The Prophecy of Paul Harvey

by lewwaters

Radio broadcaster Paul Harvey, known for his short “The Rest of the Story” segments often spoke in common sense terms, deriding anti-American sentiments or giving unknown background on stories in the news.

He left us in 2009 at the age of 90. He may be gone, but his conservative folksy voice remains in recordings. Among them is this broadcast, first spoken in 1965 and a few times since.

Amazing that nearly everything he stated so long ago has come to pass.

26 Comments to “The Prophecy of Paul Harvey”

  1. Thanks Lew


  2. Lew – So apropos!


  3. How do you respond to the devil?


  4. 1. The Devil is associated with ignorance. To be ignorant is to be unenlightened.

    2. The Devil is selfishness.

    3. The Devil is greed.

    4. The Devil is a liar; purposely spewing falsities and ignorance to the masses.

    5. The Devil has been known to make good people do very bad things.


  5. Schuyler, I’m surprised that you would admit to so much in one comment. Maybe there is hope for you yet? 😉

    1. The Devil is associated with ignorance. To be ignorant is to be unenlightened.

    Do you mean like believing every lie published in the lamestream media, accepting it as gospel? Such as those who pay 90% of all tax receipts in the treasury don’t “pay their fair share?”

    2. The Devil is selfishness.

    Reference above, some 47% pay no income tax at all, do not invest or take risks to grow a business and do not even strive for a better education, but feel they are owed what others build over their life time.

    3. The Devil is greed.

    See 1 & 2

    4. The Devil is a liar; purposely spewing falsities and ignorance to the masses.

    Such as “Bush lied, people died?” “Bush is the dumbest ever?” “Bush misled us,” even though we are much smarter than he is? Or, repeating failed tax increases of the past, even though it is documented how it was the middle class hurt by them? Telling people they are freer, even though you are stealing their freedoms from them by making them dependent upon a growing bureaucratic system? Or that you can borrow your way out of debt?

    5. The Devil has been known to make good people do very bad things.

    See # 4

    Perhaps you did not realize it, but you described liberal Democrats to a tee.


  6. Tell me about your business, Lew. You know, the one you started and made a success, and makes you an expert.

    Then explain the money supply to me – you, the expert.

    A lot of people are ignorant of their ignorance – stop being one.

    BTW, I do believe you are an expert on “the devil.”


  7. Martin, when you surrender your wealth, to “redistribute” it, then come tell us how ignorant we are.

    Or, are you too ignorant yourself to realize that you are the very person they are always denigrating as “not paying your fair share?”

    For all of your “enlightenment,” you sure shoot yourself in the foot a lot.

    Let us know when you have moved homeless families into your large home to “share.”


  8. Lew, you’ve never heard me talk about fairness except to say that life is NOT fair. (And, dude, until you know something about me, don’t make assumptions about my charity & compassion – those are private affairs that lose a lot of their intent if they’re for credit.)

    There’s lots of folks in America (at least 47%) who have ideas what government should provide that Conservatives simply blow-off. Here’s an option: accept that America is for everybody and make the Republican Party the party of fiscal responsibility. Keynesianism works. Become experts in it, and make your arguments from a sophisticated position. It has nothing to do with fairness! It’s all math and math is EASY.


  9. Martin, it matters little whether or not you have called for it, the very people you back and support with your political views do.

    How you are blind to that and keep supporting the very people ready to separate you from everything you have worked for simply amazes me.

    As for “sophistication,” no thanks. I prefer living in the real world.

    At least I know enough not to support the very people who wish me dead (figuratively).


  10. The reason that some party (Republicans?) needs to step into the “fiscal responsibility” role is BECAUSE Democrats are using the “fairness” argument rather than logic. And because we have a Keynesian economy, when the correcting hyperinflation comes, it will be a de facto redistribution of wealth anyway.


    It would be a LOT BETTER if that redistribution was controlled by somebody? Make that be YOU!


  11. Martin, have you not yet figured out that I do not support or believe in “redistribution of wealth?” To me, the best way to redistribute it is by a paycheck, earned for working.

    I also have said for a very long time that it is the debt killing us more so than the deficit, which can be manipulated on paper.

    You yourself once said how Keynesian is a great system that works well with people repaying what is borrowed. Then, you admit that people don’t repay (reality), so how is it a great workable system again?

    And since people are not repaying, who is left to make up the difference? YOU and those like you who have made a success and as far as I am concerned, entitled to what you have and to do with as you please. But, those you support and vote for are the ones wanting to take what you have and give it to others who did not make the investment, money and education that did or take on the risks that you did.

    Often, something looks really good on paper, but once it hits the real world, fails miserably.

    Such was the case with the 1990 Luxury Tax that put Yacht manufacturers in this country out of business, threw thousands of American workers out of jobs and sent more manufacturing overseas.

    Are you sure you want a repeat of that?


  12. Lew, the people with the big bank accounts at the end of the year have the loan money – naturally. They are NOT repaying because Republicans are NOT making them. Republicans deny Keynesianism, and instead offer laughable alternative “economic theories” why they shouldn’t pay taxes. (Supply-side! Laffer Curve! My god, what a freakshow.) It’s simple math: don’t pay back the loan – get big deficits – redistribution happens anyway due to hyperinflation.

    All the anti-tax stuff is a hoax perpetrated by people who don’t want to pay them for dishonest and selfish reasons – either that or they’re incredibly ignorant… But it all ends up being the same in the end.


  13. Martin, what would you do if you didn’t have “Evil Republicans ” to conveniently blame for everything?especially since the “evil Republicans don’t have any real power and haven’t had any real power for YEARS??Anti-tax sentiments come from people who worked their asses off to attain a little wealth and don’t want to cgive it up to some bureaucrat A-hole at the point of a gun who wants to give it away to some lazy, worthless bastards who don’t want to work.


  14. Jack, I happen to agree that there are indeed some “worthless bastards who don’t want to work” out there, but guy, there’s NO F’IN WAY that adds up to a hill-of-beans compared to what we owe. Folks HAVE TO PAY THEIR LOAN BACK for economics to work, and they haven’t been for a long time now.

    I’ll help you round up the “worthless bastards” and throw them into the sea we still gotta get everyone on the same page economics-wise.


  15. Martin, before you said “They are NOT repaying because Republicans are NOT making them.”

    Yet you fail to see that it is Obama and Democrats who are pushing legislation to stop home foreclosures against those who over bought homes, passing legislation on collecting credit card debt and wanting to forgive student loans.

    And if not repaying loans is what concerns you, how can you justify the continuals raising of the debt limit ceiling to just keep going deeper and deeper into debt for the country?

    You indicate it is those large corporations borrowing money and not repaying it, but wasn’t it Obama who gave the loans out to GM and Chrysler and not making them repay, both still owing us $ Billions that we will never see?

    And just what sort of loans are given to these evil corporations considering Big Oil holds $210.4 Billion of the debt and Insurance companies are holding $261.8 Billion of the debt with others holding even more?

    Seems to me, if anybody is a deadbeat on paying down their debt it’s the US Government under both parties.

    There is not enough wealth in the country to pay off the debt, especially considering that real spending cuts never happen, just smoke & mirror claims.

    And now we already see Democrats talking about just raising the debt limit ceiling again?

    Simple math says you cannot continue spending more than you bring in and just keep borrowing.

    Keynesian is a great theory, but as even you acknowledge, in reality it doesn’t work out and you cannot lay the blame solely at the feet of the Republicans.

    By the way, how about we start right here in our state by making wealthy donors to the Democrats pay their taxes due:

    And Warren Buffet, instead of crying out ll of the time for others to pay more taxes, how about he pay those taxes he owes:

    And I don’t mean just a percentage of what he did not pay, like many of Obama’s cabinet members got away with.

    If they really want taxes and loans paid back, shouldn’t they be paying theirs too?


  16. Umm, just a small correction Lew: Chrysler repaid it’s loan in 2011. 6 years early. GM still owes around $26 billion (out of ~$50b). The Gov has also gotten back $230b +$34b in interest on the $250b given to banks with the TARP loans.


  17. Sorry Don, but the claims of Chrysler repaying their loans is only half honest.

    Chrysler was not in as deep as GM, but at last report it is unlikely we will ever see all of what was loaned out returned

    You might also be interested in these articles on banks repayment of TARP loans


  18. While agree that we’re in a bigger mess than I’d like to see us in still, the MSNBC the article is discussing total number of banks as opposed to total amount of TARP money returned. Found it interesting that MSNBC (or “lamestream media as you call it) mentions the AIG money, but nothing about Fannie and Freddy.


  19. Yes, I too find it interesting that Fannie & Freddie seem to get a pass.

    There are claims that they “may” repay the loans faster, but they appear dubious.


  20. Lew, everytime you assume America’s economics is like a home budget, I cringe.

    It doesn’t matter what the (federal) government spends money on, or how much – it all ends up in somebody’s bank account in the end! Those big bank account folks need to PAY BACK THEIR LOAN.

    Someday we’ll be able to have a nuanced discussion on the best things government should spend money on, but most folks are still stuck in the “I have to balance my home budget, why don’t they?” misconception.


  21. Martin, whether a household, government or business, nobody can survive continually spending more than they bring in forever.

    While it may not matter what they spend on, to you, who they borrow from spend does or should.

    You say big banks need to pay back their loans, but what about the government? They are who owe $16 Trillion around the world, to insurance companies, Wall Street, big banks, foreign countries and more. What about government paying back their loans?

    How is it you believe everybody but government should repay what they owe?


  22. Lew, did you really mean to ask me that?

    OF COURSE Government will pay what they “owe” – they’ll print it – called hyperinflation. Isn’t that what I keep on saying?

    In fact, we’re so deep in the hole hyperinflation is the only way out. (Were you aware the debt plus federal retiree commitments are $561,254 per household?)


  23. Martin, have you missed that we have been the main ones opposing the printing of money out of thin air, bailing out corporations and borrowing endlessly?

    You can disagree, but I don’t see simply printing money as paying anything back, since the value borrowed is not being repaid.

    How can you ask me if I am aware of the per household debt when I have been amongst the voices screaming about the debt for a long time? It’s been your party, with the help of ‘Vichy’ Republicans for many years just scoffing at us and borrowing more and more.

    Ya’ll reelected Obama knowing he has added more debt in a short time than any other before him! Tell me the sense in that?

    And what is his plan? Borrow more.


  24. Martin, I’m kind of slow so forgive me if this annoys you, but I think what you’re saying about loans is that it’s not a loan in the accepted sense (from lender to borrower), but in the sense that whenever anyone holds capital in whatever form, that is a debit against the corporate wealth of the American community. So if Buffet has $50 billion in assets he owes the community (i.e. America) $50 billion. Is that correct?

    I heard this morning (El Rushbo) that if the Democrats and Republicans are serious about taxing the wealthy, they should actually tax their wealth – not their income. To me it seems that people like Warren Buffet who keep speaking about increasing the tax rate are being hypocritical because a hike in the tax rate won’t affect them because they already “own” their wealth. They paltry amount extra they would pay on dividend income wouldn’t cause them to lose any sleep, but would stop others from attaining to that level of wealth as the rate increase would seriously affect the income of entrepreneurs. If I’ve understood you correctly, wouldn’t you agree that taxing wealth would have the effect of forcing the Gates and Buffets of the country into ‘repaying’ their debt to the community?


  25. Craig, the American economy is MUCH bigger than government spending. The way Keynesianism works is that all government spending is a stimulus “loan” that has to be paid back at the end-of-the-year. It’s easy to find the people who ended up with the loan. Math cannot be fooled.


  26. But yet you keep right on trying to fool simple math, Martin.What math class did you flunk out of?


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