Brancaccio Reveals Truth, Agreeing With Him Is ‘Nonconstructive’

by lewwaters

Winston Churchill famously said, “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”

Who knew that Columbian editor, Lou Brancaccio would present a perfect example proving the truth behind those words?

As we know, Lou does a regular Saturday column, “Press Talk.” In his Saturday November 17, 2012 column, Of good people and listening more, he is talking about a recent Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation’s Authors & Illustrators Dinner and Silent Auction he attended featuring “New York Times best-selling author Nicholas Sparks” as guest speaker.

Lou goes on to lament of what he got out of the talk, mentioning “volunteering” for doing something “rewarding” and in the bigger picture he asks, “Where do we go from here?”

He then goes on to say,

“For our community to be successful, more people need to be invited under the tent. More people need to feel like they have a say — not only in the direction of our community, but what we should pay for to move us forward,” and “Unfortunately, it feels like the opposite is happening. It feels like there is an increasing disconnect between those asking — usually the government — and those paying.”

He makes his point even more obvious deeper as he mentions,

“If you look at the recent voters’ decision to force the state Legislature to need a two-thirds majority to pass tax increases, you begin to see what I mean,” and “There are politicians who will fight that decision in the courtroom. Are they listening?”

You don’t need a ton of bricks falling on your head to know that he is addressing that towards recently reelected 49th Legislative District Representative Jim Moeller, who is the lone politician in our area who signed on to the union inspired lawsuit the invalidate our votes in the 4th time we have voted in our desire, demand if you will that the legislature require a 2/3 majority vote in order to increase taxes.

Agreeing with Lou’s premise in the column, I left a brief comment of,

“Politicians drunk with power and dedicated to their special interests do not listen, they dictate.”

Those who follow the comments on the Columbian or read my blog know that I have cut way back on my involvement in commenting at the paper of late. Some believe due to how the election went, evidenced by how often my name was brought up in a post election Open Forum, over a dozen times and I wasn’t even involved in the forum since I had no idea they even had that.

I’ve also cut back sharply because I grow tired of the liberals crap they spew with impunity while John Hill threatens me with banning for my “vitriol” of saying someone is a “keyboard blowhard” and more, as seen in this email.

So I decided involving myself in their comments is basically a big waste of my time while I also realize that I am a lightening rod when I do deeply involve myself and see no reason that I should draw commenters in. Instead, I decided to occasionally leave a brief comment as I did today, since I found myself in agreement with what Lou was saying in his column.

I was flabbergasted to read later a reply from Lou that says,

“Hey, let’s try to keep the comments constructive. I’m betting, Lew, if we did that, we’d have a better chance of getting more engagment in the comments. Thanks.”

I believe this is the very first time I have been chastised for agreeing with someone on what they wrote. It sort of reminds me of the time I stopped on Hwy 99 to allow a young lady to move her car across lanes and into the left turn lane at 78th St and received the middle finger from her for doing so.

Replying to Lou, “So much for agreeing with the premise of your column today, Lou. I never realized agreeing with you was nonconstructive” drew a further comment of, “You’re smart enough Lew to understand it’s the way you say things that make it non constructive. Doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with me. I’ve got plenty of folks on both end of the spectrum who disagree with me. Just keep it constructive. Thanks.”

I don’t know who pissed in Lou’s Fruit Loops this morning, but he inadvertently showed what we have known for some time, the paper is definitely left leaning and opposed to comments against their darling liberals, unless they give a hint themselves.

It also shows that in spite of Lou’s words of “More people need to feel like they have a say” are as hollow as was their political endorsement of Mitt Romney, considering their failure to publish anything critical of Barack Obama over Fast & Furious, Benghazigate or his continuing failures handling the economy, foreign policy, his power grabs and especially his ignoring the plight of so many devastated by Hurricane Sandy one week before the election, considering they ran numerous articles on the plight of people devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 when President Bush was in office.

It also cannot be left unsaid that even though today’s column included a slap at Moeller, even though not mentioning him by name, the Columbian’s editorial board endorsed him for reelection and never took him to task for being part of the ‘putsch’ that placed passing homosexual marriage ahead of a burgeoning $1.5 Billion budget gap last year that is even larger this year.

But, heaven forbid anybody, anybody conservative that is, mention those failures or disdain for the taxpayers.

As for Lou’s words directed to me, I can only repeat his words expressed back when Kelly Hinton and I contacted Joe Tanner about his erroneous claims of “numerous combat medals” and the papers efforts to make it a political tactic instead of what it was, Veteran to Veteran.

Lou said then, “it is what it is.”

Yes Lou, it is what it is at the Columbian. Are you listening?

12 Comments to “Brancaccio Reveals Truth, Agreeing With Him Is ‘Nonconstructive’”

  1. Lew, where can I get a copy of this “union inspired lawsuit the invalidate our votes in the 4th time we have voted in our desire, demand if you will that the legislature require a 2/3 majority vote in order to increase taxes.” I would like to see the list of conspirators. Thanks.


  2. I haven’t seen the actual lawsuit filing, Emanuel, just tread about it in the Columbian. I’ll dig around some and see if it is online somewhere.


  3. You ever notice that Lou Brancaccio s an intellectual coward?

    He only comes out to play on his own web site… where he can control what’s said… both by… and to him?

    But then, he’s never given a damn what anyone wise enough to disagree with him thinks, believes or says.


  4. “but I also say let’s increase the tent size and listen more.”says Brancaccio. but WHEN has the dumb ass ever been willing to do that?


  5. There aren’t that many advantages to getting older. However, one is that if someone like Lou doesn’t like what you have to say, you no longer have to give a crap 😉


  6. The word on the street is that Brancaccio actually writes all of Moron John Laird’ds idiotic, taunting bullshit.Brancaccio sticks his nose into everybody’s articles at The Columbian.Nobody is allowed to write anything on their own. The employees are not happy about it, either.


  7. Lew, they use the same words as we do but they have different meanings. Their word constructive is the same as our word fawning and vice versa. I’m afraid they have a different lexicon – we swim in different tanks. They are in the tank for the Downtown Mafia and big local money.


  8. They swim in a septic tank of their own creation, Robert.


  9. Robert, Lew & Jack, I thought the local newspaper editor WAS the Teflon Don? (not like the sitting mayor of Vancouver?)


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