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December 9, 2012

The Columbian Discovers, Democrats Won’t Vote Republican

by lewwaters

Boldt 3Now that the dust is settling from the recent election, with recounts finished and results set to be certified, we are to be treated to analysis of what went right and what wrong in some races. It’s interesting to read what different people think of how the election went and why votes turned out as they did.

Of particular interest is the race for County Commissioner between incumbent Marc Boldt and challenger, businessman David Madore since the Columbian expended a lot of ink to discourage voters from selecting Madore, having abandoned their previous disdain for Boldt, embracing him now that he slid left in many positions and came out in support of the CRC and light rail.

Someone, and I don’t know for sure who, decided that Boldt should maintain he is still a Republican even though he had abandoned nearly every Republican position since winning the Commissioner seat. Possibly it was recommended because his two previous elections were fairly decisive and handlers figured it would be again.

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