Obama Considers John Kerry for Secretary of Defense?

by lewwaters

How could he even consider such a person as Kerry for Secretary of Defense?

Not just no, but HELL NO!

14 Comments to “Obama Considers John Kerry for Secretary of Defense?”

  1. Old Horseface can’t be worse than old Kankles.


  2. Every day he’s avoided Leavenworth is worse


  3. “potus” should be changed to “Spotus” as in STOOPID President of the US.


  4. Lew – This is a first for me in probably a YEAR that you got to me to say no, HELL NO! And now I’m in Jack Jabber mode… (Thanks for letting me borrow it!) That would be like putting Sarah Palin as secretary of state or Ann Coulter as US head of the UN….


  5. Lew – Just as a quick question. Isn’t this the guy from the Swift Boat for Cuties political special from 2004 presidential election???


  6. John F’in Kerry in the flesh, Jeremy.

    He’s the same one we all went after in 2004.

    I see no indication the Swifties will reband, but I have seen some other groups active back then are coming back now.


    And, one that never went away: http://wintersoldier.com/


  7. Write your senators everybody! The options offered thus far for all the posts suck bad.


  8. I can’t imagine that Obama would appoint someone even more pompous than he is. After all he’d have to listen to him bloviate. On second thought, maybe they deserve each other.


  9. The John Kerry Distraction, Don’t Fall For It


  10. If I read Schuyler correctly, I agree with him. Kerry’s probably a stalking horse for the real candidate – who will be less controversial than Kerry, but still someone who would have a hard task – maybe impossible task, getting confirmed. Conservatives blowing their wad blasting Kerry out of the trenches won’t have any ammo left when it comes to the real nominee. You have to remember, the Democrats are geniuses at politics. Harold Koh is watching.


  11. UN Ambassador Susan Rice is also being floated.

    Republicans John McCain and Lynsey Graham are doing their job in opposing her nomination.

    Veterans will take care of Kerry as we did in 2004.


  12. I thought Rice was being mentioned for State? I suppose she’d be just as qualified as Kerry for Defense though. Kerry wants State. Maybe they’ll swap them.


  13. I believe you’re right, Obama is floating both of them right now.

    Neither should be appointed to anything, Rice due to her flubbing and covering up Benghazi and Kerry for his treason long ago.

    I wonder if he has someone else in mind he wants to spring suddenly?

    At any rate, Veterans are already massing against Kerry.


  14. I’m slightly surprised about the lack of outrage on the left over Obama’s remarks regarding Rice yesterday. He gets all protective of her, then says she just went out and repeated what she was told to say. What? Doesn’t the woman have a brain? She can’t defend herself?

    Obama implied that she didn’t vet the information – just a messenger girl. Imagine what the outcry would have been if Bush made those remarks about a woman working for him.


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