Washington State Joins the Growing List

by lewwaters

Residents in over 20 states have now started petitions of secession from the United States of America, sending Washington D.C. the message they are very displeased with this “New Direction” we have been set on.

Washington State has joined the list at WhiteHouse.gov

From ignoring our voices over the CRC and suing us to invalidate our votes on the 2/3 requirement to increase taxes, to our constitutional rights of religious liberty, Obamacare being forced upon us against our will, support of the International Treaty that would place our right to arm ourselves be subjected to foreign interests, our government no longer represents our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

36 Comments to “Washington State Joins the Growing List”

  1. Worthwhile reading on this holiday, formerly known as Armistice day:


    I’ve visited a few WW1 cemeteries in France, as well as Soviet (our allies) cemeteries in Austria. Sobering.

    Let us honor the soldiers who obey the Constitution, including Article 1 Section 8.


  2. How about adding the Tenth Amendment to your call for obedience?


  3. Hmm, I don’t get your meaning. Naturally I’m a big fan of the 10th amendment. Can you elaborate? Thanks!


  4. How about explaining your emphasis on Article 1, Section 8?

    I ask because I see government abusing Article 1 Section 8


  5. To even get an answer from the POTUS, sucession requests must have at least 25,000 signatures in 30 days. Otherwise it’s just considered cranks.


  6. It’s great that the government created that websdite so that the people can petition to address their greivances.Maybe we need to start a petition to ask the bastards to protect our embassy staffs from being murdered.


  7. Face it Martin, for those that meet or exceed 25K, some staffer will send a curt meaningless form reply.

    The real effort is to send the message of how displeased people are with the overbearing dictatorial attitude of this administration.


  8. I completely agree on govt abuse. That is my point. Thanks!


  9. Martin – you’re being deceptive. Obama administration has previously ignored petition requests that followed their guidelines.


    Helpfully, they’ve removed the URLs for previous petitions:



    You know, because URL redirections are so hard they have to be handled by offshored resources, or else abandoned…

    Most transparent administration, indeed!


  10. I always thought one of the most interesting parts of the Constitution was Article 1 Section 8, where we read “To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;”

    Wouldn’t that make an interesting lawsuit? If Congress has not passed a budget in more than two years, than aren’t they in violation of the Constitution? And shouldn’t they therefore be removed from office?

    In my ideal world, that would be a capital offense…


  11. As I recall this was tried back in the 1800s and did not work out very well. However, I have no objections to Florida leaving.


  12. Well Nathan, I guess we could march on and occupy public parks, riot in the streets and smash windows of liberal businesses and such instead.

    That seemed to have much support from media and Democrat politicians last year.


  13. Josef, this is not to defend either Congress or the current administration, but the “two year” appropriation of money limitation has been and is being followed. The requirement is for money to be appropriated — not for a budget to be accepted. Congress has funded the government through a series of “continuing resolutions” and “omnibus spending bills” but without an official budget. The statutory/constitutional requirement is met, though general government/business expense planning (budgets) is not met (but that is not “illegal”).

    The “tinfoil hat” part of me wonders if the Whitehouse.gov “petition” system isn’t just a nice way to gather names of those who oppose the administration, making them higher-profile targets later on, if necessary. Personally, I’d never sign a petition, critical of this administration, on their web site.


  14. I’d rather the Progressives withdrew from the Union – like to China for example. Let’s see how far they get with their crap in that country.


  15. This petitions are gathering steam. Louisana may well gather enough signatures and I really doubt that the state of Texas will fail to gather theirs. It may be a moot point as far as the current administration response is concerned, our witnessing of their ramrod type government and will to destroy or even aid in the death of our constitution and peoples is clear enough, but that does not necessarily stop the citizens who may put it on their own state ballots for votes of their resident citizens to directly consider. There is an agreement between several gulf coast states to “hang” together on this issue and aid or assist in the process of forming their own divided country should things continue on that path. I am very worried for our future and that of our fellow citizens. This admin does not seem to care who dies in its drive toward its goal.


  16. John – I might add, it does not take a lot of work to write a few lines of code to do the same basic idea as you are suggesting to create a databases of malcontents for websites and social media. Why do you think a decent number of folks are getting visits from the three letter agencies based on things they post on Facebook and Google Plus?
    And add to the effect that Google has things like Adwords, where you can buy search terms in their system and Google Alerts when a subject someone is interested in pops up.
    Ever thought of how easily a search engine can build a database on you or the IP associated to you? And if you think the Federal Government believes in privacy, I have a world of Hurricane Sandy wreckage to sell you…


  17. Thousands of whiny morons, unhappy that more than 50% of Americans voted to re-elect Barack Obama as president, are now filing secession petitions. Like a bunch of whiny children who didn’t get their way, these imbeciles are now threatening to take their toys and go home. WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!


  18. If Texas can secede, that may solve a lot of problems? First of which is that arch-conservatives would have someplace to move to. They would have their own army, so they could invade whoever they liked for as long as they liked, and they could get rid of all the socialist institutions like Social Security and government/military pensions. They could switch to “home budget” economics that all of them understand, own every gun ever made, deregulate business – go the whole-nine-yards. Frankly, and I’m sincere here, I’d LOVE to see that happen because I’m curious how it would turn out?!


  19. Now that the three of you have expressed your hatred of those that hold views different than your own, (so much for liberal tolerance, eh?) you miss completely the drive behind it is not actually secession, but sending a message that half of the country is unhappy, not so much with the man, but what he represents.

    You demand that the country unify behind him, as if he were Führer and not just a president. Yet, none of you would do anything except oppose past presidents that don’t promote your view of Marxism. You see, a real leader does not take hard positions opposing half of the country they are supposedly leading, but would work towards the center to compromise to meet the best needs of all, as did our founding fathers, not the Bolsheviks that revolted to establish the Soviet Union.

    Obama and his “my way or the highway” attitude has alienated many and judging by the mounting evidence of voter fraud in this past election, possibly more than half of the country.

    But, haters like yourselves do not want anything center, you just wish to widen the division, denigrate and demean any who see things differently and do not want the government controlling their lives and taking the fruits of their labors to spread around.

    You have fallen into the snare of the elitists who have fed you their sweet tasting poison and convinced you to give up your liberties for cradle to grave nanny statism.

    You have sold out the very essence of Americanism for hollow promises.

    We’re here, our values and views deserve representation too and we’re going to keep making noise. If you 3 don’t like it, you can go straight to hell.


  20. Lew, you used and interesting example of a revolution within a revolution. I think it’s apropos to the situation we could soon be facing. Progressives have made no secret of the fact that they are very unhappy with Barack Obama – some even maintain that he’s a corporate conservative. Like the Bolsheviks who appropriated the socialist revolution in Russia, exterminating their “allies” in the process, Progressives will attempt to overthrow the revolution that Obama and his minions have established in America. Obama is going to look like a Saint in comparison to what could be coming.


  21. Lew, when you jumble the concepts of Marxism, socialism, liberalism, fascism, and Communism all together, you make every ideology that is not Conservatism the enemy. Which of us is close-minded?!

    Personally, I’m waiting for the day when you ask questions that would demonstrate that you’re looking for the best options for America.

    For example, even though Craig and I are on different pages, I can tell he’s critically examining all the information.


  22. Martin, Please cite anything “good” about each one of those ideologies that would make them not the “enemy”.


  23. Personally Martin, I’m waiting for the day that you would demonstrate that you’re looking for the best options for America at all. I don’t think we’ll ever see that day.


  24. Martin, in your mind you draw a distinct, yet very slender differential between the concepts.

    Most of us see them as just slightly different aspects of the same thing.

    Personally, I highly doubt you are “waiting for the day when you ask questions that would demonstrate that you’re looking for the best options for America.”

    Bankrupting America under stifling debt, as you often excuse is hardly “looking for the best options for America.”

    Forcing citizens who considers themselves free to buy insurance approved by the government or pay a stiff penalty to the government is not “looking for the best options for America.”

    Completely ignoring half of the nations values and ridiculing them on a daily basis is far from “looking for the best options for America.”

    Harry Reid being applauded by your side for blocking every single bill sent to the Senate by the Republican House is not “looking for the best options for America.”

    A media that is complicit in covering up failed leadership, hiding the truth from citizens, manipulating public opinion to favor one party over another is not “looking for the best options for America.”

    Telling the American people that 2500 page bill must passed in order to find out what is in it is not “looking for the best options for America.”

    Sitting back and watching 4 Americans be slaughtered during a terrorist attack on our consulate and lying about it being a terrorist attack is not “looking for the best options for America.”

    You ask which of us is closed minded?

    I challenge you to show were you are your side of the aisle is ready to meet in real middle ground and not just demand conservative knuckle under.


  25. Yikers.

    Dude, I’m the one trying to offer a path to compromise – you’re the one insisting that everything you think is correct.

    Right now, take one simple step… Explain the difference between a Marxist and a socialist.


  26. I said your party, Martin.

    Show me where Obama, Pelosi, Reid or any of the rest have moved towards the middle, the real middle, not the false middle created on the left, to accommodate any conservative view.

    You first


  27. Guy, I told myself that whatever info you provided, no matter how insincere, biased, or ridiculous, I would count that as an honest attempt – but you didn’t. There’s no hope. Pedal-to-the-metal, let’s go over the cliff.


  28. Obfuscation instead of answering or showing one single matter your party or Obama has been willing to compromise on since he got in office, Martin?

    I take that as an admission on your part that he has not been willing to move to the middle or compromise at all.


  29. Yeah, I think Obama, and me, have given up on Conservatives but there are lots of Republicans and Independents out there.


  30. The conservative mindset craves simplicity – they seek simple answers to complex problems, squirm in discomfort in the presence of moral ambiguity, pluralism, and relativism¬.

    They are using our democratic institutions to strip down our society to irreducible simplicity. They can’t see that in so doing, they are destroying our nation – the republic of politicaly-equal citizens created by our founders, and reverting to the ancient strong man/subjects societal model.

    This is their imperative – they know no other way. It’s their way – or no way.

    They can’t be convinced otherwise – they don’t have the capacity to “get” any other way.

    It’s up to the rest of us to simply overcome them, wrest their hands from the levers of power, and conduct our affairs as best we can.


  31. Wow, Schuyler, that is about the most delusional diversion I have ever read. But, easier than admitting you abhor any and all middle ground and that you and you alone have any ideas worth considering.

    I guess euthanasia of those who don’t see things your way is next?

    You would have made a great follower of der Fuhrer


  32. There are slight differences in each of the above mentioned ideologies Martin. They are slight and in the end they usually cross over each other becoming obscure and like grey matter one has difficulty distinguishing them apart since totalitarian rule is the final destination on their paths. I am an American who truly believes that the people are the power of this country and their rights are innate thus the government must be kept smaller in order for the people to retain independance and freedom. The larger the government the harder it is to have truth in the public disclosure we require to control our own selves. People are incredible Martin both liberals and conservatives and democrats and republicans. Most care, a few are rude as we see from time to time, but really most care. They do not all realize the opinions they have and form are often based on really bad input from all kinds of sources being manipulated by some (a very few) people with personal agendas. That creates corruption that multiplies itself and trickles down in all forms and arenas of society. That corruption causes anger and bitterness. So we go from bad input to bad actions and end with bad emotions Martin. The best thing we can do for each other and our country is agree that the 25-75% margins are a solid basis for good government and the beginning of a process for debate and compromise. The fringe need sit out the chat.


  33. That’s a thoughtful post, Carolyn.
    Socialists believe that the needs of the many outweight the wants of the few. Marxists believe that equality is the prime objective. So, the difference is that a socialist will accept inequality if it serves society best.

    Liberalists believe that the rights of the individual come first unless superceded by Due Process of Law.


  34. Still waiting on Martin to provide an example of Obama striving to meet in the middle


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