UPDATED: The Columbian: Busted Again On Their Pro-Democrat Bias

by lewwaters

Newspaper 2For some time we conservatives have complained about the Columbian newspaper’s bias in favor of Democrats, only to be met by Editor Lou Brancaccio’s reminders of they endorsed George W. Bush in 2004 and again endorsed Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential election.

Never mind that they refrain from publishing articles critical of Democrats nor do they publish article with glowing praise about Republicans, Brancaccio maintains they are even handed and do not favor either side, regardless of how many times we list their bias.

Once again we see a glaring example of their pro-Democrat bias and why I often label them the “unofficial daily newsletter for the Democrat Party.”

If readers will recall, earlier this year, shortly after David Madore made public his intent to run against County Commissioner Marc Boldt, the Columbian mysteriously ran across word that 4 months previously, Boldt had been sanctioned by the Clark County GOP for his many abandonment of Republican principles and for siding with Democrats more than Republicans.

He was not removed from the party nor did the party claim he was no longer a Republican. Some individuals, yours truly amongst them, did say that, but I have no official voice with or for the party as I resigned from it a couple years back.

The Columbian ran article after article and editorial castigating the CCGOP for doing such a thing, even to the point of quoting former Clark County Democrat Chair Dan Ogden, “Democrats don’t try to discipline based on people’s views.”

I even had a facebook private message discussion with former County Commissioner Betty Sue Morris where she claimed,

“I wanted to let you know that I was an elected Democrat from Clark County for 20 years and was much more disobedient to my party than Marc ever has been. And I’m sure I violated their platform often. In fact, I’m not sure I always even know what it said. I was never sanctioned or reprimanded or denied party resources.”

After supplying Betty Sue with numerous examples of where Democrats had also “sanctioned” their own, she reluctantly agreed.

But the Columbian’s articles all left readers with the false impression that only Republican’s expect party loyalty, democrat’s being above all of that.

As other newspapers do, the Columbian also relies on news feeds from the Associated Press, publishing their articles, sometimes with a slightly different headline, but still AP articles credited to their author.

We saw such an example of an AP feed story just today as it was announced that two Washington State Democrats have agreed to form a “philosophical majority” coalition with the Republicans to work more together on matter affecting the state, ending the stranglehold Progressive Democrats have held the state in for over a decade.

I referenced that AP story earlier today in my post on the coalition, Senator Benton Announces Bipartisan Coalition from the Olympian newspaper.

Later, I saw the Columbian had also used the AP story on their site, but noticed something a bit strange on the Columbian’s use of it, a whole section of the original story that quotes Washington State Democrat Party Chair Dwight Pelz “disowning” the two Democrat completely edited out of the Columbian.

Compare the Columbian to the Olympian and about midway in the Columbian’s article you will find missing,

“Meanwhile, the chairman of the Washington State Democrats disowned the two defecting senators.”

“Dwight Pelz said he’s long viewed Sheldon as a Republican, but the party had invested money to re-elect Tom this year. Pelz says that won’t happen again, and the party will draft a candidate to oust him next time.”

“ ‘This is a decision by Rodney Tom to switch parties back again,’ Pelz said. ‘Rodney Tom is a Republican now’.”

“Tom was initially elected as a Republican but switched parties in 2006. Pelz said he believes the latest move was simply a way for Tom to fulfill his personal ambitions.”

Gone, completely wiped out as if was never written.

Why would they edit out such a part of the story other than to continue their false portrayal of the Democrats being above such things as expecting party loyalty?

Why, after being shown time and again that both parties expect loyalty, would they keep trying to promote such a false notion and claim they hold no bias in favor of the Democrats?

Had I not seen the Olympian article too, I would be left with the idea that the Democrat Party is okay with the new coalition when obviously, they are very displeased with a truly bipartisan effort to actually work together as voters have long demanded.

This is what the people expect and what the Republican Party and Moderate Democrats are doing. Not for power or personal interest, but to actually work together and end the “my way or the highway” attitude of the Progressive Democrats.

And the Columbian would keep us in the dark on the Democrats disdain for truly working together.

Lou, consider yourself busted yet again on your pro-Democrat bias.

UPDATE: This post was posted at 6:49 PM Dec. 10. At 7:44 PM the Columbian edited their article to include the missing paragraphs.

Too late, Lou. We’ve all seen it already 😉

Clark County Politics adds their voice with more historical information of how they covered Marc Boldt’s sanctioning here

11 Comments to “UPDATED: The Columbian: Busted Again On Their Pro-Democrat Bias”

  1. Does a leopard change his spots? No surprise that The Columbian continues to show bias … and I again recommend that all conservatives forego subscribing to any publication that consistently offers biased articles. No point in subsidizing “the other side.”


  2. I wouldn’t even care that they are biased if they just got the FACTS correct and checked what they print. Lou runs a sloppy unprofessional paper where they don’t do things like research, fact check or have the reporters go find stories. The Columbian is a waste because you CAN NOT trust ANYTHING they print. The best day of my life was after they attacked me and I stopped reading the stupidity they publish. Until their editor forces his staff to be honest, factual and double check what they print, they have zero credibility. You’re wasting you time looking at their lies and drivel.


  3. See, Brancaccio and his pit yorkie, along with a great many of their more scummy acolytes kept vilifying the local GOP for taking action against Boldt for his fringe-left bent. They portrayed him as a victim. In fact, one lying little democrat worm assured us that they “don’t do that sort of thing” when it comes to the democrat party.

    The hell they don’t. And Brancaccio is just being his despicable, slimy scummy self by leaving this out.


  4. There can be but one explanation for the editing of the Olympian article in such a way as to cast the Democrats in a favorable light: willful deceit.
    The Columbian is a newspaper whose staff purports to represent objective professional journalism. Such bias as this kind of editing reveals puts the lie in their collective face and is detectable by any twelve-year-old child.
    Still, if you have no shame, what can it matter???


  5. Even more revealing is there adding it back in, almost exactly one hour after I posted this.

    Too late, we’ve seen the effort to hide the Democrats attitude


  6. Well they never print the real meat of the story only the fluff!


  7. Ahh, they got caught when their pants down again? hmm… Why do we have to continually go around and around again on this same subject. It does get rather tiresome….


  8. There’s a cute Australian expression for this – “Sprung!” Good work, Lew!!


  9. Looks like Lou is keeping a close eye on you Lew. Are you worried?

    I have to laugh – sometimes they are the Keystone Kops of the newspaper business.


  10. They keep a close eye on both Kelly and me, Craig.

    I’m not the lest bit worried, though Lou might be since he seems to believe that the blogs are why their subscription rate continues to decline and not their liberal bias.


  11. Lew – You might consider that Lou keeps his friend close but his enemies CLOSER to the vest. And if he so chooses to take his local newspaper medium and flush it down the toilet, should we not just allow him the right and privilege to do it? And take the family who owns it along with him for the joy ride?? 😉 Hmm, I wonder if they know….


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