Lynda Wilson Wins Clark GOP Chair

by lewwaters

Lynda Wilson 3Saw notice on her facebook page just now. Lynda Wilson will take over for Stephanie McClintock as Chair of the Clark County Republican Party.

Vice-Chair will be Steven Nelson.

More to follow later.

Congratulations to the winners.

38 Comments to “Lynda Wilson Wins Clark GOP Chair”

  1. Great! I needed a reason to jettison the CCGOP from my life, and the PaulBot takeover is perfect. Well done!

  2. I don’t know anything about her. What makes her a “PaulBot”? I assume that’s a derogatory term?

  3. Craig, a Paulbot is those starry eyed, brainwashed Ron Paul or nobody types we have seen over the past few years infiltrating the GOP.

    AS for Lynda, I know her and Steve and neither impresses me as a Paulbot, but I don’t know who all else was elected last night that might be.

    I think Lynda and Steve will try to do good, but I am wary of the others who sit now on the board and what they will pull.

    As much as they have complained for some time now about “the establishment,” they also forget it has been that very establishment funding the party.

    Time will tell if the other board members cooperate or form a majority to push Ron Paul policies.

  4. Craig, I found out some of the others elected last evening and besides Lynda and Steve, the rest of the names I found are all Ron Paul supporters, some I have had unpleasant dealings with over the past few years.

    James Randall, Laney Maxwell, Kathy Metzger, Kenny Smith & Eric Heredia all have ties to Ron Paul groups and supported the old geezer.

    Still others that I haven’t found their names just yet as the party has not updated the abysmal website they have.

  5. There are PaulBot persons described accurately above as being Republican only if their guy wins and they have no loyalty to the Republican brand. However, James Randall is not one of those. I have worked with him over the last few years and once the primary is over, he works as hard as any PCO and harder than most in getting Republicans elected and at all levels.

    The elected officers are not all Ron Paul supporters. The treasurer is new to politics and was nominated by the establishment chair candidate and my friend, Dan Barnes, who was not elected and the secretary is also new to politics. I do know she was recruited and supported by Chuck Miller, hardly a Ron Paul person or anti-establishment person. I don’t know Lynda or Steven’s presidential preference but both have worked very hard creating and operating the local “We the People” group. In short, the results were not a Ron Paul takeover of the party.

    It is time for our party to stop being fractious and come together. That was the theme of last night’s PCO meeting and if the current leadership does not reach out and build bridges with those who lost, the board can be replaced in two years. I know we PCOs will watch the current board and I will be among the most vocal if I don’t like what I see. However, I expect all of the fears will prove to be overblown and the current leadership will work hard and do their best to bring victory to Republican candidates at all levels. They are younger and more techniologically savvy than most leaving the board, which is what we need to grow and especially to influence the youth and bring them into our camp.

    I voted a split ticket because I want the board to have representation from numerous perspectives.

  6. I haven’t seen any Ron Paul support from either Lynda or Steven and I’m really surprised at what you say about James.

    I have had past dealings with him and he used to definitely be a strong Ron Paul supporter, perhaps he has toned it down.

    I do recall when the party had a booth at the Farmers Market, he was usually set up right next to their booth with the Campaign for Liberty people.

    The party does need to stop being so fractured, but adopting the policies promoted by Ron Paul will only drive people away.

    I like the idea of Lynda and Steven chairing and hope they do well.

    But I do have serious concerns on some of the others based upon past dealings I have had, both in person and online.

    And please, get someone to do something with the website 😉

  7. Lynda Wilson was a Santorum supporter and I also think Steve was as well. I seconded their nomination 1. Because they asked me to. 2. Lynda Wilson has the drive and experience to lead our party. She does her homework and gets in to learn the issues. Lynda will work to bring the party together and is sensible. While some of the newly elected members are backers of Ron Paul, they choose one that have a history of also working with and supporting other Republicans. I know all the elected Ron Paul backers because they have been there working for others in the party and have always supported me. I will say that I also split my votes. I voted based on who I know and felt would do the best job. One key requirement I have in these types of elections is you need to ask me for my vote.
    We need to be honest how this group formed and why they stayed together. It got together because the Romney supporters of which I was one tried to box out the Paul supporters, which I thought was foolish from the start. They got together with the Santorum supporters and began focusing on where they agreed and built on that. They made some early errors which I called them on and after the PCO elections they began to reach out to everyone to learn about their vision. At the Fort on the 4th I talked to Lynda in length and told her I was worried about who they would put up as chair. At that time Lynda revealed to me she would be running and I told her I could support her as chair. In the months following Lynda contacted me for help on the Parks vote and worked with my office to better understand the processes and I heard great things about her from my staff. She learned a lot and now has people in other counties reaching out to her to help. I think Lynda will lead the party well and can bring it together.

  8. As I said, I think Lynda and Steven are good choices an have no opposition to either.

    But I remain leery of the rest based on passed interaction, some of which you witnessed and have a difficult time trusting them.

    Still, I am not a member of the party any longer and they were legally chosen.

    So they will have their chance to do what they can.

    As for me personally, I offer support to the individuals and not necessarily the party.

    Like you, nobody receives my support based solely upon party membership.

  9. Many of us watched this unfold last night. Many of us have been subjected to the ranting from Christian and his promoting of this group slate has created a larger rift. The true leaders that were very new to the party board were ousted. I have spent months watching this group that got elected last night and felt that they were divisive with the language they used. Things like “old school” and “establishment” as if hard working volunteers are the new bad thing. Then Christian called me and no matter how long winded his rants are on facebook the phone call was even more so. I really liked the possibility that this group might bring new ideas and energy to the party and until that call I had been defending Christian to people. However, that evening he made it very clear that if a person disagrees with his plan and his idea they will be attacked. I questioned him on that issue that night last week when he called me. I told him that it sounded like he wanted us to forgo the current volunteers for his volunteers with the idea that his volunteers would be picking our future candidates and the direction our party would be going in. He also made it clear that I was not part of that direction. He dissed Paul Harris saying he wasn’t conservative enough based on a couple of comments Paul had made about the caucus/primary debacle. I had thought that the rift was healing and that his intent was good. I was wrong. His intent is to fundamentally change the republican party. Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah! It was Obama and his tactics to fundamentally change our country. They complain that the establishment republicans picked the candidates that they wanted but now they propose the exact same thing. I could not believe it when I heard it and I called him out on it in that call. Thus the long winded rant. I have been a republican all my life and I feel like I am partyless now. Lisa Ross was their only loss and I am sure it was because she was honest and spoke the truth about the plan when she asked for the votes. If the others had connected all the dots to the whole slate the outcome might look completely different. Instead of a nervous woman who couldn’t handle speaking in front of 170 people we might actually have a leader capable chairperson with the energy and drive to move our party forward. Everybody keeps saying how Lynda created the We the People group which is not true. Tom Neuvalis (sp?) did that she simply took over it upon his departure. She had a few events that were reasonably well attended but the group has not even met in months now. It is in essence defunct so I don’t think that it is a good statement for success and I hope she does better as a chair of our party than to drive it down the same path. One other thought here… when a person goes out to the Columbian site to make sure they raise a public stink as to how the county convention went down I do not believe they are the best option for a behind the scenes controller of our party. As a PCO I hope that the meetings are not going to be frequented by this type of persons.

  10. One other thought here… I saw a blurp on facebook congratulating the group and letting them know that “they too had accomplished the task” and had taken over the party county up north. I thought this was a republican movement not a anti-republican movement.

  11. That type of language (taken over the party) is disturbing because it reflects an us/them mentality that needs to disappear. In some ways I can sympathize because I have felt the same way when Bush campaigned for Arlen Specter and the establishment was behind Specter. (He was all about what was best for him-never a true Republican as evidenced when he once again flipped his party affiliation). Currently, I am upset that the national party has removed Tea Party congresspeople from committee assignments because they didn’t fall into line behind Boehner’s view. From that perspective, I am anti-establishment. However, as a past officer, I am also viewed as ‘establishment’. People do not easily fit into tidy labels. Let’s give each other a chance and stop the divisive rhetoric. The heaviest burden for that falls with the leadership newly elected.

    Just for the record, I have known Paul Harris since serving with him on the Evergreen School Board in the early 90’s and he is as conservative as they come. His votes as a house member provide ample proof of his solid conservative values. If you have a concern over an individual vote, talk to him. I can guarantee if it appears less than conservative, there was a strategy behind it.

  12. I agree that Paul Harris is a rock in conservative values and votes.

  13. All I needed to know was that Wilson was a PCOA candidate. And like anyone else affiliated with that PaulBot-driven group, that’s all I NEEDED to know.

    And to all you PCOA’er types reading this, how’d Marc Boldt do as the PCO for this precinct?

    What’s that? He didn’t show up?

    I’m stunned and amazed.

    Anywho, the PaulBots own this outfit like they do Spokane County.

    Any they’re welcome to it. (BTW, the Santorum delegates sold out to the PaulBots… so while she may not have been a committed supporter, her effort to ignore the will of the voter at the caucuses… who want nothing to do with that moron Paul… is yet another reason to take a hike after a 22 odd year affiliation.

    Combine that with the PCOA’s idiotic opposition to conservatives that opposed Paul… and… well… how much more of a clue does one need?

  14. FYI, Paul Harris has the highest Republican rating in the House by the AFL-CIO: 48%. Maybe not so much a “rock” as a “pebble.”

  15. Incidentally, has anyone seen the newest of by-laws said to be written by the PCOA?

    I’ve heard of them but haven’t seen or read them.

  16. There was a set sent out via e-mail posed by Lynda Wilson but that set was withdrawn and the set voted on at the pco election night event I did not get a copy of. It was a Christian Berrigan proposal and if he stayed with what he talked about at the pco events he held it was probably okay. I withheld voting yeah or nay since I had not been afforded the privilege of seeing the document but then again why would I… they didn’t actually predisclose their actions during the planning sessions that they worked so hard on for months to me either. Not a backroom deal here, right.

  17. I’m sure it will surface soon enough.

    Incidentally, the comment you read congratulating the PCOA was left by a Matthew Edward Hayward who had a lot to say in regards to this years convention in Thurston County.

    Interesting that a strong Ron Paul supporter like Hayward sees last night election the same as a Thurston County “takeover.”

  18. I know. It felt like it with these meetings to predetermine the agenda and the process was prevetted by their group. I feel like if it was so inspirational they could have simply put come and made the offer without all the hoopla to rally the troops. I think some people felt like if they voted for a person they had to vote the whole slate which others did not do. I voted a split and the only person I voted for on their slate got elected. Interesting note that I had actually told both set of groups I thought that Lisa Ross was a good choice for treasurer then after she spoke I changed my mind. She told the truth about the slate and how critical it was that everybody vote the whole Lynda Wilson slate. She lost. Does that mean that people don’t want to hear the truth or that they didn’t correlate what she said properly.

  19. I noticed too that a couple went after Brent Boger last evening on his facebook page and the Columbian picked it up

    Boger lectures PCO Liberty Alliance about Republican Party

    I hope they don’t think the Columbian intends to be their friend.

  20. Obviously Carolyn is upset. Carolyn, I’m sorry your opponent got more than 2/3s of the vote last night. I realize you’re upset. Please just try to be dignified about this loss and keep fighting the good fight with us. Regarding the various comments made in this thread: First, I need to register my total disagreement with Carolyn’s description of our phone call. Second, I disagree with her portrayal of my mention of Paul Harris. Third, it is not true that Carolyn did not get a copy of the bylaws that were passed. The very same email Stephanie McClintock sent her containing the #1 version (the copy that was pulled from the agenda, the one she acknowledges receiving) also contained the #2 version copy which was not pulled from the agenda. The only differences being that the area highlighted in the first was deleted from the second. Her inflammatory accusation is not factual. But there are many accusations made here, assumptions of peoples intentions and frankly, legacy thinking. It will not be fruitful to try to deconstruct and correct it all. I will just go on the record stating, like the example about supposedly not receiving a copy of the bylaws, I dispute MANY statements here, many of the characterizations of people mentioned here and find the whole conversation extremely prejudiced by ignorance. And before you all jump out of your skin — ignorance is not an insult, it is simply a statement that one is lacking some information, ok? Now lest I go on a “rant”, I think I’ll just leave it at that. Anyone who wants to participate in the bright future of the CCRP, please come along! Do not let your belief about what is happening be based upon comments in this thread. There are GREAT things happening. Come meet these people and decide for yourself what is fact and what is fiction 🙂

  21. They went after Boger? It looks more like he was going after them, like always, and a few of them responded. The Columbian is always after a story that highlights internal Republican strife. The article you cited was pretty neutral, Stevie does a pretty good job. I was actually a part of the thread Boger refers to: He seems to have willfully misrepresented what was going on in that conversation when someone asked Greg about his PA degree. There was no attack, the guy also was asking Greg if he wanted to have coffee sometime.

    Sharon Long and Anna and Chuck Miller were all asked if they were running for board positions, and the group was willing to defer to them. None wanted to run. Dan Barnes also had the group’s support for Treasurer, but he decided at the last minute to run against Lynda, who had been planning to run for months. The Board has been entirely without Paul supporters on it since before Brandon Vick stepped down, either elected or appointed. Paul supporters comprised 28.5% of the caucus straw poll. I guess adding any Paul supporters to the board would be considered a ‘Ron Paul takeover’ by some of you. Whatever. Your accusations are taxing and wearying to any sane person. The grandest Paulbot conspiracy I have heard so far is to run a Liberty candidate someday in the 49th and try to win where others have failed. I wonder if Lew and Kelly would consider that a ‘win’ for our side. They would probably rather have Moeller.

    All PCOs got a copy of the new by-laws from Stephanie, with and without the ‘Core Principles’. There were also several meetings that all PCOs were invited to so that they could give feedback. Carolyn was there and had a chance to speak, which she took full advantage of. I’m not sure what her beef is: She ran for committeewoman and lost 109-52. Now she goes all around the internet saying she got a raw deal. Someone is going to have to explain the logic on that one to me.

  22. cul, if you wish to establish a thread of credibility, stop hiding behind an anonymous screen name.

    You seem to think you have all of the answers, but don’t have the intestinal fortitude to publicly stand behind your words.

    You fail to note that people see the world through different eyes and that is going to hurt your effort. As much as ya’ll have complained about the “establishment mentality,” you see bent on your own form of “establishment mentality.” It’s your way or nothing, exactly what you complained about within the “old white guy” GOP and Liberals.

    As for Ron Paul, you fail to see that the country as a whole rejects his views. The party itself rejected his views. Those are the reasons he has never been able to win one single state primary in three tries for president. But, those devoted to him fool themselves into believing they are standing up for the constitution, when all they stand for is Ron Paul’s interpretation of the constitution.

    I chuckle to myself whenever ya’ll stand on “straw polls,” as if they are a gauge of anything other than the views of those who pack a caucus or online poll.

    Go right ahead and run a “Liberty Candidate” in the 49th and win, but pardon me if I don’t hold my breath waiting to see it happen. Don’t forget, ya’ll ran a “Liberty Candidate” for 3rd Congressional District Representative in 2008 and he lost by the largest margin in 20 years. So go right ahead, pour all of your resources into a 49th L.D. candidate and see what happens. Maybe we can convince the Democrats to do the same and drain their resources in the 18th?

    You assume an awful lot about Kelly and me. Or you just like to demean those who have spent many years in the trenches, bucking moderates while also seeing the fallacy of the far right. I guess we are just a couple of those “old white guys” you abhor. Whatever, that’s your problem, not mine.

    I respect Lynda and Steve and as I have said, believe they will work hard.

    What kind of cooperation they receive from you remains to be seen.

  23. Christian, do you mind if people wait to see evidence of that “bright future” and “GREAT things happening” before jumping? 😉

    Just how much cooperation Lynda and Steve receive is up to you, not us.

  24. I totally believe that winners should be gracious to their opponents in victory. The new leadership will reach out and build bridges by their choice of board members to be considered, etc. I do not think their supporters are helping the cause by trying to humiliate Carolyn by revealing voting results. Carolyn has fought for conservative values in many venues and I thank her for her hard work. Her loss in the run for office does not negate the good things she has provided. She is an excellent researcher and has helped more than one candidate with the “facts” during campaigns.

  25. You are so right, Sharon.

    Few people have stood up publicly for the people of Clark County and Vancouver as has Carolyn Crain. Her many appearances before city council, the county commissioners, elected reps. of the 49th and even running for office, she has put herself in the spot light, not hidden being anonymous screen names to speak her piece for us.

    She hasn’t run to the Columbian to expose whatever she felt was going wrong in the party or billed herself as having all of the answers.

    Even Lynda Wilson, who has accomplished much with her own testimony before county commissioners hasn’t appeared as much as has Carolyn.

    Win or lose on the board, she deserves better.

  26. Thank you for the kind words. I will continue to speak out for freedom in every venue since it is the prize worth the effort. I have been reaching out to many people both on and off this new board. I am leary and if the Columbian’s article on the 13th as well as the blog sites that show a preplanned coup aren’t enough to make a person leary then that person has seriously limited vision. Time will tell and records etched. I simply want success and cohesion. I want my party and I want it stronger not a controlled version of someone else’s plan for my party and my freedom. Hopefully I will see improvements. Like you Lew I am not holding my breath. I obviously did not get a final draft of those rules only the preliminary one as mentioned above something was struck out and I still don’t know what it says clearly. An easy answer here to solve that is to use all that high technology being touted as the answer to our problems and send out a completed version. I hope that the language shows what Christian spoke to at his meeting because that was definitely agreeable.
    I am not alone in my fear so I can only encourage those who do now sit on the board to reach out and be inclusive of those of us that they did not include in the earlier conversations. It is, by the way, our REPUBLICAN party and the strongest hope for us to remove people like Jim Moeller from office. That is my goal and it is my plan and I am running so this group can either get on board or not, their choice. Thanks for the venue Lew… we needed this.

  27. I understand your wanting to include everyone, Sharon, and I think that is commendable. I completely agree with those sentiments. Revealing the vote count is hardly out of bounds, however. These things are not a secret, any more than vote totals for candidates in any election are not a secret. They reveal a strong mandate from the PCOs for the new officers who are being challenged by Carolyn Crain, who has said on facebook that she would like to get together with others who agree with her and challenge the new party structure before it has even had a chance to do anything. Carolyn is being incredibly divisive right now, and I really hope she rethinks her position, particularly in light of that vote count.

    Lew, since you have yet to actually ask any of the Liberty people in Clark County, including myself, what we actually want, your wild speculations aren’t worth very much. I love the ‘old white guy’ quote, as though you were quoting me. The way that you take a quote you heard somewhere and apply it to an entire legion of people you have never met is amazing. I challenge you to sit and have a cup of coffee with James Randall, or any of the new board. You may find that you are actually attacking with vehemence the very people who are the real ‘Clark County Conservatives’. That is what I found.

    The straw polls are pretty indicative of who is participating actively in the process, so while I agree that they are not reliable for projections of the entire populace, they are more valuable when talking about who makes up the formal party structure. That structure is just under 30% Liberty people, and to continue the policy of having none of them on the board reeks of the kind of Establishment tyranny that John Boehner has exemplified so well in recent months. Well, this Central Committee chose to elect some of those people, and by very large margins in many cases. It’s time to see what they can do.

  28. When a group comes along and says “join us” but refuses to say “let me join you” there is an issue. The idea that a few solid republicans get together to work on campaign ideas for those of us in office or already stated to run should not be a threat or divisive unless that group in control thinks that we are not allowed our freedom to promote our choices and they do not actually want to join us.

  29. Lew, I don’t apologize for an optimistic and positive outlook, nor for conveying it. Your request for me to stop saying things are hopeful and bright before they transpire might be better aimed at the nattering nabobs of negativism who are demonizing peoples’ intent before they have had a chance to act. Actually, their intent has been displayed through their actions to their cohorts for many months and years, and also to anyone else who was willing to get to know them personally. Lew, certainly you must have experience in your life of people you know being demonized by others who don’t. — Also I totally agree with Sharon that Carolyn’s loss in the run for office does not negate the countless dedicated hours she has devoted. In addition to gracious winning, there is also such a thing as gracious losing, and venting vitriol about people all around the internet is both undignified and unbecoming of someone of her stature. I’m not sure what is going on but I think she feels like she is not welcome in the party or something, which is the antithesis of what was said by Anna and me during the ‘good of the order’. The best thing for Carolyn and anyone else who is disappointed with the results of the org meeting is to just relax for a bit, let the new leadership work with the old on a transition, and then for us to continue to work together. A big difference now will be that the “us” is significantly bigger. I believe and trust that the new leadership are the type of people who will find the things Carolyn has been publishing online unfortunate but forgivable. I think they understand there are a lot of emotions involved — I certainly do — and I seem to be her big target. But the reality is that we all have to work together in order to succeed. I will admit, that human egos being what they are, there is only a certain amount of public lashing based on incorrect information or false assumptions that a person is willing to take before they reach the point where they just don’t want to deal with a person anymore. I have not reached that point with her and I doubt any of the new leadership would jump to that point simply because a person is having a momentary lapse of reason. And though I’m very disappointed that Carolyn has chosen to claim the things she has in her posts, I understand she is upset and I don’t think it is unforgivable. But it would be more conducive to healing and collaboration if she would refrain from doing it further, at least until there are actual real actions to object to. I do believe in a month or two we are going to look back at this moment and feel rather silly, especially if we are looking back upon it together, as friends.

  30. Carolyn, I want you to comment to your heart’s content about how not enough people are getting behind you. I’m a firm believer in the free market, and I have no doubt that it will prevail in this case. I’m not a very good Simon Cowell, so I will just leave it at that.

  31. Did I say not enough people were getting behind me? I did not. What I said was that I was specifically told by Christian that he and his group have a different direction in mind for the party’s candidates. He and his group. Focus here people… it is our party.

  32. Carolyn: PLEASE stop saying you did not receive a copy of the bylaws that were passed. Please go get the email that former chairman McClintock sent to 210 PCOs, dated Monday, 12/3/2012 9:35 pm. The attachments “1-2012_Proposed_Bylaws_WithCorePrin.pdf” and “2-2012_Proposed_Bylaws_NoCorePrin.pdf” are what was introduced. The #1 was pulled and the #2 was passed. You and all 210 PCOs were sent this email. Both versions were attached in the same email, so, if you got the #1 version then you automatically got the #2 version. The only difference between the two is that the items in #1 which are in yellow highlight were removed from the #2 version and the associated numbering of items recalculated. Please stop saying you received one and not the other.

  33. Christian, I have to chuckle a bit at your words, “the nattering nabobs of negativism who are demonizing peoples’ intent.”

    Seems I recall you did a fair amount of public “nattering & nabobbing” yourself around the time of the GOP convention.

    But that’s different, right? 😉

    I don’t how well or how bad ya’ll will do with the party yet. I have complete confidence in Lynda and Steven, but I have also had dealing with some of the others in the past that causes me concern.

    Regardless, you all have the party as you desired now.

    But I do not see any effort at unity. I see more an effort at “get on board” just as long as you “do it our way.” Is that not the very thing ya’ll complained about for so long?

    What also troubles me in your words is reading, “I do believe in a month or two we are going to look back at this moment and feel rather silly, especially if we are looking back upon it together, as friends.” That indicates to me you are viewing people who disagree with you as an enemy and if only they come around to your way of thinking, you can be friends.

    I don’t view people as an enemy simply because we disagree.

    I also troubles me that you say concerning Carolyn, “And though I’m very disappointed that Carolyn has chosen to claim the things she has in her posts, I understand she is upset and I don’t think it is unforgivable. But it would be more conducive to healing and collaboration if she would refrain from doing it further.”

    Your name is listed all over the Columbian and elsewhere doing just that when you did not like how the county convention went. While I agree it was a fiasco, did you seek to work within to improve things? Or did you go public and give the Columbian indication of the very fracturing they seek to reveal to embarrass and demean Republicans?

    Deme4aning Carolyn as you have today, indicating she is a liar does not impress me as a “healing or collaborative” effort on your part.

    Incidentally, I have not seen what position within the party you now hold.

    Perhaps too you should reflect on your own words, “The best thing for Carolyn and anyone else who is disappointed with the results of the org meeting is to just relax for a bit, let the new leadership work with the old on a transition, and then for us to continue to work together” in relation to your many words left around this past March and April.

    Think about it.

  34. I believe the position of “Puppet Master” isn’t listed yet.

  35. The position of Puppet Master will be now be referred to as: “Operations Executive.”

  36. Christian Berrigan is the Operations Executive so what are his duties?

  37. Those who think that Lynda Wilson is a puppet, with a master, demonstrate their lack of knowledge of the current situation.

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