For the Benefit of Lindsey Stone, Jamie Schuh and any Other Who Doesn’t Understand the Outrage

by lewwaters

UPDATE: Lindsey Stone resigned from her job, November 21, 2012. Both her and Jamie Schuh are no longer are employed by LIFE.

By now just about everybody know of the reprehensible photo taken of 30 year-old Lindsey Stone mocking the ‘Silence and Respect’ sign next to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery. If somehow you missed it, you can read about it here

The photo has gone viral in the last 24 hours and elicited hundreds of thousands of comments throughout the internet, most condemning the act in strong terms and several others either agreeing with her, saying she has freedom of speech (she also has freedom to be held accountable) and some not understanding why so many are outraged.

For those who do not understand our outrage, please view the Canadian video below produced and performed by Terry Kelly addressing a man who showed disrespect during their two minute time of Remembrance of their fallen heroes.

If you do not yet understand, you never will.

14 Comments to “For the Benefit of Lindsey Stone, Jamie Schuh and any Other Who Doesn’t Understand the Outrage”

  1. I don’t understand… And I never will.

    I bet there’s a SHITLOAD of stuff you don’t understand. Want to start a list of all the things each of us doesn’t understand? Anytime I don’t understand something, you call me names and act outraged; and everytime you don’t understand something, I’ll act superior and think you’re stupid.

    This is a microcosm of why we can’t have productive political discussion in this country.


  2. You’re part of the “shitload” that we don’t understand, Martin.


  3. I can always count on Jack to prove my point.


  4. Sorry, Martin, but this reprehensible act by these young ladies is not political, it’s about respect and appreciation of the high price others paid for your freedom.

    That you don’t get it doesn’t surprise me at all.

    The only microcosm is your and their lack of appreciation for the sacrifices of others you look down your nose at.


  5. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Lew. See my post to Jack.

    p.s. I was just making a point. I’m done now – you can go back to ripping those idiots a new one.


  6. Thankyou for the posting Lew. Those who serve and some who give all are appreciated by many but not all. The interesting note here is that when you serve for freedom and in any other capacity you serve not only the respectful appreciative intelligent people but the foolish stupid ones as well. Sad that we can’t all grasp or give more but that is why socialism never works. Not all the people have the capability or even the strength of character to give equally to a cause.


  7. I suppose the Westboro Baptist Church ding-a-lings have free speech too. These two young ladies are even more clueless. There are times I am at once saddened and angered by the sheer lack of respect and ignorance on display. And this is one of them.


  8. we can always depend on Martin to try to feed us another “shitload”.


  9. “I may not like what they said, or how they choose to say it, but pat of what those who served and those who died while serving was to preserve their right to say it. Bad humor, reprehensible for being not funny, but in context of the theme of the other photos taken on the same trip, not malicious. Stupid stuff. An apology, if offer should be accepted, and life, precious life, goes on.


  10. Sane, please read through the regulations pertaining to visiting Arlington and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

    They had no right whatsoever to do as they did at a sacred shrine.

    We did not fight for them to be disrespectful or make any sort of scene at the Memorial.

    And, if you really feel they have a right to do as they did, why was there so much outrage over people tying an empty chair in a tree weeks ago?

    Why are we slighted and accused of a hate crime of we burn an effigy of Obama or oppose one of his nominations?

    And, it’s not just that they took the photo, it was placed online for weeks, even through Veterans Day, after being told by many it was very offensive and disrespectful.

    And sorry, having someone else come out and say you’re sorry does not impress me as sincere.


  11. It was their choice to act stupid, and proper decorum ought to have been observed at the shrine, please understand I played devil’s advocate and challenged myself first, before posting. By asking the question of whether or not the gesture pictured was directed at anyone or was a part of a collection of similar photo’s. A strict reading of the rules informs me that unless someone did view the act of making the gesture, (not the photo), or an act that “tends to incite an immediate breach of the peace”, it was a simple stupid stunt.

    I agree it is offensive, displaying poor judgement and poorer taste, and by its public display on a personal face book page shows at worse the callousness of the lady’s action and thought, at best the density of her brain and lack of any empathy. But to attribute malice, to the act without more proof of an intent to incite or an intent to violate the decorum of the monument, is speculation, and no worth the energy it takes to hate.


  12. Whether anyone saw the actual moment the photo was taken or just saw it over the weeks it was left up is irrelevant.

    It’s a shame she resigned from her job over it (or was asked to resign), but it is a life lesson that will stay with her.

    Whether malicious or just being a dumbass “douchebag” is also irrelevant. It was done and apparently she was proud of it, until so many were outraged.

    Regardless, this will pass and the country will soon forget it, for the most part. She won’t and hopefully will think before pulling another dumbass stunt in the future.

    Actions have consequences and no one would have really cared, had she chosen another place to stage the photo.


  13. People are going overboard on this. Some people on the facebook page are even physically threatening her. is one of the worse.


  14. Heather, I agree. Threats are not right and any making them should be dealt with.

    What she did was dead wrong and it has been dealt with.

    Further threats should be dealt with by the proper authorities as there are written laws concerning physical threats.

    The very thing that tripped her up can also expose keyboard bullies who go over the top with physical threats.


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