Mark Levin Schools Speaker John Boehner

by lewwaters

The Heritage Foundation says of Boehner’s “counter-offer” to Barack Obama, “At first blush, it appears little more than categorical, pre-emptive capitulation.”

In this bloggers not so humble opinion, Boehner is a disgrace and either should resign of be removed from the position of Speaker of the House.

It’s high time we rid ourselves of the Vichy Republicans selling out conservatives under their false banner.

13 Comments to “Mark Levin Schools Speaker John Boehner”

  1. I’m all for going over the so-called “fiscal cliff.” What’s there to lose? From my pov, taxes go back up, and programs are cut across-the-board – two things that MUST happen! So what if there’s a recession/depression – it’s going to happen anyway, so take it early in this administration and 4 years from now, with the increased taxes & lower spending, things might be looking up?

    As for purging moderates (RINOs) from the Republicans, I’m all for purging Conservatives. They need a new party – call it the “Conservative Party.” This 2-party crap isn’t working out. (The Dems need to split out the Progressives too.)

  2. Sorry Martin, but one party rule, which is what will happen if we have the Liberal Democrats and Liberal Democrat lite will be the end of America.

    I know you like to draw strict lines of distinction between liberal and whatnot, but it’s time you woke up and realized today’s liberals, the driving force of your party leadership is just yesterday’s communist. You may not be, but they highjacked the term and applied it to themselves.

    If you wish to live under communist tyranny, keep advocating for conservatives to be locked up in your parties gulags.

    Right now, we conservatives are the only thing standing between you and those who are ready to steal everything you have worked for.

  3. Lew, I’m not trying to be insulting, but whenever you (or anyone) talks like that, they sound hysterical.

    Democracies can do what they want. If they want to be “Communist” then that’s what they do. That’s the deal. You can rant, threaten, bully, whatever, but a better & more productive use of your time would be to see where you fit into the machine and turn the gears slowly in your direction.

    Or you can opt out – which is what you’ve said you’ve done – but then what’s this blog about? Haven’t you opted out?

  4. Martin, Intelligent people have often refused to open their eyes and see what is standing right in front of them while scoffing at the obvious.

    And in case you forgot, we are not a “Democracy,” but a “Republic.”

  5. Lew, dude, I certainly know we’re a republic – I keep trying to be one of the representatives, which turns out to be a tough thing in a democracy. In that vein, you should do the PCO thing again, then we’d both be saying we’re turning the gears as hard as we can, so if the machine goes off the cliff, at least is wasn’t because of us.

  6. Martin, sometimes I’m not sure if you come in to exchange ideas or if you’re another sent by the Clark County Democrat Party to counter my blog.

    You see, I do have friends who are in the Democrat Party that the party is unaware of are my friends. Some have been approached by party leaders and requested to challenge me or open a blog to counter mine.

    I’m flattered that they believe I am that much of a danger to the left’s agenda.

    I like being an independent conservative and not held to any party standard or told what to do or say by them. If the party decides to oust the Vichy Republicans, maybe then I get more involved with the party itself. But until then, no thanks. I’ll keep turning the gears from right here as I do. After all, I just enjoyed the best month ever in the history of my blog’s readership 😉

    As for the “fiscal cliff,” would you please make up your mind. Either we’re doomed to go over it no matter what, as you first said, or we can prevent it by stopping the Democrats march along with the Vichy Republicans assistance.

  7. Dude, let there be no confusion… Let’s go over the damn cliff. Obama wins again.

  8. Martin’s right about two things. We need to cut spending and we need to raise revenue. The hole we’re in is so deep that cutting spending alone won’t work. I think the Republicans should put the pedal to the metal and go right off the cliff.

    I think the Progressive wing of the Democratic party is bigger than Martin thinks. If the party split, the Progressive Party would be bigger than both a Democratic Party and a Conservative Party (If the Republicans split too). The moderates of both parties would have to unite in order to survive. Hmmm….maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I can live with moderate Democrats.

  9. I have no problem with cutting spending and raising revenue.

    But, too many times we have agreed to revenue increase with empty promises of spending cuts that never materialized. Even when claiming cutting spending, a closer look reveal all they do is trim some off of a projected spending increase. Spending still goes up, taxes go up and we remain mired in deep do do, as we are.

    Vichy Republicans have caved time and again to this notion an when the economy plunges because of it, guess who gets blamed? Not Democrats.

    I’m all for working in the middle as well, once the middle is brought back to the real middle and not just a hollow position fully on the left, where it is today.

    Disappointing is reading that moderate Dems in D.C. are keeping a low profile in all of this and remaining silent, fearing their chances of reelection in 2014 will be harmed if they speak out now.

    Show me real true spending cuts, elimination of waste, tightening of entitlements, reductions in congressional salaries, benefits and staff and then reasonable taxes across the board, cutting out half that now pay no income tax but receive a refund anyway and it has a better chance of my support.

    And for low income, even if only $12 a year, at least they are contributing and not taking.

    There are too many working the system and contributing little or nothing now.

    And finally, I’m sorry but you will never make everything equal. There really is no such of a thing. Never has been, never will be. That’s just life.

  10. Well put Lew. Real spending cuts – not just an adjustment in the increase. I think we both know it won’t happen though. Not until there is a crisis that will make ’29 look like a picnic in the park. The Democrats (not all of them – I refer mainly to Progressives) just don’t care. They want to keep spending OPM until the well runs dry, then establish their dictatorship when everything crashes.

    Actually I guess I should be more careful with labels. The true enemies of the Republic are not Democrats – but Progressives. Progressives by and large despise everything about America – most specifically the Constitution.

  11. Unfortunately Craig, I think today’s Democrats are controlled by Progressives, having abandoned their highjacking of Liberal after they corrupted that word.

    Martin and others can demonize the Tea Party (that is actually 40% or more Democrat and Independent), but it is the stealth Progressives in their party that they continue to support that threaten to destroy the country.

    It was all laid out in the 60’s in the Cloward-Piven strategy and today we can see them pushing even harder to fulfill it.

  12. Wow Schuyler, I’m shocked, shocked I say. You, promoting a conservative? 😉

    By the way, I too have advocated Republicans not try to block the Dems on this and just vote present. Let them raise the taxes, finish destroying the economy an there be no ones fingerprints on it but the Dems.

    Dems have long pulled this crap as they did with the Luxury Tax in 1990 and when it fell apart and hurt the middle class, they blamed Republicans.

    Just like they did with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It was Dems in the Senate who blocked Bush’s effort to rein them in, said there were no problems and everything was fine.

    When the bubble burst, then they blamed Bush for not doing anything to stop it.

    So let them step back, leave the Dems to pull their stuff and most important, let them own it.

    Let people see that Dems ideas of raping people with higher and higher taxes always hurts the middle class.

    By the way, did you see where McConnell called for a vote on Obama’s proposed tax plan and Democrat Harry Reid refused to let it be voted on?

    Now, why do you think Democrats do not want Obama’s proposal to be voted on?

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