as do all the people affected by the hurricane.


  10. Romney wanted to get rid of FEMA altogether. Now it’s a problem because someone was denied aid? Just the term Obama’s FEMA shows your partisanship. Bush’s FEMA did a lot worse. Have you heard FEMA’s side yet? Of course not. FEMA initially denies aid for various reasons. I checked whatever facts I could find. Why don’t you?


  11. Irrelevant, Larry. Romney did not win and FEMA does exist.

    Obama says he is about taking care of the people, yet two weeks later people are struggling and starving in the northeast and he’s off to campaign fundraisers, playing golf and living the good life.

    Why is he not held to the same standard Bush was after Katrina?


  12. Lew because the guy has flood and homeowners insurance that he should be getting money from. If the gov’t was handing out checks to people who didn’t deserve it, I’m sure you would be calling him out on that too! Why not try supporting the country and being the UNITED States of America instead of looking to cause more division? The only ones who win with all this division are the terrorists because they are loving it and eating it up. Nice going!


  13. Instead of bloviating on what you “THINK” I would do, Lynnie, how about explaining why Bush was castigated weeks on end over Katrina and Obama receives a pass on Sandy, even though people are struggling and starving there two weeks after.

    As for division, didn’t seem to bother anybody between 2001 and 2009, did it?

    Where was the call of “try supporting the country and being the UNITED States of America” during that time?

    Explain why it is we can only be united when Democrats are in control.

    The vitriol and uncivil nature rests solely at the feet of the left that will not tolerate any deviation from their perverted views.

    Your call of unity is nothing more than when the North Vietnamese Communists “united” with South Vietnam, at the cost of a few million innocent lives that simply disappeared in reeducation camps or perished in the South China Sea fleeing the “benevolent compassion” of the Communist oppressors.

    If you truly wanted unity, you would be holding Obozo to the same standard you all held Bush and he would not b president.

    If you will actually read the article, although he has homeowners and flood insurance, no one is coming out or assisting his family, leaving him living out of a neighbors Jeep. Many in New Orleans also had homeowners insurance and their adjusters were unable to get to them soon enough and Bush was being blasted for them being left to their own accord and FEMA not caring for them.

    What is FEMA for if not to help people until they can get the help they paid for after a disaster?


  14. I don’t get what the fuss is about. This guy should be going after his insurance adjuster – not blaming FEMA. I would imagine that his adjuster is busy with 100’s or 1000’s of claims, so he’s going to need to be patient. Stuff like this should be a lesson to us all to be prepared for natural disasters.


  15. Fema should be there for the true emergency process of the immediate bandaid assisting until the “fix” arrives. Fema should not be the permanent fix but the immediate reactionary help we expect from a government agency which we pay highly for. If the administration can afford to compensate cable t.v. services for offering $10 a month connections to tv and the internet for “poor” and free “obama” phones with no emergency in sight then I think even if some fraud occurs during an emergency (which we all knows occurs daily in government) solve the immediate problem and move on for everone’s sake, just do it!


  16. What is he supposed to do while he is going after his insurance adjuster, Craig? His home is gone, he’s living out of a jeep during winter conditions with his family.

    And yes, people should be prepared, but how long have they been taught they have FEMA to turn to in such situations?

    The press wasn’t telling residents of New Orleans to just be patient, were they? They were blasting Bush for not doing anything, even though there was a Democrat Mayor and Governor between the people and Bush.


  17. Red Cross is there. That’s what they do – provide emergency response. Maybe the RC hasn’t made it to his area yet?

    Lew, that’s two separate issues – FEMA’s response (or lack thereof) and how it’s reported by the media depending on who’s in office. They were positively swooning the next couple of days after the storm. They were reporting about how FEMA was quickly responding, how Obama was “cutting the red tape” – it was a positive orgy of bliss. Now that things aren’t so rosy the media’s hoping the whole thing will just go away so they don’t have to report about the problems and indirectly (they’d never do it directly) blame Obama.


  18. Don’t forget Chrissy Mathews Thanking the Gods for the storm.


  19. I remember Bush getting blasted as no help was there for a good week! I watched Geraldo and Shepard Smith from Fox blasting the administration because of all the people dying. I believe it was like 2k!!! So how can you compare the 2?? I’m a republican but am really disgusted with the name calling and disrespect for the president. I was brought up to respect the pres not call him obozo! You should be ashamed of yourself!
    And we ALL did support Bush after 9/11 and it wasn’t even reported much about the 9/11 commission finding he was warned at least 2x before about Al Quada. 3k died and maybe that could have been avoided!! So stop saying Bush was crucified thru out his presidency! He even snuck some Saudis out of the country right after when airports were closed! No he got a lot of passes Lew but I think katrina and his inaction was the final straw!! Btw.. All those not getting help up there are mainly democrats lol. So much for it being a right or left thing! So stop trying to make it political. I for one have heard enough lies and BS from both libs and repubs for the past 6 months. The other poster is right. We need to start being united or we’re screwed! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!


  20. Sara, if opposing Obozo disturbs you, you are not forced to read these words. Feel free to exercise your constitutional right to read elsewhere.

    Shame on you for trying to fool me or anyone on what you are and posting under 3 different names, Sara, SarasotaSal and Lynnie. You see hon, I get your IP address every time you post a comment. 😉

    I also call you on how “we all did support Bush after 9/11.” Yes, for a short bit the country came together, but after agreeing to go after the Terrorists, it was just weeks later the opposition began as the New York Times, less than a month in was labeling it a “Quagmire.”

    I don’t buy for a minute your claim of being a Republican. If you are, you are part of why the party is falling apart from within.

    We got wise to liberals posing as Republicans long ago. You can make the claim, but your words says otherwise.

    Now run along and try to fool someone else.


  21. WOW! Talk about what’s wrong with this country, this IS what’s wrong! People are right, the insurance is suppose to help you get through and if you complain they cut you a check right away. My parents lived thru hurricane Charley and had nothing too.. No family in the area, but friends helped them and they got a check right away from the insurance company and even were put up in a hotel. FEMA was nowhere to be found for weeks too but no one blamed it on Bush and FEMA denied vets claims then too. Their neighbor was a vet and they were told their insurance needs to pay it. So they bugged their agent!! Thats what this guy should be doing. Instead of pointing fingers. As for rest of you, stop blaming right, left or whoever ..why not do something to help them! I volunteer with the Red Cross and took a week off to help them. Esp you Lew, try helping instead if complaining! Of course your bloviating ( I see you watch Oreilly which explains everything) is really giving us all a good laugh! Better yet, if you can’t stand things, there’s a nice country south of us called Mexico that I’m sure you’d really like! I wouldn’t doubt you’re living in a state in the south so it would be a quick road trip for you!


  22. The fourth bogus name you’re trying to hide under, Sara, SarsotaSal and Lynnie?

    Go away, dishonest liberal.

    Pick one name and use it or I’ll be forced to delete your tripe and ban you.


  23. By the way, hon, I was born and raised in Florida and went through several hurricanes, spent 8 years active duty in the Army including 18 months boots on the ground in Vietnam followed by 3 years in Germany flying our side of the fence separating East and West Germany and Czechoslovakia.

    You got nothing but your liberal bullshit to back you up.


  24. Comment deleted as warned.


  25. For any wondering about Missy, fully expecting the usual liberal whining of being censored, here is why





    As you can see, all 4 share the exact same IP address. I will not tolerate intentionally trying to create the appearance of having more support by one liberal using multiple names.


  26. If lew is that concerned he might offer the vet some help. If you don’t have room in your house for him have room in your heart. Send donations like a lot of us have.


  27. Gee Bud, without even asking, you assume I’ve done nothing. How typical.

    Since I’m nearly 3,000 miles away and FEMA is right there and sucking up our tax dollars and was created to help, is there a reason they shouldn’t?

    You have to do better at diverting on that one, son


  28. Sour grapes over the election loss now coming in by true truckload.


  29. Nice way to cover Obozo’s ass and ineptness, Schuyler.

    When do you accuse us of racism for expecting him to be treated the same as Bush was?


  30. FEMA will automatically DENY assistance if you have insurance – even if insurance doesn’t pay up! It’s ‘their way’ of telling people NOT to buy insurance – thus supporting ONLY those that do not take care of themselves!

    My home burned to the ground in 5′ of water during a Hurricance 9 yrs ago in VA. Home owners insurance said flood insurance should pay. Flood insurance said home owners to pay. Lost EVERYTHING, including my appeal to FEMA. But I sure didn’t loose the balance on my mortgage! (And my husband & I are both Veterans). Where was FEMA then?


  31. First off Lew you really need to get a grip. I have no clue who the other individuals are and that isn’t my ip address. I do find it interesting that when I try to tell the people the truth you delete my comment.

    Rest of unintelligible babble deleted


  32. You were warned and sorry to pop your delusion, WordPress automatically includes IP addresses on every single comment.

    Consider yourself busted and ignored.


  33. I hope all of the irate back and forth on this page makes people feel better. Why not take some action? Write your representative with your suggestions. We all want people taken care of and we all want government to be responsible in spending money. Just sayin’


  34. First, Donna, we have to have representatives that listen and do something more than print off a form letter to send back to you or file lawsuits to invalidate our votes.


  35. Governmwnt bastard have shown us all that they won’t listen to the citizenry.


  36. Does anyone have an update?


  37. I did a google search but do not see if he’s gotten assistance from his insurance company yet


  38. I too can find no updates on this.


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