Jim Moeller Scoffs at the Idea of a Centrist Government

by lewwaters

Moeller, GoofAll expectations point to 17th Legislative District Senator Don Benton retaining his lead over challenger Tim Probst to keep his seat in the state senate. It’s been a very close and contentious campaign with Democrats throwing everything they could at Don to unseat him, including spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in bogus mud-slinging attack ads, painting Senator Benton as evil and uncaring as any human could possibly be.

In spite of coming very close to succeeding, Benton appears to be holding on to the win. Even though by a slim margin, a win is a win. Clark County Elections Supervisor Tim Likness states that even though the final results will not be certified until next week, it is not expected to change the outcome.

Although Senator Benton is labeled as one of the most partisan people in Olympia, his retaining the Senate seat is expected to finally bring about a more centrist oriented legislature with two moderate Democrats, Tim Sheldon and Rodney Tom indicating their desire to be more bipartisan and work more with Republicans that hard line Democrats in a “power-sharing” arrangement.

Sheldon and Tom are part of the trio of Moderate Democrats who abandoned the hard-line partisan Democrat leaders earlier this year to aid Republicans in the “9th Order” to stop a very bad budget from being quickly passed and forcing a more bipartisan budget to be written. The third member of the trio, Jim Kastama is no longer in the Senate, having given up his seat to run for Secretary of State, losing to Republican Kim Wyman.

Democrats have held a stranglehold on Olympia for over a decade with a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude, accepting no blame for the poor condition of the state economy.

Voters have been calling for a more centrist government for several years, not wanting either the left or the right holding sole power, but working together to improve the condition of the state.

Benton’s reelection and the announcement of Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon appears we will finally see that happening and hard line Democrats are not pleased.

We now see two who were most responsible for ignoring the $1.5 Billion budget gap earlier this year in order to ram homosexual marriage through being the most vocal in opposition to the bipartisan working together we have called for so long.

In an editorial appearing in the Columbian, in what is maybe the nicest article I have ever seen them publish concerning Senator Benton, we read,

“it is rather refreshing to see the state Senate apparently drifting toward some kind of bipartisan power-sharing,” and “Democrats, of course, are terrified.”

Arrogant open homosexual Democrat caucus leader Ed Murray is quoted,

“At what point do you become ineffective because you’ve entered into some sort of convoluted governing arrangement that doesn’t allow you to accomplish what you came down here for? I’m more concerned about the Senate functioning than with being majority leader.”

Even more disconcerting is the comment left by open homosexual, megalomaniac 49th Legislative District Representative Jim Moeller, fresh off another win as he states,

“The Columbian Editorial Board gets all goose-bumpy with the possibility of a ‘bi-partisan power arrangement’ in the senate. It really only shows their ignorance in the how governing works. The quest for a ‘philosophical center’ is a recipe for disaster. It is best the one party or another (we are a two party system after all) have the majority and the other operate as the ‘loyal opposition’. Although the R’s in the Senate would like to believe they will determine what will happen. In the end, the Democrats will hold the cards and will either be blamed and/or praised for the result.”

As we see already, Democrats never accept blame for anything, but grab all of the credit.

But as you can clearly see from both Murray and Moeller, neither have any interest whatsoever in seeking or working in any “middle ground.” They show what I have said many times, Democrats see any “middle ground” as Republicans caving and giving in, letting Democrats do as they please and once the results fall apart, blame those who signed on from the Republican Party.

Moeller sees “working together” as a “disaster,” only wanting to promote his special interests first and foremost.

“Loyal opposition” to him means that you either join him or shut the hell up, get out of the way and abandon your values for his.

Moeller is correct in that we do have a “two-party system,” but does that mean that the other party must be silenced and demanded to just go along? That he and his fellow Democrats have all of the answers and nothing from the other side is even worth discussing?

After the budget deal we saw this year, Jim Kastama gave us a revealing look into the goings on in Olympia in a speech he gave and said,

“I had grown to trust Joe [Zarelli] over the last 10 years or so. I had seen him offer perfectly good amendments to the bills on the Senate floor, only to have them defeated by my colleagues. The moderates would often stand in the back of the chamber and ask ‘what’s wrong with that amendment? It seems like a good idea,’ only to be told it wouldn’t pass in the House or it wasn’t our idea.”

As Kastama indicates, if it doesn’t come from the Democrats, it is not even considered, just thrown away with no consideration.

That is not “two-party rule,” but one party running rough-shod over everybody, calling all of the shots and ignoring half of the states citizens who seek something different than Democrats force on us.

It is tyranny, what both Murray and Moeller advocate and our state is much worse off because of it as we face yet another estimated $2 Billion budget gap in the weeks ahead.

The disaster is if the likes of Jim Moeller and Ed Murray continue turning a blind eye and closing their minds to the citizens of the state in order to promote their small special interest groups desires.

It’s time both were cut back down to size by fellow legislators who seek fair governance over tyranny.

11 Comments to “Jim Moeller Scoffs at the Idea of a Centrist Government”

  1. He took credit for the budget calling it bi-partisan and claiming he was the most conducive legisltor that does that in Olympia! He reprimanded Debbie Petersen for saying that the Republican budget got passed. Now he says this? Boy he will stop at nothing!

  2. As an observer supervisor at the manual recount, I can say that Greg and Tim have done an exceptional job and that Sen. Benton will remain Sen. Benton… which accomplishes the removal of a fake democrat moderate from elective office.

    And how can that be a bad thing?

    Moeller is a fringe-leftist who’s identity is wrapped up in his arrogant, militant homosexual leftist meme. He’s his biggest fan, but he plays no leadership role in the House (Pro Tem is purely ceremonial and has no say or power) and they’ve got him in the least offensive job they can find.

  3. ““Loyal opposition” to him means that you either join him or shut the hell up, get out of the way and abandon your values for his.”

    I’m afraid that’s what passes for bipartisanship for a majority of Democrats these days. What happened to the good guys like Warren Magnusun and Henry Jackson? Admittedly, Maria Cantwell isn’t quite the hack that Murray is, but that ain’t sayin’ much.

  4. The liberal/left view of “bipartisanship” is for the conservatives to ignore their values and constituents while they “agree” with the left.

    I truly hope that these willing Democrats are truly intending to make acceptable to _both_ sides compromises on the many issues that have hurt Washington’s economy.

    As an escapee from California, I experienced the result of the leftist brand of “bipartisanship” — resulting in a state on the verge of bankruptcy. (Just take a look at Detroit to see the result of leftist/Democratic rule for the past 50 years…)

  5. As a California escapee I really wish you would talk to all of your other fellow escapees here in the 49th Friend of John Galt. I met many while walking and running my campaign. They come here to get away from the destruction they caused with their policies in the south but they don’t leave their bad policies behind. They want the same laws and regulations passed here! We will be in worse mess sooner since we had our own share of arrogant leftist government politicians and staff pushing a bunch of this stuff already.

  6. Carolyn as another fellow 49th LD person, I would check with friend of John Galt to see if he is also a fellow member. If not, he’s amongst better company in the other varying state legislative districts that represent in whole or partially Clark County.
    But I do like some of what you both have to say, though I may not agree with all of it. We’ll have to see how the state legislature handles the near 2.5 billion dollar continued fiscal cliff that our own state is going to have to fill at some point.

  7. Hey Good Idea! Maybe, Friend of John Galt are you in the 49th? Maybe we could co-ordinate an event for early summer and see if we can’t promote a more conservative logical minded movement within the California transplants. A potluck picnic with a Southwestern food flair theme and sidewalk chalk painting or something blended with a few speakers. Contact me if you would be interested @ hazel_x2@comcast.net please!

  8. Well, I sure would love to see a “conservative” picnic. I know there was a Tea Party rally a year ago but was not able to go. Curious to know what it would look like…

  9. This is why I think Washington should have term limits. If we were term limited, Jim would had been out of office in 2010. What’s wrong with a bill that’s proposed by any side? Both sides have proposed good legislation and there are bad legislation proposed (Good=2/3 threshold for tax increases,Audit the fed bill, 2012 senate budget (WA),NDAA amendment prohibiting indefinite detainment,Bad= Candy Tax,Obamacare,NCLB,Dodd-Frank,SOPA,PIPA). Ideas will change over time but the politicians are out of touch as to what we need to be more sustainable. We need a budget that cuts spending rather than increase spending and a smaller government. Our senate is larger than Florida despite Florida being more populous and our house is 98 seats compared to FL (120). We need to look at how we allot dollars and find a way to make them run efficiently (e.g. creating more charter schools such as Florida,attracting theme parks to come here hence the reason FL has a surplus,pension/entitlement reform,etc). No legislation should go unconsidered just because it was written by a Republican,Democrat, Libertarian or Independent. I observed Gay marriage was supported by 3 republicans in the senate. Had none of them voted yes on it,it would had not been an issue brought forth in November. That’s what Jim failed to mention is that sometimes the opposing side can help get legislation passed by working together and compromising.

  10. Jack – A lot of great points there. I might add that I think your term limits you were suggesting might be applicable to both federal, commonwealth and state legislative races? You point wasn’t clear on that but I thought it might be an important term that might need to be mentioned.

    I might like to add, I would like to have a look at all departments including Defense, Veterans Affairs and social services, yes I mean THESE two. Nothing is better than taking a good look at all of the departments including these at the federal level. And I mean all of the great sacred cows. If we can do it in a better, cheaper way for the taxpayer, I am all for this. Though what I am not asking for is a cheapened item unless that is what is called for in the specifications of an item.

    To the points about NDAA and other like stuff, the Supreme Court in the United States has upheld it as legal. So if you are going to have become undone, you might have a serious fight on your hands, Jacob. Another thing that gotten my REAL IRE is the Telecom Immunity Bill that gives the telecommunications industry (more than just your basic cable and dsl internet?) free rain to help the government spy on you.

    I am all for working together for common sense when it comes to spending at both the washington state and federal levels. That being said and Jim Moeller not knowing that I TOO reside in his state legislative district, so he pass a good
    number of his constituents like we are nothing. (Yes, Jim I have seen you do it to too many people.) I may not always agree with Jim, but some times his attitude towards his constituents just plain turns me off.

    I hope he personally gets the message that his constituents are watching. And no Democrat, even in the 49th LD is safe from being voted out of office when he likes to play games with people. I might suggest this of Don Benton and any of one of our other state and federal politicians that might read this blog.

  11. Ahh yes, Jim Moeller might have control over the state house and the governor but do you think he has firm grasp and control over the state senate? And with a two billion dollar plus hole to fill, does he think he won’t have to work with republicans to get enough votes in the senate to pass transportation and education finance bills?

    He must live in a dream world if he doesn’t think he is going to need across the aisle help to get his interests like the columbia river crossing project passed!

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