Vietnam, Through The Eyes Of The Entertainers

by lewwaters

Saigon Dancer aMost of us that served in Vietnam were occasionally treated to some entertainment in the form of Go-Go Dancers, singers and musicians who would come to Vietnam and entertain us.

The best known was the Bob Hope Shows, but few of us were ever actually able to attend one of his Christmas Specials. Most of us who saw such shows were treated to Filipino bands or occasionally Australian or American entertainers.

Not until today did I know that many of those entertainers were not under the USO, but were booked privately to play at various Military Clubs and remote bases, being largely left to their own accord for security and protection, except of course when at a Base camp performing.

Some lost their lives while there to entertain us.

A 53 minute documentary has been produced from their perspective by one of those performers, Mara Wallis who spent two years in country, traveling and entertaining the Troops.

Her documentary features much footage from the era taken by her friends and interviews with some from later today. Previously only available on DVD, it is now available for full length viewing online.

“Entertaining Vietnam”

A must see trip down memory lane, seeing it from the perspective of those who came over to entertain us, giving us a momentary escape from the rigors of war.

3 Comments to “Vietnam, Through The Eyes Of The Entertainers”

  1. Fantastic that you post this, Lew… more folks need to understand….

  2. Until the day I die, John, I will continue to speak the truth about Vietnam, what it was really about and how the anti-war left had it all wrong and still does.

    It’s a slow process, but more and more people are coming to see that they were lied to and manipulated by the anti-war crowd back then, even many who took part in the protests.

  3. It looks like one of them is about to become Secretary of State. Have it gone from bad to worse or the worst to the bad.

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