Doesn’t Patty Murray Have Some Cliff to Worry About Falling Over?

by lewwaters

Patty Murray 2Patty Murray, the so-called senior Washington State Senator has long advocated for the Columbia River Crossing and forcing Clark County to accept Portland, Oregon’s financially ailing light rail, even though Clark County voters have voted it down in every ballot measure perceived to support it.

But that doesn’t stop dictatorial Democrats like Patty Murray, even though she is clueless about what goes on in Clark County since we never see her unless she is up for reelection or seeking donations to retain her in the cushioned seat of authority she has gotten accustomed to.

In spite of the apparent corruption surrounding the CRC, having sucked up over $160 Million in planning and can’t even design a bridge with enough clearance to meet U.S. Coast Guard specifications for river traffic clearance, she lends her voice to Oregon’s Governor in the call for “damn the voters, full speed ahead” with the project.

In a video tapped message to the Oregon Leadership Summit Murray stated, “Now is the time to build the bridge, including the light rail component. Let me be clear, without light rail, we all know this bridge will not be built.”

Actually, Patty, we all don’t know since we who will be stuck with the taxes to pay off the bonds, TIFIA Loans and heavy tolls associated with it have repeatedly said “not just no, but hell no!”

The project is projected to cost $3.5 Billion, but in reality will be closer to $10 Billion once interest is added in and of course, cost over runs.

But none of that stops either Murray or Oregon’s Governor John Kitzhaber, when echoing Murrays’ call of “build it now” was reminded of the recent defeat of the sales tax increase measure to fund operations & maintenance of light rail from well inside Oregon. Kitzhaber blurted “That was put on the ballot by people who don’t support the bridge,” showing a complete disregard for Clark County citizens.

Actually it was put on the ballot by C-TRAN and defeated by a majority of Clark County voters, even within the gerrymandered sub-district created in 2005 to lock out half of the county from voting on C-TRAN measures in order for them to pass easier.

John Carter, chairman of Schnitzer Steel in Oregon said, “We are trade-dependent states, and we need to have the ability to have trade flow freely.” How placing light rail on a new bridge with the same number of lanes as the old one and restricting river traffic due to insufficient clearance, even for the Army Corps of Engineers dredge to travel upriver enhances trade flowing freely is left unexplained.

Kitzhaber advocates “for the state to raise vehicle taxes or fees to raise the $450 million needed for Oregon’s share of the project” while we have seen similar calls on our side of the river to cover the bloated costs.

Incoming Washington Governor Jay Inslee has stated so far that his “goal is to approve a transportation package to fund this” project, also adding that light rail is a “must.”

As we see unemployment creeping back up, Wall Street sliding downward, dependence on food stamps at a historic high and wages dipping, their plan is to strap the struggling middle class with even more taxes and fees to pay for something we have repeatedly and loudly proclaimed we do not want!

The country has now exceeded $16 Trillion in debt with calls out again to borrow even more to keep up with the massive spending of the current administration. Every day we hear of the pending “fiscal cliff” we face that if not dealt with will see the collapse of our economy.

Patty Murray’s Christmas message to the people is to continue the Democrats canard of “extending the middle class tax cuts,” completely ignoring that once Democrats succeed to sticking the wealthier people with even more taxes than they already pay, we will see higher prices, less jobs, less wages and benefits as those increased taxes are passed along to consumers.

Yet, she promotes the CRC boondoggle, blindly ignoring how struggling Clark County citizens will be strapped with higher taxes, tolls, less jobs and much more as the eight story monstrosity towers over downtown Vancouver, displaces existing businesses and causes even more congestion along the corridor over the eight to ten years the construction is projected to take.

In her message Murray states, “That is why I am absolutely focused on making sure any deal we make over the next few weeks works for middle class families, works for our seniors—and works for our country.”

Even though there is a clear history of Democrats continual desire to “stick it to the wealthy” hurting the middle class more, Murray advocates the destruction of the middle class, especially in Clark County by bankrupting us for generations to pay back wealthy campaign donors and unions that will reap the rewards off of our backs.

It was a little over two years ago that Ann Coulter labeled Patty Murray The Stupidest Person in America.

Patty Murray continues to prove it.

4 Comments to “Doesn’t Patty Murray Have Some Cliff to Worry About Falling Over?”

  1. If only that simple idiot would find one to jump off…

  2. Raising taxes on the wealthy ALWAYS results in lower revenue from the wealthy (most of them didn’t get that way by being stupid). The smarter Dems know this perfectly well, but they calculate that the personal benefits to them and their re-election prospects via promulgating Class Warfare, outweigh the severe negative consequences to the country as a whole. Besides, they can always blame Bush and play the race card.

  3. Interesting links to CRC by Kitzhaber and his former campaign manager now working for the single bid contractor on the CRC project, from Willamette Week How much did the CRC backers, developers, and contractors who would benefit from the CRC donate to the capaigns for governors of OR and WA and other legislators?

  4. Oh, Margaret… Do you think this is every going to get fixed. Unless some inspector general, independant auditor or investigative body like the federal bureau of investigation, pretty much, this will continue……

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