Surviving an Active Shooter Event: Run. Hide. Fight.

by lewwaters

The following video was produced by the city of Houston, Texas and the Department of Homeland Security as a training aid to inform citizens of how to react and what to do to survive an active shooting incident like we have seen lately. While there is some excellent advice, depending on the exact situation a person my find themselves in and of course, the location, they do not mention getting the proper training on the use of a firearm, arming yourself and being prepared to use it if need be.

It is unlikely that any of us would ever be faced with such a situation, but not as unlikely as it once was. It could happen in a location where you cannot run, cannot hide or do not have anything to improvise as a weapon to defend yourself. Buying a gun alone is not good enough. You must be trained, maintain proficiency and be prepared to take a life. If not, you should not arm yourself.

Read more as well a version in Spanish here

8 Comments to “Surviving an Active Shooter Event: Run. Hide. Fight.”

  1. Excellent video. I used to have a CCW permit about 15 years ago, but let it lapse. I’ll be renewing now.

  2. Also, a good overview of the CT event here:

  3. Also surprised you didn’t post this:

    We all recall how Tip O’Neill altered how mentally ill patients were treated, right? Of course, that is completely irrelevant, right?

  4. I’m a believer in facts. Fact is, you’re more likely to die from 2nd-hand cigarette smoke than from a gun rampage, and just getting in your car is a comparative death sentence. I don’t own a gun and owning one isn’t going to make me safer.

    Obamacare will do more than banning guns to prevent this kind of thing.

  5. Martin, lets start with your “facts” about secondhand smoke. . . Here is a 38 year study by UCLA of over 100,000 people.
    Thats right, 0 harm. Turns out you listen to the garbage science.
    Another fact, Obama can do little, you might remember there is a Congress, and then there is that pesky 2nd Admendent thingie an 9 guys and gals who have repeatly said – right to bear arms is of the people. While it maybe true you maybe
    safer without a gun (and maybe the rest of us as well), fact is (See book – “More Guns less Crime” Lott) an armed, trained person could have stopped this shooting “DEAD” in its tracts. All it would have taken is one armed teacher.

  6. John, dude, the Talk about “garbage” science!
    How about the CDC:

    And are you telling me how the Supreme Court operates? Is that John, Esq. with a Washington State Bar? (Look up my Bar number.)

  7. Not a bad demonstration. Even included the hysterical individual. I taught my grandson when he was ten years old that everything literally is a weapon and you must think fast, act upon it quickly, and stay calm to survive this kind of event. He is 20 now and I know he can do all those things which begs the question, can we?

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