Barack Obama Commemorates Rosa Parks With a Photo of Himself

by lewwaters

I ever there was any doubt that Barack Obama is indeed a narcissist, putting out a photo of himself sitting inside a bus similar to the one Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on back in 1955 should settle that question. That was 6 years before Obama was even born.

Obama, Rosa Parks

That Obama injects himself into an event long before he was born and one that sparked the struggles of Black People in the South to gain the rights that always should have been theirs is just unbelievable, considering he never endured the jaunts of Democrats opposed to Civil Rights, had stones thrown at him by angry Democrats lining the route of marches or never experienced the Democrat Ku Klux Klan burning a cross in his front yard or dragging him out of his home in the dead of night to beat and whip him.

No, he came along later to reap the rewards of what others struggled for and when it is time to honor one known as “the first lady of civil rights” and “the mother of the freedom movement,” he instead of honors himself.

Far different was former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush who after Rosa Parks passed away and her coffin was placed in the Capitol Rotunda, placed a wreath next to her coffin then blended back with the crowd, not taking the attention or significance to him, letting it rest with Rosa Parks where it belonged.

The following year he “ordered a statue of [Rosa] Parks to be placed in the National Statuary Hall in Washington, D.C. and when signing this resolution, stated, ‘By placing her statue in the heart of the nation’s Capitol, we commemorate her work for a more perfect union, and we commit ourselves to continue to struggle for justice for every American’.”

Again, the attention was focused on her legacy and not himself.

But, Obama has his photo put out, calling honors to himself and not to Ms. Parks or her legacy. And let’s face it, there is no shortage of photos of Ms. Parks courageous stand


Without a doubt he is the most narcissistic person to ever occupy the Oval Office, at least in my lifetime.

We cannot allow the importance of what Rosa Parks did in the fight for Civil Rights to be lost and assigned to a ‘Johnny Come Lately’ who has not done anything to promote Civil Rights, leaving most of today’s Black People much worse off than when he came to power.

Rosa Parks took a courageous stand for justice and civil rights when she refused to give up her seat to a White man back in December 1955.

Decades later, Barack Obama relishes in the attention he draws to himself instead of honoring the legacy and the sacrifices made by others that allowed him to one day even be in the Oval Office.

The memory of Rosa Parks deserves better.

14 Comments to “Barack Obama Commemorates Rosa Parks With a Photo of Himself”

  1. Hear! Hear!

  2. That is one of the most symbolic images I’ve seen in years. What a juxtaposition! The POTUS vs. only 1 generation ago.

  3. While I understand the point Martin makes, and the reason the photo was taken, I do not believe Martin understands your perspective Lew. Now that is not a generational thing. That is not a failure to appreciate an aspect of diverse culture thing. I don’t believe Mr. Hash understands at all.

  4. No aircraft carrier, flight suit, or cod piece for him. Just an iconic bus. Shame on him

  5. I think this is a bogus charge against the president. This photo was taken while the President was visiting the Henry Ford Museum last April. The White House photographer takes photos of everything POTUS does. Just because he was sitting in the bus (probably meditating on what Rosa Parks means to the nation), doesn’t mean he’s trying to insert himself into the racial struggle of those days. Would you think the same about George W. Bush if a photograph surfaced of him sitting in that seat?

  6. Craig, why issue that photo op in commemoration of Rosa Parks stand?

    What does BHO sitting alone in a replica bus, hundreds of miles away from where she took her stand do to honor her legacy?

    It’s not unlike when he presented the Queen of England an IPod with copies of his speeches or inserted himself into several biographies of past presidents.

    If Bush issued a similar photo of himself in something he had nothing to do with and saying it was to commemorate that person, yes I would complain.

    Many complain about his flying out to the carrier to greet the returning ship. But he did not push the ship into the background, he was a pilot and the flight suit he wore is required in the jets.

    And don’t forget all of the ruckus they raised over the sign behind him, even though the ship’s mission was completed and it was heading home.

    But I do find it intriguing how so many circle the wagons around BHO, no matter how he acts or what he does when they were the ones complaining just a few years ago about Bush.

  7. Lew, I’m not sure what the circumstances were regarding the release of the photograph. As far as I know it was a normal release of photos, but even if it were released specifically in commemoration of Rosa Parks, I think it would be very appropriate. I do agree with Martin. It’s very symbolic to have a black President sitting in that sit. It shows just how far we’ve come in healing racial divides since the ’50s and ’60s.

    I agree completely with your last sentence.

  8. Sorry Craig, I see nothing iconic about a Mulatto public figure sitting in a replica bus hundreds of miles away from where an event happened.

    And if you think we have healed anything, you’re wrong. I say that because if we dare disagree with BHO, we are instantly labeled “racist,” even though those labeling us have no problem denigrating Black Republicans, even to the point of defending obvious racist cartoons drawn against prominent Black Republicans, hurling racial epithets at Black Republicans who do not get in lock-step behind BHO an much more.

    That isn’t healing, it’s opening wounds to inject something that isn’t true.

    Obama doesn’t have a clue what Black People endured to open doors for him.

    As for the photo, you do realize it was staged much earlier, don’t you? He didn’t even go there on the day intended to commemorate, just issued photo of himself, taken months ago and supposedly honoring Ms. Parks.

    The man is a narcissist who has lived a life of privilege, but wants others to think he endured the struggles they did.

    Then again, maybe I am like his grandmother, just another “typical white person” to him and others.

  9. It seems to me that we only invite trouble when we question the motives of others when we are only looking from the outside. Referring to the last sentence of your previous post, sometimes I think we do exactly what the Democrats did to Bush (and Reagan before that). If the man pooped golden nuggets, the only response some of us would have would be to accuse him of undermining the commodities market!

  10. Oh my goodness. Just what exactly does he have in common in with Rosa Parks? Does he even know who she is? Is he familiar with, not only the symbolism of what this woman represents, but the deep, rich history of the black race? Being raised the way he has, you will never convince me he understands, otherwise, he wouldn’t have placed himself on a bus that he has never had to depend on after a hard days work. He is a Marxist, and he is taking advantage of a photo op, plain and simple.

  11. Craig, it might seem to appear we are just inviting trouble and doing as the Dems did to Bush, but don’t forget that BHO also issued another photo of himself, supposedly in honor of Neil Armstrong.

    White House commemorates Neil Armstrong’s passing with photograph of… Obama

    This is a continual pattern with him.

  12. Sorry Norm, neither is good cover for inappropriate releases in other areas.

    It looks more like desperation

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