Who Are the Democrats?

by lewwaters

David Castillo, who I still think would have been the better 3rd Congressional District Representative, tells us who the Democrats really are.

This is just a small portion of the talk he gave November 15, 2012 at the Clark County Republican Women’s Club dinner held at Club Green Meadows.

There will be more excerpts in the days ahead.

It’s time we took the gloves off boys and girls

19 Comments to “Who Are the Democrats?”

  1. Is there a fuller copy, Lew? I would like to see the full video instead of segments. I know you need and want segments for the blog, but I would love to see the full video…. Thanks

  2. David Castillo’s remarks prove the point I was making in another post. The Democrats are political geniuses. They are, as Mr. Castillo posits, the party of death, yet they are able to present themselves as the party of light, life, and goodness. I imagine that some of them must have shrines in their homes or offices to Saul Alinsky, and bow and pray before his image, because they’ve certainly had success using his methods.

  3. Jeremy, I made the video with my camera in HD and this little excerpt took a little over 3 hours to upload. David spoke for nearly an hour, so you can imagine how long that would take to get online.

    I am going to put the entire speech in a DVD to send to David, maybe I can get a copy to you too as well.

    Craig, David hit the nail on the head. One of our biggest problems that I have addressed before is we tend to be too nice while they are hacking at our throats. BY nature, we are usually not confrontational or mean-spirited and we still don’t have to be mean, just firm and honest and stand up to the Dems.

  4. Lew,
    I worked on David’s campaign and was very impressed with his gifts; as a minority, he would, all things considered, have made a formidable opponent had his race been managed with better skill.
    I was, of course, disappointed with Romney’s failure to carry the fight to Obama. I am reminded of the scene from “True Grit” where Rooster Cogburn answers an insult from the outlaw Ned with, “Fill your hand, you sonofabitch.”
    If Romney had only possessed the grit to directly challenge Obama’s socialist history, his disrespect of the concept of limited government and his assaults upon the U.S. Constitution and the “separation of powers” doctrine, he might have found fertile ground to explain why Obama cannot encourage a free job-friendly economy and remain true to his statist beliefs and principles.

  5. I was a strong supporter of him too, Tom.

    While he did bring Michelle in late, there was much more than just campaign matters going on.

  6. Lew, I know of your problem, so NOW that I understand it so well, make that DVD and just make an additional copy for me if that is ok with David and you. I sure would love to have and hear it.

  7. Yikers!

    Somebody just got off the Crazy bus.

  8. what were you doing on the “Crazy bus”, Martin? Isn’t that the “short bus”?

  9. Nice lead-in to your “production”, Lew. great touch!

  10. For it to be “crazy,” Martin, you will have to show where Castillo is wrong.

    Good luck.

  11. I invite David to my forum (www.martinhash.com/forums) to discuss killing, lynching, child-molesting, and any other accusation he may want to lodge against a group of people I am a part of. Let’s see how his demagoguery plays against me?

  12. Typical dodge, Martin.

    Why not just refute what he said, if you can?

  13. Not a fan of Democrats, http://dspace.wrlc.org/doc/bitstream/2041/49108/b17f05-0626zdisplay.pdf,

    but you need to know the old line die hard Dixie Democrats revolted against Truman and his bid for reelection, hoping to throw the election to the house where they were more confident of getting their man elected. The revolt against Truman was over Truman’s 1948 civil rights package which included: abolition of the poll tax, a Federal anti-lynching law, desegregation legislation and a permanent Federal Employment Practices Committee. Republicans voted to support the president. But it was in these Dixie Crat neighborhoods that RR courted to win a Republican Majority.

  14. In case you forgot, Truman won in 1948.

    Dixiecrats were a group of segregationists that failed to go much of anywhere and dissolved the same year they were established, 1948.

    By the way, the “Southern Strategy” was Nixon in 1972, not Reagan in 1980 and had nothing to do with courting segregationists, but taking advantage of the cracks seen in the Democrat Party stronghold of the south.

    The Southern Strategy in effect was based upon “State’s Rights” and smaller government which Democrats continue to try to make about race.

    Republicans and Democrats Did Not Switch Sides On Racism

  15. your avatar makes you look “Looney”, Martin. Maybe you’ve been spending too much time on the “crazy bus”.

  16. Never entered my mind that it was segregationist or race related in any way, it was over states rights and the dixiecrats were no neanderthals either, they felt the law was better served up in the legislatures of the states, not in Federal Court nor in Congressional districts. Like Strom Thurmond and other Southern politicians the sheets had long since become bed clothing and not midnight malware.

    BTW, You are right about Nixon, Agnew was VP for cause. But it is a fascination that Democrats would use the hot tar of racism to stir the states rights, limited government argument in their favor. Republicans have always stood tall for freedom and equality, and the rights of individuals but also for federal measures when relief could be had in no other way. That does seem to be the area where Democrats have flip flopped, while the GOP for the most part, stayed true to principal.

  17. Hot Tar should be reserved for Democrats.

  18. Lew I wasn’t able to get to my Clark County Republican Women’s meeting last week. First time I missed in three years but I had a good excuse. My, now daughter-in-law, son’s fiance’ had her bridal shower that evening and I obviously had to be there. They got married on saturday afternoon which was a pure joy to me as she is a real sweetheart. None the less I’d love to see this video of what I missed. What he is saying in this exerpt is what I have been saying for years. Iwill never understand why any minority or any religious person is affiliated with the democratic party. I will say that the party today is not the same party my grandfather was a member of… it is worse and he would roll over in his grave if he knew that his efforts against the US Communist Party had infiltrated his democratic party under the guise of being progressive. That too is fact and it is history. We can tell stories all we want but we must keep telling the facts that make history or our future will be lost in the fray of misinformation being spread to make our history look different. Thanks for sticking with the hard work.

  19. Lew – As you can see, I believe there is some real, general gist for the video… 🙂

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