The Petraeus Distraction, Don’t Fall For It

by lewwaters

It never ceases to amaze me how easily the American public is distracted, especially when it comes to government scandal and cover-ups. Just throw out some juicy sexual innuendo or accusation against some high level person and extremely important failings of an administration just start fading away.

We saw it well back during the Clinton Administration as investigators drew closer and closer to several scandals potentially involving the president, all attention was diverted to his sexual liaison with a much younger staffer, Monica Lewinsky. Clinton lied about it, Republicans jumped on it and passed Articles of Impeachment, the Senate refused to convene a trial and Clinton finished his term, becoming the darling of the Democrats and an honored former President in a very wealthy retirement.

Republicans stood there with egg on their face as all mentions of Whitewatergate, Filegate, Travelgate, Nannygate, Vince Fosters Suicide and much more quickly faded from the public discussion, even though several prosecutions of lower level involvement were won.

We now see a repeat just one week after the reelection of Barack Obama amid growing allegations of massive voter fraud in some battleground states.

I say a repeat because of a national media that couldn’t be bothered to address growing concerns and questions of citizens over the brutal murder of four Americans during a 7 hour terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the same media that all but ignored the murders of hundreds of Mexican Citizens and American Border Agents due to a botched gun running scheme and refuses to hold Obama to the same standard they did President Bush over actions after a hurricane leaves hundreds of thousands of American citizens destitute, hungry and homeless now spares no ink to report any small morsel they can find on the resignation of retired General David Petraeus from his post as head of the CIA.

Within two days of Gen. Petraeus announcing his resignation, we saw more information released on his extramarital sexual affair than we have seen in two years of Fast & Furious, the gun running scandal or two months of Benghazigate.

Let there be no mistake, I do not condone or excuse adultery. But that is a matter between Gen. Petraeus and his wife n must not be allowed to over shadow the involvement of the Obama Administration in scandal or malfeasance in protecting the country.

And once again, that is exactly what the lamestream media is doing as we see headlines of Gen. Petraeus personally investigating the slaughter in Benghazi, Gen. John R. Allen, the commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan being drawn into the email exchanges, an FBI Agent sending ‘shirtless’ photos or that Obama was completely surprised by it all, considering it is now known that Attorney General Eric Holder knew about the affair months ago.

White House Propaganda Minister Jay Carney wants us to believe this was all unknown until after the elections, but that clam appears to be just a tad bit less than completely honest.

Particularly troubling in this resignation is that Petraeus was scheduled to testify before Congress this week on what happened in Benghazi. According to the White House, he will not testify now that he has resigned, but Congress is considering subpoenaing him to testify anyway. It is unknown what his response will be or how well his memory will be should he testify.

Add to this that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also declined an invitation to appear before Congress on Benghazi due to a scheduling conflict, visiting with friends in Australia.

But the narrative is growing and the lamestream media is willfully running with story after story pertaining to Petraeus’ affair, ignoring the previous growing questions of hiding from the public Barack Obama’s knowledge of the attack, ignoring warnings of a coming attack, not answering the call for reinforcements and not immediately acknowledging to the public that it was indeed a terrorist attack and not some spontaneous protest over a short video, as Obama claimed for some two weeks.

It remains unknown if the sudden resignation is an effort to silence Petraeus on what he knows of the attack or an earnest effort to shift all blame to him.

What is known is the very same media that has repeatedly ignored highly questionable actions by this administration, refused to report or even investigate many appearances of scandalous conduct and helped cover-up any involvement of Barack Obama in any one of the botched operations is now more than eager to report every instance of David Petraeus and those he was involved with.

Likewise, whereas just one month ago Republicans were accused of being irresponsible and un-American for demanding answers on the slaughter in Benghazi, we now see Democrat Dianne Feinstein first claiming no link between Petraeus’ resignation and Benghazi demanding answers from the CIA on Petraeus’ pre-election trip to Benghazi.

In the meantime, what little was being said about the Obama Administration regarding the growing concerns of Americans is quickly and quietly fading away from public view.

Hold Gen. Petraeus accountable for any actions pertaining to Benghazi, but let’s not lose sight of an inept administration more concerned with the next round of golf than with protecting the country.

16 Comments to “The Petraeus Distraction, Don’t Fall For It”

  1. Of course, has the Senate forced Clinton out of office we would have been stuck wi tha moronnc bastard AlGore as the Incumbent and nobody in their right mind wanted that.NOw Clinton is just The Impeached Scumbag

  2. Puerile crap sells papers and gleans extra click-throughs. So long as there’s more demand for that, than for actual reporting and the truth, we’ll continue to get much more of the one and much less of the other.

  3. Actually the Republicans in the Senate were too chickenshit to put Clinton in a real trial. That’s when voters stopped voeing Republican And then BUsh refused to go after Clinton becauue he too was a wimp.

  4. Too many Republicanst that have no balls.

  5. Okay so we hear there are high up executive level leaks we need to investigate…
    Then we hear about fast and furious which we need to investigate…
    We hear about al-queda crossing into the US from the southern border…
    We hear about our government giving weapons to rebels during the Arab spring…
    We hear weapons go missing in Lybia…
    We hear Lybia might be passing off weapons to Syria…
    Now we hear WE might be passing off weapons to Syria…
    We hear about dead citizens both in our country and in Mexico…
    We hear about dead border agents….
    We hear about Osama Bin Laden and how that was the 3rd time we were sure we knew he was there…
    We hear that maybe the President wasn’t the one who call for the hit in Pakistan after all…
    We hear that the CIA and the DOD department heads are swapped out for each others position…
    Now we hear that the guy who used to be the DOD and is or at least was ’til Friday the CIA boss is in a sex scandal…
    Now there are a couple of more guys in a sex scandal too…
    Apparently we can’t get enough of stupid men sending pics of themselves to liasons on the twitter or tweet or e-mail or whatever….
    How about if we go back to that weapons discussion…
    The ex-DOD boss sends in some ex-seals as CIA ops to find them? They are maybe using skills I don’t want to know about and extract info we do need to know about? They are now conveniently dead and the boss is now being trashed?
    Did I miss something?
    Oh yeah… we re-elected the fool in charge with phoney voting machine counts…
    Anything else?

  6. Actually an excellent distraction for the Conservative Entertainment Complex to avoid addressing it’s roll in the election debacle.

  7. Well said Lew. Well said….

  8. Gee Schuyler, win all the marbles and you still whine like a titty baby

    What do you think of those Diebold machines now?

  9. This is what happens when you keep a DUHbya administration hire.

  10. Nathan,

    The epigram is “Duh!b’ya”.

  11. Sorry kids, the Bush Administration had these sorry , incompetent bastards beat all to hell. Maybe that’s what is bothering you people.

  12. No matter how you attempt to slice & dice it, the Obozo Administration is a collection of total screw-ups.

  13. And thieves and thugs and evil murders and terrorists!

  14. It isn’t a screw up if you intend to do it.

  15. It is if the intended outcome leaves everyone in more misery when they fell for false promises of making things better.

  16. When will America learn. That was such an obvious distraction. Just like Obama’s Kenyan birth to distract us from finding out Frank Marshall Davis is his father. A homegrown black communist terrorist. All this administration is smoke and mirrors.

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