Columbian’s Rice Patting Herself on the Back (Again)

by lewwaters

The Columbian has for several years now displayed a jealous attitude towards citizen blogs, often alleging that we are the reason their subscription rate continues to falter, we are not “professionals” and even so far as that we do little more than mislead the public. In reality, it is obvious they feel they are the only ‘bona fide’ source of information for Southwest Washington.

Seeing that their attacks against citizen blogs were not silencing us, someone at the paper decided they would do us one better and open their own blogs on their own website, apparently not realizing it was just an extension of their heavily biased newspaper by “professional journalists” who maintained their regularly seen bias on their blogsites, creating little more that a less restrictive site to bash and demean Republicans, especially 17th Legislative District Senator Don Benton, County Commissioner Tom Mielke and now County Commissioner elect David Madore.

A simple look at the interactions under many of their posts and lack of citizen comments shows that we who operate citizen blogs regularly see far more engagement and discussion of viewpoints than they do. That fact does little to dissuade the Columbian’s writers from puffing out their chests and boasting of how they are still better than their citizens they allege they serve.

Such is the case today as we Stephanie Rice boasting “All Politics Is Local” National Finalist For Best Political Blog (Again), “We are pleased to announce that, for the second year in a row, our little blog has been named one of the best in the country by Editor & Publisher” and further in the post letting it be known they did not win and will be receiving an “Honorable Mention” certificate.

Under the heading of the post you read, “Really, it’s an honor to be nominated.”

What makes that funny is looking over the website for Editors and Publishers, under Contest Rules you read, “The competition is open to media companies (from any country) that operate Internet services on the World Wide Web.”

Yes, as the name indicates, this is professional media choosing professional media and awarding “Best of” amongst themselves.

Even funnier, considering Stephanie Rice thinks it is really an honor to “be nominated,” is seeing that they enter themselves at a cost of $195 for the first entry, $165 for subsequent entries.

According to her post, the Columbian submitted three posts, as shown towards the bottom of today’s post.

(Correction received from Stephanie Rice on 12-7-2012, A friend directed me to a post you did about the EPPY award. I just wanted to correct you on one point – the entry fee was $195, but we did not pay $165 for additional entries. In our category, we were asked to submit multiple blog posts. The additional $165 would have been if The Columbian had wanted to enter different categories in the contest.“)

Not mentioned, naturally, is how many local stories they cover up, ignore or their many efforts at undermining the campaigns of the three hated Republicans above completely failing, pending the outcome of the expected recount in Don Benton’s reelection. I am confident Benton will prevail as long as we can keep King County out of the recount process.

But, Stephanie is very proud of what they have done, even though hollow considering they paid to enter and are judged by other professional media types.

By contrast, and not receiving one mention anywhere in the Columbian, other than an email ‘congrats’ from editor Lou Brancaccio, January 2012 saw this blog receiving Best Local Politics Blog status from Virginia based Stateside Associates, one of three listed in Washington State, alongside the Seattle Times’ Politics Northwest and the Tacoma News Tribunes’ Political Buzz.

Unlike the Columbian’s APiL, this was not something I entered or paid for in hopes of winning. No, I received notice in my email out of the blue without a hint I was even being considered.

Also unlike the Columbian, this blog operates as a “one-man operation” with no staff, no offices and hosted on a free format, the reason you might see ads under posts. I pay Word Press $20 a year for extra storage ability and as some of you know, refuse donations since I really have no expenses.

I do not earn any income off of this blog, also unlike the Columbian. I did not go to Journalism School and am often seen out in town with my little Sony camera at several different functions or meetings.

I do accept guest posts and have appreciated those who offer them, Professor Robert Dean, Rees Lloyd, Margaret Tweet and some others that slip my mind currently.

For the expense involved and efforts put into them, this blog, along with Clark County Politics,, Reality Clark County, Pacific Northwest Patriots, Cry Beloved Country and some others all stand heads above the Columbian’s All Politics is Local blog, given that we actually delve into the many things the media choose to ignore or hide.

But, if Stephanie Rice wishes to feel good and boast of such a hollow award, far be it from me to complain.

But, as I have indicated, if it is unvarnished truth you seek or to keep informed of what the biased media doesn’t wish you to know of, citizen blogs remain your best bet.

I extend my congratulations to the Columbian for seeing “Honorable Mention,” but at the same time know where the real news and information can be found.

14 Comments to “Columbian’s Rice Patting Herself on the Back (Again)”

  1. Lew – If you really don’t see it, look through your favored or blog roll, Washington state has many, many great political blogs and entertaining blogs that blow apart most of what is on All Politics Is Local…

  2. Thanks to Citizen Blogs, we STILL have an element of Free Press existing in the United States where the average citizen can be heard and viewpoints shared.

  3. Lew, the “C”s cheap shot gossip column doesn’t even come close to your layman journalism. Keep up the good work, my friend …..

  4. You’re right, Jeremy. That is why I listed the ones off the top of my head locally.

    But any one of the ones in my blog roll and even some I might not have listed are heads above APiL.

    So far there is only one comment on their post, “Great people reporting plus a seemingly never ending supply of material equals a great blog. Congrats all!!!” Lou Brancaccio

  5. Thanks Josephine, but a lot of credit goes out to other citizen blogs for their independent views and excellent research, such as Lynda Wilson’s recent coverage of how the County Commission stood to violate our second amendment rights.

    Ron, citizen blogs ARE the last vestige of a free voice in America. The media today is little more than a mouthpiece for Democrats, save Fox News and even they leave much out.

  6. Thank you Lew Waters for all you do to keep citizens informed in Clark County. I also appreciate your openess to citizen posts from others who don’t have the time for a full time blog, but may have research to share. I learn a lot from your posts, as I’m sure others do.

  7. Lew, your blog is a REAL “voice of the people”, whereasThe Columbian is only a “voice” for the Elitists.

  8. Lou banned me from the Columbian forum for engaging with Stephanie in the comments section of her little blog and challenging her to print my ethics complaint against the Mayor. They printed the City Attorney’s improper defense of the Mayor but not my complaint and not my rebuttal to the City Attorney. You get people commenting and disagreeing with you and you engage them in spirited discussions. Not APIL. The only comments they allow are the fawning kind from the usual sycophants.

  9. Robert – Have you posted your rebuttal to the city attorney? I know that Lew posted the original post a month or so back…

  10. Across the river, Jack Bog’s blog is often better than the mainstream media when it comes to exposing Portland/Metro/Oregon slime.

  11. Yes, Josef. A good number of us who come here also follow Jack Bogdanski’s blog. And to think all of the lurid and great hysterical, historical record that is contained in his web site?…..

  12. The Columbian has set themselves as a source of news and information, the blogs are just stupid rantings that don’t accomplish anything. Considering they can barely get accurate facts, they should be working on quality first and the other stuff second. As long as they follow the editors policy of printing what will sell the most ads and create controversy, rather than reporting verified facts, the Columbian is nothing but a big joke. Rather than patting themselves on the back they should be ashamed that they don’t check their facts before going to print. But no one gives awards for not being professional so they settle for stupid internet blog awards.

  13. Funny thing about that, Alex. They paid for a chance for an award from an inside source and did not get it.

    I, on the other hand, did not seek nor did I pay a dime and was chosen over them by an independent outside source.

    But then again, I’m not a “professional.” 😉

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